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RADIO CREATIVE/PRODUCTION SUMMIT 2009: Complete Audio Record (10-CD Package)

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(10 hours of actual seminar time on 10 compact discs)

Why Did So Many "Repeat Offenders" Say This Was The Best Summit We’ve Ever Had?

We lovingly refer to people who’ve attended our annual Summit at least twice as "Repeat Offenders." Obviously they think this event is worthwhile; otherwise they wouldn’t keep returning.

But there was something about this year…

Sample (Verbatim) Attendee Reviews

"Every year is worth it, but I think this has been my favorite of all of them."
— Bob Souer

"This weekend was completely worthwhile and inspiring. I’m excited to get into the studio and also to write copy. It gave me lots of different ideas and techniques to consider."
— Genevieve Trieu 

"This was my second Summit, and it keeps getting better. World class!"
— Daya Ottley 

"Best Summit in years."
— Blaine Parker 

"Don’t come if you’re faint of heart, because you will be challenged beyond your comfort zone. That’s exactly what I need."
— Sterling Tarrant

"This is my sixth Summit, and it was probably the most valuable information I have gotten so far."
— Janet Ault

The bad news: You weren’t there with us.

The good news: If you act quickly, you can get one of the only remaining sets of Summit 2009: The Complete Audio Experience— a 10-CD package.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn…

Presenter: Dan O’Day

Running Time:  1 Hour, 35 minutes

WORLD PREMIERE! The world’s highest paid freelance radio commercial copywriter takes you behind the scenes for a start-to-finish case study of a recent campaign.

How did he research and identify the campaign theme? What battles did he fight with the client, how did he fight them, and (of course) which ones did he win? What methods did he employ to persuade the client to "do the right thing" with their advertising?

And...What were the results?

Dan O’Day pulls back the curtain, names names, and reveals all.

Bonus: For the first time in a public forum, O’Day shares a revolutionary new way of beginning any new copywriting assignment. Not a method or a technique; it’s an amazing tool that just might change the way you approach your new copywriting task, too.

"We cannot be told enough times, ‘Establish yourself as the expert.’ It changes everything. This was a great, trackable case study as well as insight into Dan's process. A great reminder to get in front of the client, ask ‘tough’ questions, be the expert, and make ’em sweat."

"Loved the list of 33 questions and how to ask questions. Great idea to show us the edits in sequence."

"Seeing the transition from rough draft to final copy was particularly fascinating."

"I expected some copywriting 'theory' but was pleasantly surprised that this was a real world example of what a copywriter goes through. The list of questions you shared was eye-opening and most of all this seminar gave me the courage to convince others of my expertise in copywriting."

"Thank you for taking us behind the scenes of your writing and editing process. The key facts I took away from this session: Research extensively. Write WITHOUT editing. Edit brutally."

"Loved the 33 questions and research, and I appreciate the free tools to take with me as well. This will revolutionize the way I write spots, think about them, and organize them."      

Presenter: Christine Coyle

Running Time: 1 Hour, 47 Minutes

Christine Coyle, Creative Director of The Famous Radio Ranch, returned to the Summit for the first time in years to teach the most important skill of all for anyone who ever reads copy into a microphone.

"Text Analysis" goes far beyond "what are we trying to sell here?" and takes the voice performer to exciting new levels of performance.

But, y’know what? That description sounds pretty dry, doesn’t it? Here’s a video clip that gives you a much clearer example of how to analyze commercial or promo copy with the goal of delivering a much more vivid and interesting final product:

Video Snippet of Christine Coyle
(The audio on your CDs will be perfect quality. This audio is from the tiny camcorder.)

"Dramatically powerful! Her 'method' is so memorable and easy to integrate. These are great ways to dig in and find the real meat of the script."

"Absolutely fabulous — incredibly enlightening. What an awesome director! She almost slides you into your role without you even noticing."

"Awesome! A wonderful director. And so great to hear her take on the 'back story' and turning it into something else ...something you'd otherwise NEVER think of. Brilliant!"

"Christine's fabulous! Not only did we get tools to use as performers, but listening to her was an equally powerful lesson in directing talent."

"She forced people to take risks and make choices. I'm going to take away the fact that I need to be bold in those choices and not be scared to fail."

"This was probably the BEST presentation I have ever attended. Christine's no-nonsense, real-life insight was priceless. You can tell that she is an 'actor's director' and wants the actor to succeed."

Presenter: Dave Foxx

Running Time: 2 Hours

WORLD PREMIERE! Z100/New York’s Dave Foxx returned to share his latest discoveries, methods and techniques for maximizing the impact of your production.

  • The complexity & power of creating simple messages
  • How to get listeners to join you in delivering your message
  • How to harness the Power of Chemical Clarification
  • How to make your job Supremely Simple
  • How to discover, identify and clarify your essence
  • Lots of audio examples — analyzing how they were created with the use of simplification & clarification

Video Snippet of Dave Foxx
(The audio on your CDs will be perfect quality. This audio is from the tiny camcorder.)

"We were sitting at the feet of the master. 'Clarify' is an easy word to remember and not a difficult a task if we apply our intelligence & emotion."

"I wrote 3 pages of notes!"

"Learning the method of thinking behind his operation was invaluable."

"I'll dig more into that well of creativity and challenge those I work with to do the same."

"Great new insights into all things radio imaging. Excellent writing and voiceover insights, too."

Dan O’Day & Nancy Wolfson

Running Time: 1 Hour, 46 Minutes

A beloved Summit tradition:Dan O’Day and special guest Nancy Wolfson give instant critiques of spots AND of voiceover demos brought by Summit attendees. Entertaining, provocative, insightful, controversial...and occasionally brutal. You’ll be inspired by the work of the "live" attendees... and learn from the feedback they receive.

"This further helps me in writing as focusing on 'what problem does the listener have that we are solving?’ "

"Very worthwhile. I also got great feedback about putting forth more emotion, even with a flat delivery."

"Great to hear an honest assessment of our work."

"Tons of insight. Glad for the opportunity to hear perspectives on both commercials and voiceover demos."

"The Critique-A-Spot-A-Thon was full of nuts & bolts, real world advice as to what it takes to get hired in this dog-eat-dog VO world. Enjoyed hearing what Nancy heard vs. what Dan heard in same VO."

Presenter: Nancy Wolfson

Running Time: 2 Hours, 48 Minutes

A commercial voice actor’s job is tougher than most other actors’ because:

1)     You must give a genuine performance while motivating your audience to take action without "getting caught." You are doing double duty as both actor and salesperson


2)   Unlike theatre goers, your audience does not volunteer its attention; you need to seize and keep it.

Video Snippet of Nancy Wolfson
(The audio on your CDs will be perfect quality. This audio is from the tiny camcorder.)

You Will Learn How To:

  • Align — Escalate — Solve 
  • Lead the witness
  • Act toward a single, objective, specific goal vs. acting to entertain
  • Create an authentic, naturally inspired performance
  • Tailor your energy level to the material
  • Speak from the most natural zone of your own pitch
  • Present your unique perspective clearly, authoritatively, and accessibly
  • Recognize the patterns in which ad copy is written
  • Isolate the sound and style of your point of view
  • Free yourself of the "one size fits all" emotional state of expression

Video Snippet of Nancy Wolfson 
(The audio on your CDs will be perfect quality. This audio is from the tiny camcorder.)


"Great technical tools for breaking things down — such a help!"

"Great tools I will certainly use. Totally changes my approach as a voice actor."

"Absolutely fantastic! Much to take home with me."

"Hearing Nancy direct other talent informs my work more than having other coaches direct me. No one else has her level of insight or has spent so much time thinking through our issues. Her notes are amazing in their accuracy and their efficiency."

"This really pounded into my head the patterns I should be looking for."

"I've studied with Nancy. She's done my demos. And I STILL learned something new during this session!"     

Order yours now and receive 10 hours of world-class radio production, copywriting and voiceover education!


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10 Compact Discs (10 hours) plus SUMMIT 2009 CD Binder

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