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HYPNOTIC ADVERTISING by Dan O'Day (mp3 download)

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This Product Is a 4-hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
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In this extraordinary, groundbreaking, four-hour audio seminar — recorded in-studio, for maximum clarity — Dan O'Day takes you deep into the minds of consumers and demonstrates simple yet powerful methods of communicating your sales message on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

(The title is no joke; O'Day's post-graduate studies were in hypnosis, and he was the first "radio person" ever certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner!)

Here's just a brief sampling of what you'll learn....

  • Selling via Associations vs. Facts
  • Employing Synaptic Invasion Techniques
  • Tapping into Existing Hebbian Connections
  • Widening the Base of Neurological Contact with the Listener
  • Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques
  • The Roger Bannister Effect
  • Altered Consumer Perceptions = Altered Reactions
  • Harnessing the Closure Principle
  • What "Recovered Memory Phenomenon" Means to your Advertising
  • How and When to Create Eidetic vs. Constructed Images
  • Irresistible Involvement Techniques
  • The Secret Power of Sound Effects
  • Using “Deletion” to Laser Focus the Prospect's Attention to Your Message
  • When & How to Trigger Kinesthetic Involvement
  • When & How to Trigger Auditory Reinforcement
  • Presenting Your Message for Visual Coding
  • Creating Empathetic Identification
  • Establishing Emotional Triggers
  • Anticipatory Surprise (The key to successful long-running comedy spots)
  • Emotional Memory Markers
  • Micromuscular Rehearsal Effects
  • Deliberately Triggering a Polarity Response
  • Strategic Use of Audio Image Generators
  • Learning via Metaphors
  • Pacing & Leading Your Prospect to Your Solution
  • “Mind-Reading” to Establish Instant Rapport
  • Presupposition (one of O'Day's favorite techniques)
  • Controlling Your Prospect with Conversational Postulates
  • Strategic use of Age Regression
  • Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Language
  • Your Prospects' Preferred Sense Modalities
  • Verbal Clues: Visual
  • Verbal Clues: Auditory
  • Verbal Clues: Kinesthetic
  • How to Identify Your Client's Preferred Sense Modality...Before You Ever Meet!

As usual, Dan O'Day illustrates the principles he teaches with powerful audio examples — more than 100 actual commercials to make sure you understand the principles and hear how easily (and powerfully) you can apply them to your work.

And as always, O'Day focuses only on advertising techniques that deliver measurable results for advertisers.

You won't be learning hypothetical "theories;" you'll learn real-world, actionable techniques you can begin using immediately to double and triple the effectiveness of your advertising.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately. 

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  1. will make our jobs better

    Posted by Greg Lee

    This seminar really will make our jobs better and help us to understand our clients better.

  2. New information

    Posted by Laurie Clark

    New information!

  3. great investment of my time

    Posted by Ross Grimes

    A great investment of my time; I learned a lot!

  4. great, innovative

    Posted by Al Neis

    This seminar was great. It was innovative and contradicted a lot of what I’ve been told in the past about radio advertising. Very useful information, worth every minute.

  5. Great info!

    Posted by Bill Denkert

    Great info!

  6. very different approach

    Posted by Lee Stevens

    A very different approach that sparked lots of new ideas for me.

  7. will help me as a copywriter

    Posted by Ted Ehlen

    I learned some things that will help me as a copywriter — thanks, Dan!

  8. great audio examples!

    Posted by Dustin Karolewicz

    Excellent learning experienced, Loved all the great audio examples!

  9. new ideas

    Posted by Ashley Beach

    I appreciate the new ideas. This WILL help me in my writing.

  10. stuff I can use

    Posted by Tammie Evenstad

    This is stuff I can use!!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 87 | Next