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This Product Is a 2-hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

Ready for Some Cold, Hard Truth?

The most common objection radio advertising salespeople hear on the street every day is, "I tried radio, and it didn't work."

That's true. Ninety per cent of radio commercial advertising is a waste of money.

But that's not because "radio doesn't work."

It's because few people who write or produce radio commercials -- whether inside a radio station or inside an ad agency — understand what makes some campaigns succeed and what dooms most radio campaigns to failure.

In this 2-hour audio seminar, radio advertising guru Dan O'Day takes away the mystery and shows you how it's done.

Hint: It's not about "being clever" or "entertaining."

A Real-World, Boots-on-the-Ground Examination of the Key Ingredients to a Successful Radio Commercial Campaign

• The real definition of a "good commercial"

• The worst thing that ever happened to the radio advertising industry

• What "branding" is...and what it's not. (Hint: Most people think "branding" = "getting your name out there." They are painfully mistaken.

• How Creativity can help or hurt your campaign

• Why your commercial shouldn't sell "features" or "benefits" — and what it should be selling instead

• "P.O.V.": What it is; why it's vital for success; how to employ it in your own copywriting

• How to identify 90% of the commercials on your radio station that take present the information from the wrong P.O.V.

• An "A/B Test": Two radio "recruitment" spots for the same client. One was a dismal flop. The other was a tremendous success.

• Dan O'Day's "Test Drive Principle" (This one "key" is worth listening to the entire audio seminar.)

• How and why to get your listeners to paint their own mental pictures

• "A Linear Experience": The crucial difference between radio advertising and online and print advertising

• A pizza commercial that successfully gives the listener a "test drive"

• How to identify 70% of the commercials on your station that focus on the wrong thing

• How to drive away your target audience with the very first word of your commercial

• Why and how your advertising should intersect common human behavior & experience

• Case Study: Using emotion to sell an insecticide

• Your commercial's Core Message

• Secrets of successful "storytelling" campaigns

• How to remain consistent without being formulaic

Verbatim Attendee Reviews      

"Fantastic session! Really learned something about creating promo spots."

"The audio examples really proved what Dan was saying 100%. I've got so many bones to pick with my sales team when I get back!"

"I particularly enjoyed Dan's strategy of how to get salespeople to honor deadlines!"

"What a great formula - can be applied every time a commercial, promo, liner, etc., is written!"

"I can't wait to share this with my production guy who is stuck on being funny. I wrote six new imaging pieces just while listening to this session. Having heard a dozen presentations from Dan in the past, I still heard new audio and got great new ideas & info. I least anticipated this session yet benefitted from it the most!"

dan-oday-color.jpg  Dan O’Day is widely recognized as Radio's "Advertising Guru,"
  having taught radio stations, ad agencies, and businesses in 37
  different countries how to create money-making advertising.
  He's the person the Radio Advertising Bureau turned to to create
  the industry's first certification course for copywriters (the

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately. 

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