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Is It Really Possible To Write An Effective Radio
Commercial In Just Five Minutes??
This Product Is a 1-hour, 33-Minute mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

A personal message from Dan O'Day:

I use all four of these ingenious "quickstart" copywriting techniques, and they've never failed me yet. If you're a smart advertising copywriter, they'll work for you, too.

Having begun "in the trenches" at radio stations with limited time & resources, I have great respect for those whose jobs include writing lots of commercial and/or promotional copy.

But I refuse to grant them permission to use “not enough time” as an  excuse for “bad copy.”

In this audio seminar, I will teach you four new, invaluable techniques to make your copywriting more compelling, more powerful... and — this is the amazing part — much easier.

And each method requires just five minutes. Yes, in just five minutes you will have discovered a fresh, original "hook" for your commercial campaign.

Use these for your “problem clients” or tough-to-crack promo copy.

Not only will you learn all four of my previously “secret” methods; you’ll also hear dozens of great commercials written by some of the radio advertising pro's who were lucky enough to be at this session "live."

“Super! For years we’ve been searching to find a way to write our promo’s from a different angle. Now we have four new ways!”

“Never again will lack of creative ideas be a reasonable excuse for not starting a project.”

“We all get in a rut. These techniques give me more ways to capture the listener’s attention and deliver the sales message. I was able to come up with a commercial concept that I never would have discovered while sitting my office.”

“An incredibly valuable bag of tools that work.”

“I dreaded this at the beginning and was enthusiastic at the end. Powerful techniques that resulted in some incredible copy.”

“So many new ideas I don’t know how to begin using them all! I can’t wait to get home and share this information with our salespeople/copywriters.”

“Dan gave us four techniques. I have four ads to produce when I get home.This is the type of session that gives me something tangible to take home to my boss for immediate ROI. Great!”

Superb! I will be using these techniques as soon as I get back in the studio!”

“I am taking home three commercials that will be immediately produced, thanks to this session!”

“Using these four techniques will take my writing to the next level and deliver a new level of quality to our clients. Words fail to describe just how much I learned during this session.”

“Very worthwhile. This client now has a campaign that will be valid for at least the next six months. At least two of these spots will be produced on Monday."

“Awesome! Four new spots I can rewrite on the plane, voice, and get on the air for our next show! Great techniques to get the mind going."

“How in the world could I ever learn to write copy in two minutes?? Amazing!”

Dan O'Day is radio’s commercial copywriting guru. He has taught radio stations, ad agencies and business owners in 37 countries how to create radio advertising that works — that is a profit, not an expense, for the advertiser. 

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately. 

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