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A personal message for radio copywriters from Dan O'Day...

We all know the hardest part of commercial copywriting is simply knowing where to begin.

COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! is to a copywriter what extra-strength aspirin is to a headache sufferer,

You've got to come up with a great new idea for a commercial... immediately.

You can sit in your office and stare at your blank computer screen. Or you can reach for your copy of COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! — an ingenious, one-of-a-kind compendium of hundreds of headlines to jump-start your creative process.

These are not designed to simply copy word-for-word. Instead, they're here to suggest brand-new ideas that never would have occurred to you otherwise.

COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! is a lifesaver for overworked copywriters everywhere.

If you write lots of radio commercials, then I know two things about you.

One thing I know about you is:

You never have as much time as you'd like to write the kind of compelling, action-inducing commercial your clients deserve. You're always facing an unforgiving, very short deadline.

The other thing I know about you is:

If you've been writing radio commercials long enough to qualify as a professional, then you know that the single hardest part of writing a radio commercial is:

Starting it.

You know the feeling: Desperately trying to figure out the "hook" for a new commercial.

If only there were some magical way that you could have someone else start the commercial for you, finishing it would be a breeze.

Well, guess what? Now you can say goodbye to desperation and laugh at deadlines with COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY!

What Do I Mean by "Headline"?

Your "headline" is the very first line of your commercial.

Your opening line actually is the commercial for your commercial. It is your one chance to capture the attention of your target audience.

If you don't grab their attention from the very beginning of your commercial, it doesn't matter how valuable your message is. Because if your opening line — your headline — doesn't immediately attract the attention of the people you're trying to sell to, they'll never hear the rest of your message.

Here's a quick tip:

"XYZ Industries proudly announces an opportunity you can't afford to miss" is not the kind of headline likely to attract any listener's attention.

COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines is an e-book in PDF format. 

Not only can you keep it ever-ready for use on your computer desktop; you also can print out individual pages...or the entire book.

How To Use This Book

In addition to keeping it on your computer desktop, you'll want to print out a copy and keep it in a folder on your desk.

For each headline, I've created for you an incredibly easy, results-producing worksheet that practically reaches inside your brain and sucks out an attention-grabbing opening line for whatever commercial you're working on.

Each headline is followed by spaces for three different clients and three different new headlines.

When you're flipping through your printed pages and a headline captures your attention, you'll automatically start to think of which advertisers you could adapt it for. Quickly, you'll jot down your brilliant new idea and assign it to a specific client.

That's a great way to turn your "down time" — waiting for an appointment, waiting for someone to return your phone call, etc. — into "proactive productivity": You'll actually be able to get a head start writing commercials before you need them.

How This Book Will Make Your Life Easier,
Less Stressful, and More Profitable

Let's say you're on a tight deadline, and your client's "brief" is woefully lacking in meaningful information. You've simply been handed a fact sheet and told, "This needs to go on-the-air tomorrow."

You've got COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines right there on your computer monitor. Use your mouse to click on any random page, and instantly you'll be presented with three unique commercial headlines that were written for real advertisers.

The idea is not to look for a headline that was written for exactly the same type of business you're creating a commercial for. That would limit you needlessly.

Instead, you'll scan the page for any opening line that catches your eye, that engages you in any way.

Virtually any headline that grabs your attention can be adapted for the commercial you're struggling to write.

Yes, it's okay if you use the entire headline verbatim, just as it appears. But the real value of this book lies in the fact that you will have at your fingertips a compendium of opening lines from radio commercials for all sorts of advertisers.

Let's say, for example, you're writing a spot for a car dealer. Don't just look for car dealer headlines. A great opening line for a restaurant, hospital, or shopping mall often will lead you to a "breakthrough" headline that never would have occurred to you if you restricted yourself only to the car dealer headlines.

...And It Won't Make Your Bed, Either.

Before you order COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines, please understand three things:

This unique book does not contain actual commercial scripts. It is the only book in the world devoted exclusively to helping you begin your next commercial by providing you with hundreds of commercial headlines for all sorts of advertisers. 

This book will not teach you how to write an effective radio commercial. 

This book cannot write a commercial for you. But it can get you started much more quickly than you're used to.

If your job requires you to write lots of radio commercials (or even station "promos" or "trailers"), you probably spend more than the modest cost of this book every month on aspirin and antacids.

In short, if your job frequently includes writing radio commercials, ordering COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines is a "no-brainer" for you.

COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines is like a sledgehammer that is guaranteed to demolish "writer's block" and open the floodgates of your own creative salesmanship.

It will make your job easier, save you tons of time...and lead you to original commercial campaigns you never would have thought of on your own.

If while you were staring at your computer monitor — with yet another tension headache building because you must write a great radio commercial quickly but just don't have any ideas for that particular client — a Radio Advertising Genie appeared and said, "I'll give you a great new opening line to start your commercial" —

— you'd gladly pay $5 to jump-start that commercial, wouldn't you?

But with COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines, that commercial-starting headline won't cost you five bucks.

It won't even cost you 50 cents.

If you use all 534 of these proven radio commercial headlines only once, they'll cost you less than 6 cents apiece.


If you follow the very simple, easy-to-understand instructions — complete with examples, so you'll see exactly how to get the most out of this book — each of these 534 radio commercial headlines will jump-start at least three new commercials for you! 

If you're a radio advertising professional who writes lots of commercials, you should easily use COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines to generate a minimum of 1,602 brand-new commercials (3 x 534). 

Let's see....1,602 brand-new commercials launched for a one-time cost of just $29.95....That's 1.8 cents per commercial.

The last time you found yourself desperate for a new commercial idea, fast....Would you have paid less 1.8 cents?? 

Personally, I've written thousands of commercials in my career. I'm considered to be one of the best radio commercial copywriters around.

Would I have paid 1.8 cents for a commercial "quick-start"?

Are you kidding? Plenty of times I would have paid 10 times the entire cost of this book just for one breakthrough opening!

(The "old pros" reading this are nodding their heads in agreement.)

Time is your one non-renewable resource.

COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY: 534 Radio Commercial Headlines will save you an incredible amount of time on the job by starting your next commercial for you.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this 180-page e-book immediately.  

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Product Reviews

  1. Commercial Emergency already has helped me out

    Posted by Waltraut Stiegler

    Commercial Emergency already has helped me out quite a few times!

  2. So useful!

    Posted by Lee Randall

    This collection of headlines has been so useful! Recently I have been inundated with ads and promos to produce, and this was an great starting point!

  3. Keep it handy!

    Posted by Glen Pavlovich

    If you use this book the way it was intended, you'll find it EXTREMELY usefull!

    It's an idea generator! And, a great one!

  4. I have seen a number of sales come through as a result

    Posted by Dave Noll, KTAO

    COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! is a must for every sales and production department. I have seen a number of sales come through as a result of spec spots that were developed from COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY!

  5. An invaluable tool for any copywriter!

    Posted by Brad Lane, AM-1500 KSTP/FM-107 WFMP

    An incredible resource! When your job is to create and produce a lot of spots under extremely tight deadlines, often it can be difficult to keep the creative tap going. Dan's COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! offers that spark that we all sometimes need to get an idea for a script started. An invaluable tool for any copywriter!

  6. amazed that I could find something that valuable online

    Posted by Susanna K. Hutcheson, Powerwriting.com

    Your book is excellent — a very worthwhile purchase. I was frankly a bit amazed that I could find something that valuable online. You've put a lot of work into it and it shows. There's nothing that good in the book stores that I know of.

  7. great for stimulating the thought process

    Posted by Scott MacDermott, 104.9 JRfm/103.7 BOB-FM

    This book is great for stimulating the thought process and helping me out when the brain just isn't working!

  8. COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! has paid for itself

    Posted by Scott Stevens, WMMZ/WKZB/WJXM/WALT/WMLV

    COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! has been very helpful for those clients who say "be creative." I've been able to pull several starter ideas for spec ads that have led to sales. It has also been very helpful for new sales people that have come on board. When they are coming up with commercials scripts that have the same beginning as the last 5, I give them the COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! for fresh ideas. It was very well worth the money. Just with the spec ads that have turned into sales, COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY! has paid for itself.

  9. great for getting the creative juices flowing

    Posted by John Callahan, Milton-Lewisburg Broadcasting

    What a great tool for getting the creative juices flowing, especially on those days when the brain is not quite getting into gear!