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This is THE book for radio personalities who want to make the most out of their careers…and for program directors and managers who want to make the most out of their air talents.

•    Radio Show Prep

•    Building A Bit

•    Creating & Using Radio Comedy

•    Creating Character Voices for Your Radio Show

•    On-Air Telephone Calls

•    Radio Morning Show Critiques

•    How To Use Calendar Bits on Radio

•    Generating Cross-Media Attention

•    Radio Conventions

•    Using One-Liners Comfortably

•    Owning The Radio Airwaves

•    The Radio Pesonality’s Ten Commandments

•    The Psychology of Radio Ratings Diary-Keepers

•    Paying Your Dues

•    Being Real Without Being Negative On-The-Air

•    The “Connection” Myth

•    The Radio Program Director as Disc Jockey

•    Finding & Developing Radio Personalities

•    Managing Radio Personalities

•    Radio Contracts

•    The Radio Job-Hunting Survival Guide


  • Interviews with 14 top personalities (including Howard Stern, Rick Dees, Gary Owens, Jonathon Brandmeier, Harry Shearer and The Greaseman)
  • and a ton of inspiration for radio professionals everywhere. 

About The Author

Dan O’Day is a former award-winning, major market radio personality. At the age of 25, he left the day-to-day world of radio to launch his own comedy service, O’LINERS, which went on to become radio’s most-subscribe-to humor service.

O’Day has coached personality-oriented radio shows in 37 countries, showing professionals in every imaginable format (both commercial and non-commercial) how to maximum the human connection between “air talent” and “listener.”


PERSONALITY RADIO is an insider’s guide to on-air radio success — written the person who has become synonymous with the concept & execution of that most magical part of radio: personality.

 is crammed with ideas, tips & techniques designed for the radio personality who wants to get to the top...and stay there.

PERSONALITY RADIO is a 257-page e-book (PDF format), available for immediate download.


Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable book immediately. 


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Product Reviews

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  1. I read a small portion every day before I go on the air

    Posted by Jay Nunley (Charleston, WV)

    PERSONALITY RADIO will quickly become more important to you than a good pair of headphones or digital editing. The advice and instruction are of the utmost value for rookies and veterans alike. The book is well written and simply put...a great read!

    More importantly, you will find inspiration and energy in this book. I read a small portion every day before I go on the air to draw on this inspiration and to crank up my energy level.

    You will take heart to find there are hundreds of people who've walked down the radio path that have had the same problems, fears, adventures, and joy you have.

    PERSONALITY RADIO should be on ever air talent's bookshelf and in the air studio of every radio station.

  2. pick it up and get behind a mic

    Posted by Dennis Falcone (Long Island, NY)

    Whenever I need to recharge myself about this great business of radio, I breeze through the number of stories by the pros that Dan features in the book. Whether you're new to radio or you've been at it for years. pick it up and get behind a mic.

  3. your road map as you travel the airways

    Posted by Al MacDonald (St. Louis, MO)

    If you have aspirations of being in radio or t. v., or film, or just being one great individual in life, you should read the book PERSONALITY RADIO by Dan O'Day. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Especially if you are in radio. You can't go wrong. In this book there is a lot of how to's. It is your road map as you travel the airways.

  4. gave me the edge over all the other jocks

    Posted by Brett Curtis (Australia)

    I am a radio announcer in Australia. Unforturnately noboby here is teaching what Dan O'Day has put in this book, It gave me the edge over all the other jocks. I go back over it when I'm becoming stale. It really is a 'must read' book for anyone in the industry.

  5. I bought this book after seeing Dan at a workshop.

    Posted by Scott Wilson (Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom)

    I bought this book after seeing Dan at a workshop. There is no real secret to the stuff Dan teaches; most of it is simple common sense. But how many of us actually stick by the rules on-air each day? The material from jocks around the globe makes interesting reading, and although everything they suggest may not be relevant to your market, just one suggestion could make a difference and it's therefore worth buying the book to see. As Dan says, "Don't be better, be different"! Buy it!

  6. cuts through all of the clutter and gets you on the right track

    Posted by Grant Clark (Vernon, BC, Canada)

    As an on-air personality, you're always looking for an edge. Some way of outsmarting the other "jocks" and the competition. The radio business is all about entertainment, and there are many ways of doing it. Some of them are right and many are wrong. Dan cuts through all of the clutter and gets you on the right track. He has written the true "JOCKS BIBLE." I've been using his book as a basis for my show, and it has helped me big time!!! If you are just starting out in the business or if you've been in it for ten years, you MUST buy this book!!!

  7. essential for anyone in radio

    Posted by Unknown

    This book is essential for anyone in radio, whether you're just getting started, or have been doing it for years! I couldn't put it down the first time I read it, and it's always right there for me to reference! THIS BOOK IS ESSENTIAL FOR ANY RADIO PROFESSIONAL!

  8. you don't need this book — IF...

    Posted by djjackd (Kawasaki, Kanagawa Japan)

    If you currently work, or want to work in radio, you don't need this book — IF you have a perfect Program Director (PD) who has amassed many years of knowledge AND is willing to sit down with you for a few hours every day to teach you everything he or anyone else has ever learned about being a creative, entertaining radio personality.

    However, you absolutely MUST have this book if: Your PD is occasionally "too busy" to aircheck. If you're new to the business and want to improve quickly and learn the secrets of the ages. Or if you've been a DJ for a couple years and the Station Manager suddenly says, "Hey, wanna be the PD?" Quite honestly, this is one of those rare books which entertains while completely educating about its chosen field.

    Even if you HAVE worked in radio for a couple, ten, twenty years, you WILL still get new ideas from this book. Perhaps more importantly, it will get you re-energized and excited about your work, just by giving examples of the successes of others. Read it all once through, then go to work and put it to use. After that, make it a bathroom book — one to be picked up every day and read for a few minutes, just long enough to get another idea and an important inspiration.

  9. I then moved up to major markets and my Career shot up!!

    Posted by Andy Barber (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

    Dan O'Day's material, well, I've been using for years from this fantastic book. I was already a radio DJ, then, I read PERSONALITY RADIO, I then moved up to major markets and my Career shot up!! Thanks Dan, and, his seminars are off the hook, too!!

  10. This is the Radio Bible.

    Posted by Danny McWilliams (Texas)

    For anyone in Radio, this book is a MUST HAVE! Doesn't matter if you're just getting started or a seasoned veteran of the biz, Dan O'Day brings insights to real world radio, in an easy and fun read. The true stories of weird radio happenings will make you laugh, and the studies of radio philosophy will make you better on the air. I use this book as a training aid for new jocks, and it makes them better, almost overnight. Plus it's a good reference for those of us that have been in the trenches for years. Read this book and you will never approach a daily show the same way, again. This is the Radio Bible.

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