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A personal message from Dan O'Day… 

If you didn’t attend the 2010 International Radio Creative & Production Summit, you missed…

John Frost (Radio Station Imaging)

Richard Horvitz (“Learning How To Play” — both for voice actors and for writers)

Dan O’Day (2 brand-new Quickstart Copywriting Techniques + Live Commercial Critiques)

Nancy Wolfson (“Admit vs. Sell” voice over workshop + Live Voice Over Demo Critiques)


We videotaped the entire two days.

For a tiny fraction of the price people paid to attend the live event, I’ll give you instant access to all of the sessions on video. Eleven hours of world-class presentations for you to “attend” whenever you want, from wherever you want.

But first, let's look at what you missed…

How To Write 10-Second Spots By Finding The Boiling Point and  Overcoming The Curse of Uniqueness
Dan O’Day

Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes 
World Premiere!  I taught a new QuickStart Copywriting Technique that will enable you to discover a fresh, new attention-getting approach to your ad campaign fast. The trick is to overcome what I call "The Curse of Uniqueness."
10-second radio commercials are becoming more and more common. Like 'em, hate 'em — it doesn't matter. If you're given only 10 seconds in which to sell a client's product or service (or to promote your station), that does not give you permission to do an inadequate job.

My "Boiling Point" approach will help you focus on exactly what you should be saying in that precious 1/6 of a minute.

Dan O’Day

Sample Attendee Reviews

"I especially enjoyed 'overcoming the curse of uniqueness' because it helps us focus on how the listener would think."

"Dan gave me a lot of tips to make copy better. This really woke me up."

"Most valuable thing I learned: There's almost always one more edit or rewrite to make. This will completely revamp my thought process for :10s upon my return."

"I've always believed 10-second ads are viable if executed correctly, and here now are the tools to make it so."

"I know I'll take the 'overcoming uniqueness' and use it for sure. Also, I've never had to write 10 seconds before, but now I'm prepared for whatever is thrown at me!"

"I enjoyed most the ten second copywriting exercise. There has been such a mystery to me as to how to distill the copy to that degree. After this exercise I feel confident that I am able to better determine 'the boiling point!'"

"I love the idea of taking the 'boiling point' of a standard commercial and making it into a :10."

"The feedback Dan gave to the copy people wrote was amazing and practical."

"A great way to find that slice of life and make your story relatable to the listener. The ten second method is great practice to find the core message. We can always build from there."

Richard Horvitz

Running Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes

"My job is to get you to stop thinking as an actor and get you to remember what you feel and think as a human being."

To help you get there, Richard Horvitz will teach you the five steps that any writer or performer should follow when a performance or a script "just isn't right."

Writer's Block? Performance Anxiety? Just go back to Richard's Five Steps.

You Will Learn:
     •   How to enter a Secondary Reality
     •   The value of knowing who you are (and how to return to it on demand)
     •   Your imagination as a muscle (how & why it needs to be exercised)
     •   Why & how you need to know who you are when you walk into the room
     •   Tearing down the wall of separation between your character and you
     •   The folly of "doing it right"
     •   The mistake of showing your hand too fully and too quickly
     •   Discomfort as your ally

Richard Horvitz

Sample Attendee Reviews

"Great session! Richard managed to distill really good techniques into easy to use methods. This is something I can use again and again."

"Absolutely fantastic. Inspiring. Informative and entertaining. Possibly the greatest session I've heard at any Summit."

"This was the most valuable session I have ever attended at the Summit! Great insights. Fabulous direction. Simple, clear steps to implement."

"This session was great! This will help me better coach the VO people I work with."

"I have struggled for years with the 'announcer voice' (I've had trouble doing characters or conversations). I'm excited to try some of the tools I've learned today."

"Learning how to unlock the freedom to play instead of focusing on work was so refreshing. The 5 steps to breaking down telling your story were easy to understand & implement."

"This was wonderful! It was great to have a VO session that so benefited writers as well."

"Extremely valuable! Made me completely re-think how to approach copy. Fantastic!"

"I feel sorry for production people who didn't sign up for this Summit!"

How I Do What I Do, And Why
John Frost

Running Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes
World Premiere! Here's John's own description of this session….

"I've devoted my career to challenging the conventions of how Radio does stuff...or, at least, how radio sounds while doing stuff. I have become adept at positioning and repositioning and re-repositioning stations, morning shows and promotions. I think weird.

"I love the creative radio work I hear from others 'out there'...I love everyone who endeavors to help keep radio fun. Radio should be fun. Fun to work in, fun to create, and fun to listen to.

"Radio is both an art and a science... and I believe needs both to continue thriving.

"My ten years working on Frostbytes has had ups and downs; super successful cycles and some, uh...less successful. But hey, that's life. The good news is, my stuff these days on Frostbytes is the best I've ever done. I say that because A) it's true, and B) I get to write my own Session Description.

"Speaking of which: The session title says it all. For 80 minutes you will be sucked into the vortex of my daily radio creative process. I'll do my best to show you exactly what I do, how I do it, and why."

John Frost

 Sample Attendee Reviews

"Brilliant stuff!"

"I expected to just 'hang out' for the Imaging session; I've not imaged any stations in years. But John's methods could SO be used for copywriting as well. Great humor and edginess in his writing/production."

"What a revelation that someone is successful putting RADIO back on radio!"

"I expected to be entertained. I didn't expect to be inspired. John has given me new ideas for my own work that were completely surprising."

"Great knowledge. I'll be less afraid of staying outside of the box!"

"This was one of the most exciting and creative sessions I've ever attended. He has raised the bar for me in my approach to writing attention grabbing radio spots."

Dan O’Day & Nancy Wolfson

Running Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes
Dan O’Day and Nancy Wolfson gave honest feedback on attendees’ radio commercials, promos or voice over demos. The kind of honest (sometimes brutal) feedback you just can't get anywhere else.

Dan O'Day Critiquing Station Promo

Sample Attendee Reviews

"An amazing way to learn from everyone's work. The critiques were spot on — and hearing why certain things worked and others didn't was invaluable."

"First good Dan O'Day review I think I've gotten! The Critique-A-Spot-A-Thon is always an invaluable session. I've never attended or listened to one that didn't give me more and better tools to go back to the studio with."

"Very constructive and helpful. I'm learning how to better critique my own work and the work of those who work with me. Nancy is amazingly thorough!"

"Awesome session! Really gave an understanding of what makes a good demo/promo/ad."

"Nancy's notes on what makes a good demo were VERY valuable. With her tips, I was able to pinpoint the problems in my demo…and fix them within a week."

"As a copywriter, it was great to hear Dan's critique."

"The real-world radio examples and critiques are especially useful."

How To Do Voice Acting Without Getting Caught
Nancy Wolfson

Running Time: 2 hours, 45 minutes
Nancy Wolfson returned for her third consecutive Summit Super Session with a brand new workshop. On stage, you don't want to get caught "acting." In advertising, you don't want to get caught "selling." If the consumer can sense that you're there for the money, the authenticity of your endorsement is shot.

You Will Learn…
     •   Why and how you must bury your agenda
     •   How to put your "truth" on the table
     •   Why "admissions" can be more effective than exultations
     •   How to engender trust from the listener 
     •   How to use your body to get rid of that "announcer" sound
     •   How to relax and let the adjectives do the work for you
     •   How a touch of cynicism boosts consumer trust
     •   Secret Subtext Passwords
     •   The one word most people stress that almost never should be
         leaned on

Nancy Wolfson

Sample Attendee Reviews

"Nancy was great, giving me lots of tools to put in my toolbox — not only for me as a talent but also to better direct my clients and talents."

"She is incredible. The quick tutorial on stage was worth the price of admission. I'm completely rethinking how I approach my reads and interpreting copy."

"This was GREAT. Very helpful for me, as someone who often has to coach inexperienced VO people."

"I've taken this course twice before, and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've really gotten this on more than a surface level. Really superb!"

"Absolutely incredible! Nancy's ability to cut through the B.S. and get to the essence of great voice acting can elevate anyone's performance."

"Nancy's sessions not only help me with my voicing, but also help me coach people I have in my booth. Her directions are so simple yet effective. Suddenly, the receptionist can pull off that one line convincingly."

"Fabulously simple methods to make your reads rock! When you see it happen it's just a great big light bulb going off — something I can put to work immediately."


For the first time ever, you can have online access to the video of all the sessions from Summit 2010.

"Online access" means you'll receive your own login ID and password, and you'll be able to view all the videos at your leisure and return to them whenever you need a quick dose of inspiration.

Important Video Note: These videos will not be sent to you on DVD. To view them, you'll need a broadband Internet connection (and the private password I'll send you).

SUMMIT 2010 attendees paid anywhere from $595 to $895 to attend. Add to that their travel and hotel expenses, and it cost them an average total of $2,000. (And they were happy to pay it, to experience it all in person.)

But now you can experience every moment and every piece of information for less than 1/10 of their costs.

Order the INTERNATIONAL RADIO CREATIVE & SUMMIT 2010: The Complete Video Record now, and within minutes you can be listening to, viewing and learning from the best of the best.

After your order has been processed, you'll be sent your own private password that will enable you to view all the videos online whenever you want, from wherever you are. By ordering, you are confirming that you understand that although you will receive online access to all the videos, no "physical" videos (e.g., DVDs) will be sent to you.

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