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(12 hours of actual seminar time on 10 compact discs!)

Now you can hear every single minute of the INTERNATIONAL RADIO CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SUMMIT 2007 and SAVE $1,800. Attendees averaged nearly $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses (travel, hotel, seminar). But you can experience every moment and every piece of information for less than one-tenth what they paid!

Sample (Verbatim) Attendee Reviews

“Every session had nuggets of information that I could take back and implement in my daily routine. I’m leaving the Summit bursting with ideas, motivation, and actually wanting to get back to work! ”

“This was more than I thought it would be. As a voice talent, I didn’t think there would be things I’d get out of every single session. Boy, was I wrong. Even the copywriting sessions (which is something I never do) offered some great tips I can use to interpret copy.”

“The Summit was worth every penny. The first time I came to the Summit I was amazed by how much I learned AND could use day to day. Now, I’m just as amazed by the amount I’m taking home with me.”

“I am always seeking ways to ramp up my production skills, and this was a huge boost!”

“I’m actually excited to get back to work. For the first time, I feel like getting a good performance out of the jocks/sales staff won’t be like pulling teeth!”

“As a Production Director, I have picked up more in the past two days than in the last year of work experience.”

Perhaps the most convincing testimonial of all: 40% of our “live” attendees ordered the 10-CD Complete Audio Record for themselves...so they could relive every moment!

Here are the information-packed sessions that you’ll hear just as they happened.

Presenter: Dan O’Day

Running Time: 2 Hours, 47 minutes

In this extraordinary seminar, Dan O’Day takes you deep into the minds of consumers and demonstrates simple yet powerful methods of communicating your sales message on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

(The title is no joke; O’Day’s post-graduate studies were in hypnosis, and he was the first “radio person” ever certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.)

Lots of terrific audio examples!

You will learn:

  • Associations vs. Facts
  • Synaptic Invasion Techniques
  • Hypnotic Techniques
  • The Roger Bannister Effect
  • How to Become an Instant Memory Whiz
  • The Closure Principle
  • Eidetic vs. Constructed Images
  • Deletion
  • Kinesthetic Involvement
  • Visual Coding
  • Auditory Reinforcement
  • Empathetic Identification
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Strategic Use of Surprise
  • Anticipatory Excitement
  • Emotional Memory Markers
  • Power of Metaphors
  • Micromuscular Rehearsal Effects
  • Audio Image Generators
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Language

Presenter: Patrick Fraley
Running Time: 1 Hour, 14 Minutes

Are you a part-time or fulltime voiceover artist who wants to win more than your share of auditions?

An in-station voice talent who wants to extend your skills to add more variety and impact to your performance?

An in-station producer who works with a limited talent pool (i.e., “whoever is in the building at the moment”) and needs to get professional-level performances from people who are not voiceover pros?

Voiceover veteran Patrick Fraley shares, concepts, agendas, techniques, mind-sets and methods guaranteed to improve anyone’s voiceover performance.

Pat shares with you all the inside stuff that nobody teaches, but every voiceover talent should know.

You will learn:

  • How to generate evocative, unique choices that set you apart from everyone else
  • How to work “The Almighty Change-Up” and identify contrast opportunities in copy and scripts
  • Tips and techniques from the industry’s greatest voiceover luminaries
  • How to stay “in the moment” with your acting
  • “Down And Dirty Slating Tricks”: How to get people to actually listen to your audition
  • The power of Holding Back
  • Hemingway Sentences
  • The Phony Phone Receiver Trick
  • Writer and Performer Tricks
  • Utilizing Casting Descriptions
  • Emotion and Action Descriptions
  • Dishonoring Punctuation
  • The Epiphany Description
  • The value of Conflicting Descriptions
  • The Egghead Sell
  • The Series of Two On A Run
  • Truth vs. Tricks
  • Partners with Syntax
  • A better way to deal with Peanut Butter Mouth
  • Heating Up
  • The One O’Clock Scream

Dan O’Day

Running Time: 2 Hours 6 Minutes

  • This session is unlike anything you’ve heard, seen or read elsewhere.

    Dan O'Day analyzes the patterns you already encounter in your own business and personal lives; you’ve just never noticed they’re there.

    He illustrates these patterns with case histories from his own career — failures as well as successes.

    And once he's helped you identify those patterns, he helps you devise your own customized game plan for harnessing them for maximum effectiveness for your station and for yourself.

    You will learn:
  • The five Personality Patterns you deal with all the time
  • How to cope with and get the most from each of them
  • The two-word key to joining “The 5%”
  • The power of The Big Thank You
  • The Ten Rules For Getting What You Want
  • Your most powerful negotiating position
  • How to use your competition to your benefit

    “Lots of great advice, with terrific lessons in professionalism and basic life skills. I’ll make immediate adjustments in dealing with people, both professionally and personally.”

    “This was like a condensed version of Human Chess — how to identify and deal with the different personality types, how to stay several moves ahead of them.”

    “I feel like I’m armed to handle difficult people more readily and that I have a clearer game plan to move forward. Prior to today I have felt paralyzed due to my inability to see 'the process.’ Now I can see the tiny next step that leads to the next step, and I’m starting to see a chain of action developing. The self-examination aspect was invaluable.”

    “Awesome — will use this every day.”

    “I had high expectations, but I was totally blown away by how great this information was. This is going to transform the way I approach my career.

    “I enjoyed Dan’s honest and blunt recount of personal career ups and downs. I especially enjoyed the help with negotiating.”

                                             SPECIAL GUEST: HARRY SHEARER
                                               Running Time: 1 Hour, 43 Minutes

    Harry Shearer’s
    show biz career stretches far beyond the couple of dozen characters he portrays on The Simpsons (and beyond SPINAL TAP). In fact, Harry began his career in radio.

    For nearly two hours, we explored the history and inner workings of the legendary satirical radio group, The Credibility Gap, as well as Harry’s weekly radio program, Le Show — which has aired for 25 years now.


    “Great guest, and such an honor to hear Harry’s story here in person, from his own lips.”

    “What a treat this was! Loved that you focused on the pre-Simpsons stuff — on everything he did that got him there. I learned a bunch about the business.”

    “Being a huge fan, it was a thrill to learn about Harry’s career and not just about the Simpsons.”

    “Good to know such a high level of success can be obtained simply through the love of, and commitment to, the craft.”

    “Super insight into a great comedy mind. Blown away with Harry’s radio background and the stories behind the stories.”

    “What a great treat! A 'fireside chat’ with an incredible talent!”

    “His observations on character vs. agenda, ad-libbing vs. improv, originality and persistence were duly noted. Plus, it’s just fascinating to hear someone of his caliber trace his roots in the business.”

    “Harry was a treat to listen to and learn from. To hear someone as talented as him tell stories of success on radio and TV was an awakening to me that nothing is out of reach.”

    “What an awesome surprise! Harry has given me a new perspective and a new direction to aim for in my career.”
    Presenter: Dan O’Day
    Running Time: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Having begun “in the trenches” at radio stations with limited time & resources, Dan O'Day has great respect for those whose jobs include writing lots of commercial and/or promotional copy.

  • But he absolutely refuses to grant them permission to use “not enough time” as an excuse for “bad copy.”

    At this year's Summit , Dan taught three new, invaluable techniques to make your copywriting more compelling, powerful... and more fun to write.

    Use these for your “problem clients” or tough-to-crack promo copy. Not only will you learn all three of his previously “secret” methods; you’ll also hear dozens of great commercials written by the actual attendees during this session.

    “Helped me out a lot! Gave me tools to implement QUICKLY when in a crunch. Amazing how just a few techniques can make a huge difference in the creative process.”

    “After writing hundreds of scripts every year, this session really helps getting past writer’s block when I can’t afford to have it.”

    “As any production director/copywriter knows, when you’re under the gun you often look up and beg for some instant kick-start. This session has given me the closest thing yet to the perfect springboard for fast turnaround copy.

    “I already have two scripts that will take care of the client for their next campaign!”

    “I now have three good concepts to take back to my problem client.”

    “This was the BEST copywriting session I’ve ever seen. Tremendously helpful for copywriters in dire need of inspiration.”

    “I’ll never be able to use the excuse of having writer’s block again. The three techniques you provided will make me look like a genius to our sales department and clients.”

    “Great ways to get started when you feel fried or want to breathe new life into an existing campaign.”

    “Really good starters for crunch time. Really can produce unique spots. I love Dan’s 'Sly Disclaimer’ technique.”

    “Great help! I was able to develop two spots for a new, high paying client. Dan’s quick critique helped me put the finishing touch on two new 'sure buy’ spots.”

    “This will help in my day-to-day activities in a HUGE way when I have serious time constraints.”

Presenter: Terry Berland
Running Time: 2 Hours, 41 Minutes

Terry Berland is an award-winning casting director for on-camera television, voiceovers, radio commercials, animation, industrials and short films. She has been instrumental in the launching of many talent careers.

  • Due to ever-increasing demands on her schedule, Berland no longer teaches voiceover workshops — with the exception of Summit 2007!

    Terry began the session by answering any & all attendee questions from a true “insider’s” view. And then the real fun began, as dozens of attendees took to the stage to be coached by Terry.

    You've never experienced anyone who can instantly cut to the core of a performance as Terry does.

    Again and again, you'll hear a “fair to middling” performance suddenly become terrific as the result of just one of Terry’s “tweaks.”

    “I loved her strong attention to detail. Her level of skill is amazing. I feel very privileged to have attended this workshop.”

    “Another home run. I learned a tremendous amount about acting and directing.”

    “All I can say is, WOW! I’m still shaking.”

    “Offered something we are not able to have access to at home. I got a ton of pointers on directing/developing the talent I work with just by watching and eavesdropping on how she directed the talent.”

    “She was radiant in the 'casting session.’ Her direction was spot on, and it was fascinating to hear how her adjustments made for often shockingly good differences.

    “Absolutely spectacular. Very helpful to get the opportunity to be critiqued and directed by someone of her caliber.”

    “Everything of hers was so applicable. She put so much time and effort and patience into her critiques. Thank you!”

    “Terry was great. Even though I didn’t volunteer to come to the microphone, I received so many constructive criticisms vicariously through the other volunteers.”

    “I loved that Terry was meticulous and didn’t hold back. This session was very cool in that it was as close as many of us will get to a serious, big city V/O audition.”

    “Very worthwhile. Great tips on the subtle changes one can make to the read, and what agents/clients are looking for. Her brutal honesty was appreciated.”

    “Terry’s ability to sculpt, guide, and sometimes squeeze the read from the voice talent was terrific!”

    “A lot of the mistakes I make directing talent were brought to my attention. Thanks for sharing the secrets!”

    “Amazing, incredibly useful insights from one of the very best. I’m so grateful we had a chance to hear from Terry at such length. It was also interesting to see how few of us V/O folk are good at 'self-casting.’”

    10 Compact Discs (12 hours)
    plus SUMMIT 2007 CD Binder


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