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“The most valuable book in the world for people who create, sell or use radio advertising.”

Who Will Profit From This Book?

  • Radio commercial copywriters 
  • Radio commercial producers 
  • Radio advertisers 
  • Radio salespeople who want to make sure their clients get results.  
  • Radio sales managers who want to make sure that every staff member involved in selling or creating radio advertising truly understands what it is, how it works, and how to make sure the client is getting the kinds of results that deliver re-orders (and more profit) for the radio station.

Do Not Buy This Book If....

  • You really aren't interested in "results." You firmly believe that radio advertising requires nothing more than attempting to be "clever" while mentioning the client's name & phone number as many times as possible.

  • You're looking for a dry, theoretical treatise on advertising. O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One is, above all else, practical.

  • You're looking for a standardized "textbook" — You know: History of the medium, historical facts & dates, photographs of old-time microphones. You won't find any of that here.

This book is not for students. It's for professionals.

Two Years In The Writing.
Two Years In The Rewriting.

O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One is a distillation of the very best material published in the first 24 issues of The Dan O’Day Radio Advertising Letter.

Dan O’Day explains....

I did not simply collect all the issues and declare it to be a book.

First I removed:
   All the chatty stuff.
   All the advertisements.
   All the promotional blurbs for my seminars, etc.

Then I spent two years editing and rewriting everything that remained.

Multi-part articles were transformed into seamless chapters.

I continually reshaped the material to make it as easy to read as possible. Just as when writing a commercial, I believe it's my job to do all the "heavy lifting" so that the words and concepts leap off the page at you.

Although O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One is crammed with solid, useable information, you'll find it exceptionally easy to read, to grasp, and to apply to your own work.

I completely reformatted all the information into a style that's appropriate for the e-book format: Much easier to read and to print.

No Other Book Like It

Not a textbook.

Not a memoir.

Not a bunch of theory.

Certainly not written by an "academic" who's never written, produced or sold a single commercial.

Best way I can describe it: It's like you and I sitting down for 12 hours or so and discussing the basic principles and hidden secrets of successful radio advertising.

I'll teach you some things you never knew before.

I'll get you to perceive things you "know" in a completely different manner.

I'll destroy a number of myths that many people have been brainwashed into believing — to the detriment of the radio industry and advertisers alike.

I'll share case histories, analyze campaigns, critique commercial copy, share research techniques, reveal my own list of questions that I ask to help the client discover the most riveting selling proposition possible.

I'll set you straight on what "branding" really is. (Everyone uses the word but almost no one knows what it means. Hint: Branding is not "getting your name out there.")

No Pussyfooting Around

I am not known for my "diplomacy."

While I'm unabashedly enthusiastic about the power of a well-crafted radio campaign, I'm unrelenting in my criticism of the worthless drivel that passes for so much of today's advertising.

If you're looking for a cheerleader who proclaims that "all radio advertising is good, and all other advertising is bad," don't buy this book!

The Truth:

90% of all advertising is a waste of money, due to the incompetence of whoever is responsible for its creation. 

  • That includes 90% of all radio advertising.
  • Most radio stations struggle along in complete ignorance, selling commercials that don't work to advertisers who don't know any better, which leads to: "I tried radio, and it didn't work!" 
    ...which leads to radio stations continually needing to replace unhappy clients with new clients.
  • Radio advertising works. When you know how to do it.

 More Truth: 

  • You don't have to be "creative" to write effective commercials. You just need to know how to sell.
  • You already know how to sell. Even if you're not a "salesperson." 
  • When your radio station consistently produces profitable results for its advertisers, you don't continually have to search for new business to replace dissatisfied clients. 
  • When your radio station consistently produces profitable results for its advertisers, you never have to play the "cost per point," "cost per thousand," or "throw in a bunch of bonus spots & promotions" game.

Foreword by Dick Orkin

Dick Orkin has long been a hero of mine, so I was thrilled when he volunteered to write the foreword to O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One.

From Dick's foreword:


Dan's notions of radio advertising are not built on any complex and elaborate abstract theory. Instead they stand firmly on O'Day's practical and exciting common sense, one that is sharply honed. I am convinced that's a giant part of his appeal.

Dan O’Day didn't write this book because he's opposed to spots and campaigns that are just derivative. He told me, "I'm constantly amazed at how at least 90% of all types of advertising is terrible...not as in 'terribly uncreative' but rather as 'terribly ineffective.' "

He said his amazement comes from his belief that "creating effective advertising is not really difficult — once you're clear on what advertising is supposed to accomplish."

From my personal experience with Dan at workshops, I know that his dedication is to the advertiser's genuine needs of the moment, and thus emerge his outstanding qualities of authenticity and integrity.

And so this book, O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One, just like his workshops, he perceives as a dialogue between himself and someone who wants to achieve results with advertising.

No deceit, no compromises, and always the truth.

I promise that you can expect to find that in the engrossing secrets of "achieving results for the advertiser" that Dan discloses in these pages.


Bargain Price

If you think this book is too expensive, don't even consider ordering it.

O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One is 285 pages of my best stuff. If you're not in a position where just one good idea will earn you far more than the cost of this book, don't buy it!

O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One is for professionals, not curiosity seekers or wannabees.

Although it's entertainingly written, my goal is not to amuse you. It's to help you make more money (for yourself and/or your clients).

Are You A Radio Sales Manager?

If so, O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One will provide you with grist for dozens of sales meetings.

Trying to land a big insurance account? Print out the case history beginning on Page 53 for each member of your sales staff and have them read it before your meeting.

Bedding stores? Devote one sales meeting to the commercial critique & makeover that begin on Page 197.

Have a client in a crowded advertising category, who needs to stand out from the crowd? O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One offers so many strategies that you'll need far more than a single meeting. But you might start with Page 12.

A Few Highlights

With 285 pages of solid, real-world material, I don't even know where to begin to select "highlights."

And, of course, my favorites might not turn out to be your favorites.

But here are a few that I know to be exceptionally valuable.

  • Three different strategies guaranteed to set any advertiser apart from the competition (Page 12, Page 14, Page 171)

  • A weak commercial for a nationally known sandwich franchise: First I edited the spot to make it more effective. Then I offered two rewrites. Then I created two completely new spot campaigns — a :30 and a :60. I know "pride is a sin," but I'm immensely proud of that :60. Feel free to adapt it for your own client. (Page 17)

  • When should you "tag" a commercial with the advertiser's website info? And how can you do so effectively? (Page 28)

  • Detailed case history of the creation of a wildly successful restaurant campaign - using only :10 and :15 spots (Page 33)

  • Presentation & analysis of two very bold commercials for an insurance agent (Page 53). You can go out and sell these tomorrow!

  • A pervasive advertising myth put to death! Odds are you were taught always to follow this foolish rule. (Page 67)

  • The one thing that is more important than making a strong offer — that's more important than the message itself! (Page 71)

  • A crash course in how not to create a car dealer campaign! (Page 79)

  • An extraordinary campaign for a women's shoe store (Page 114)

  • Ins & Outs of Copyright Infringement: A true-to-life look at arguments that take place every day in radio stations around the world. Demolishes all the myths that have gotten so many broadcasters & advertisers in big financial trouble! (Page 128)

  • How to advertise websites (Page 147). Hint: Almost every "dot-com" commercial you hear is a miserable failure. Too bad, because it's easy to drive targeted traffic to a business website with a radio commercial... If you know what you're doing.

  • Creating a full-fledged campaign for a major drugstore chain by using the principle of Preemptive Advertising (Page 171)

  • My "Apology Commercial" - A commercial script that apologizes for creating too much business for a client. If you already have some client success stories, you can adapt the copy for your own use immediately! (Page 248)

  • The best explanation of "branding" you'll ever read! (Page 257)

  • How To Deal With Angry Auto Dealers — This is my favorite chapter. A group of auto dealers in a small market cancelled all their advertising when the local radio station ran commercials for an out-of-town dealer. This real incident upset me so much that I created an entire multi-media campaign to turn this disgusting (and probably illegal) tactic into a devastatingly successful "new business" campaign. (Page 265) 
  • Case study of a commodities broker who created his own commercials. Let's hope he's better at selling commodities than he is at advertising. I tried to help him. He didn't want to listen. But you can take the strategy I gave him and run with it. (Page 276)

Frankly, This Is A "No-Brainer."

If you're a radio advertising professional, O’DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING, Volume One will help improve your advertising immediately.

No matter what your station's rate card is, you'll be making money from this book the very first time you apply just one concept, strategy or tactic.

If you're a radio advertising professional, there's simply no good reason for you not to order this book right now.

Immediate delivery!
When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this 285-page e-book immediately. 

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Product Reviews

  1. Imagine that -- helping your client make money with spots that increase their business!

    Posted by Craig Allen, Citadel Broadcasting/Saginaw

    It's inspiring to read something like O'DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING and realize that you don't have to keep churning out the same mind-numbing, cliche-ridden, laundry list commercials day after day. You CAN write something different. And more important than simply being different, it will be EFFECTIVE. Imagine that -- helping your client make money with spots that increase their business!

  2. Just one idea helped me bring a 30% response increase for a client's radio campaign.

    Posted by Peter J. Fogel

    I am a freelance direct response and radio copywriter. O'DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING is my bible. Recently just one idea in it helped me bring a 30% response increase for a client's radio campaign. One should never stop learning from a Master. And O'Day is it!

  3. Dan O'Day is the man!

    Posted by Jimi Diaz, Radio Unica

    Hurray! I can finally trash the seven binders of back issues and search for specific key words! Dan O'Day is the man!

  4. What a great book!

    Posted by Bouke te Pas, Yorin FM/The Netherlands

    What a great book! My girlfriend will have a lonely night ....Thanks!

  5. helps us with at least one challenge weekly

    Posted by Brian Johnston, CHUM Radio Kingston

    O'DAY ON RADIO ADVERTISING probably helps us with at least one challenge weekly. Our sales staff is also learning to differentiate between a good radio ad and a bad radio ad, so there is much a better chance that the client will have success when using our stations. And making dollars for our clients makes dollars for us. By the way, our Creative Director finds the book helpful as well. Every radio station that cares about ads working for their clients should have one.