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Nearly 14 hours of actual seminar time on 11 compact discs!

Now you can hear every single minute of the INTERNATIONAL RADIO CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SUMMIT 2006...and SAVE $1,800! Attendees averaged nearly $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses (travel, hotel, seminar). But you can experience every moment and every piece of information for less than one-tenth what they paid! 

Sample (Verbatim) Attendee Reviews

“My fourth Summit has motivated me to return for Year #5. I honestly felt this year would pretty much be a review of past sessions. I was delighted to have been taken to new places and new ideas for me to explore. ”

“The best money I’ve spent from my company’s budget! Dan speaks directly to you about what we do...in a way that succeeds! See you next year!”

“This was the most balanced Summit I’ve attended, in terms of voice, production and writing.”

“Looking forward to getting back to work and applying the principles I have learned — from copywriting to promo producing to managing my creativity. I got my money’s worth and more. Next year, I look forward to bringing my entire creative team!”

“This far exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait to put this knowledge to work. I’ll be back!”

“I was so amped up from the sessions each evening (as were others) that we couldn’t wait to huddle up and communicate with each other. This was one of the most solidly, thoroughly useful & informative Summits ever.”

“New stuff. Interesting guests. Practical, relevant tools. I’m walking away with some new weaponry — and that’s saying something, considering this is my eighth Summit!”

Perhaps the most convincing testimonial of all: 44% of our “live” attendees ordered the 11-CD Complete Audio Record for themselves...so they could relive every moment!

Here are the information-packed sessions that you'll hear just as they happened....

Presenter: Dave Foxx

Running Time: 2 Hours, 26 minutes

WORLD PREMIERE! How would you like to be in the studio with Z-100’s Dave Foxx as he builds a real station promo in real time? We brought the “studio” to the Summit! Dave built not one but several promos — using volunteer voices from our Summit attendees — on a digital work station projected onto a large, in-room screen. You’ll hear every element as it’s put into place...with Dave’s point-by-point narration of the entire process. (As a special bonus, we’ll even give you a PowerPoint presentation of 11 key plug-in settings that you’ll hear Dave describe as he works.)

“WOW! I loved watching Dave demonstrate work station tricks, shortcuts and new ways to play...and watching the promos come to life!”

“I picked up a lot of simple tips that will improve the quality and efficiency of my production.”

“I learned a lot of technical information (EQ settings, producing techniques, etc.) that I’ll be able to apply immediately. And I had certain 'burning questions’ that were answered fully!”

“This was AMAZING! So many things that have been frustrating me are clearer. I will be making new settings in my studio when I return.”

“I loved how he explained what he did, his step-by-step instructions on building a promo.”

“Dave was fantastic at showing the mechanics of promo structure & assembly.”

“I learned NEW stuff about processing!”

“Dave raised the bar on how much time & care is invested in the production of a 10-second sweeper/liner.”

“Very, very usable ideas from one of the masters. I didn’t expect to gain very much, because I don’t produce station imaging. But I’m very happy to have been wrong.”

“I will study the audio of this session when I get home. I loved seeing a pro build something piece by piece!"

“It was like watching Picasso at work. This was a genius idea — actually witnessing the promo being created in real time.”

Presenter: Dan O’Day

Running Time: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes

WORLD PREMIERE! “How about teaching us how to handle client objections?” — a frequent suggestion from previous Summit attendees. It’s all a matter of education; if you and your account executives have done your jobs properly, there shouldn’t be any objections. After this one session, your professional life will be so much easier!
You will learn:

  • The terminology to adopt with your clients
  • How to create your own in-house Creative/Sales Handbook
  • What to sell instead of “features” or “benefits”
  • How to reposition newspaper competition
  • Client Identity Creation
  • How to teach your client when & how to feature phone numbers, addresses, and websites
  • How to set ground rules
  • How to take control from the beginning
  • How to get them to commit to a single Core Message
  • Why (and how) you never should provide the client with a script for approval
  • How to avoid needless rewrites and rerecordings
  • How to reject illegal requests
  • How to convince the client that “radio coupons” are a bad idea
  • How to reposition “I don’t like the music in the commercial” as a positive for the client


Presenter: Kristine Oller
Running Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

WORLD PREMIERE! You’re a creative individual. But with your ideas, abilities and talents, you know in your heart you should be performing at a much higher, more rewarding professional level. Organizational expert and career strategist Kristine Oller will teach you how to make strategic, focused, targeted leaps toward your goals. How to take leaps that will move you efficiently and effectively up the ladder — with each step building upon the previous one to increase momentum in the direction that you want your career, business or life to go.

Does she know her stuff? Station Imaging star Ann DeWig says, “With Kristine’s help, I’m focusing my attention on projects that interest me. I’m marketing to the people I want to work with. I’m working on keeping my current clients happy. I’ve never felt this much 'in control’ of my life and my career.”

Voice acting superstar Patrick Fraley says, “I became a client of Kristine’s a year ago, and over the course of that year I tripled my income.”

Presenter: Harlan Hogan
Running Time: 2 Hours, 37 Minutes

Winning an audition is great. A winning career — over the long haul — is even better. (Regardless of whether you’re a freelance voice talent or a full-time station employee.) Today’s voice actor requires new skills and new approaches to the business. Everything is changing, but you can profit and thrive if you know how. Harlan Hogan’s major league voiceover career has spanned 30 years of change, and he’ll help you discover:

  • The new voiceover business model
  • How to become computer savvy and unlock the profit potential in your own PC
  • Why you must set up a recording studio of your own, at home. (Even if you have a full-time studio at a radio station)
  • New and innovative ways to package and promote yourself
  • The realities of today’s very different audition process
  • How to obtain and work with agents
  • How to make strategic career decisions

Presenter: Dan O’Day
Running Time: 1 Hour, 34 Minutes

WORLD PREMIERE! Having begun “in the trenches” at radio stations with limited time & resources, Dan O'Day has great respect for those whose jobs include writing lots of commercial and/or promotional copy. But he absolutely refuses to grant them permission to use “not enough time” as an excuse for “bad copy.” At Summit 2006, Dan taught four new, invaluable techniques to make your copywriting more compelling, powerful...and more fun to write. Use these for your “problem clients” or tough-to-crack promo copy. Not only will you learn all four of his previously “secret” methods; you’ll also hear dozens of great commercials written by the actual attendees during this session!

Running Time: One Hour, 32 Minutes 

A Hollywood voiceover agent, a Hollywood voiceover casting director, and a Hollywood voiceover talent who during the past year has cast 100 radio people from around the world for work they could literally “phone in.” They shared their insiders’ views of exactly how today’s successful voiceover pros are landing agents, getting work, making money, and cutting through the incredibly thick competitive landscape. (Do you work for a radio station? Guess what: The techniques that make an impact on top Hollywood agents also will make an impact in your market — helping your station’s voice imaging tower above the competition’s!)

“It was great to hear what 'the gatekeepers of the big gigs’ had to teach us about their jobs and what they look for in talent. This is an opportunity nobody would have been able to put together for us unless they were well connected. Luckily, Dan O’Day is!

“A lot of useful information that will help me in my next steps pursuing more VO work.”

“An excellent crosscut of the industry, offering excellent insights. I was pleasantly surprised to find them so inclusive to all of us, rather than the 'Us/Them’ attitude so common to panel situations.”

“Good insight into what casting people and agents look for and how demos should be produced.”

“Really, really good advice from top people!” “Interesting and informative — strong on the 'how to’s.’ ”

“The wealth of information was slightly overwhelming. However, learning that it is possible to get into VO work without HAVING to be in a major city was great.”

Running Time: One Hour, 6 Minutes

A Summit Tradition! This year’s bravest attendees brought to the Summit commercials or promos that they wrote or produced. Then Dan O’Day cheerfully tore them apart...and offered specific, concrete suggestions on how they might be improved. You’ll hear the work of your peers, learn from others’ mistakes, and be inspired by some terrific work of your colleagues from around the world.

“Really taught me how to listen objectively, carefully and critically to my work.”

“The best tips anyone has ever told me in my entire career.”

“Practical tips that will be put into practice as soon as I get home.”

“Thoughtful insights. A DEEPER look at production.”

“Couldn’t take notes fast enough. Dan’s tip about 'the first paragraph’ is priceless!”

“I hung on Dan’s every word. Great advice!”

“I made notes of 45 specific details regarding commercials!”

“Dan is a very fair and diplomatic critic. Addressed all sorts of different aspects of the spots — structure, music, writing, clarity, SFX, momentum, voice acting, etc. A good overview of holding higher standards and applying them to your own work.”

“Very inspiring. Dan was honest, straight to the point, critical. I learned a lot.”

“This is the kind of honest critique that you just don’t get back at the office. It’s great to be kept honest and given something to strive toward.”

“Great session. Some really good observations that I can apply to my own production.”

“I learned so many tips and techniques that I will keep with me when producing.”

11 Compact Discs (14 hours!) plus SUMMIT 2006 CD Binder

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