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(11 hours of actual seminar time on 10 compact discs)

Two incredible days' worth of state–of–the–art programming technique, theory, advice & practice.On 10 CDs, with a running time of 11 hours!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn from your PD Grad School 2006 CDs...

Presenter: BJ Bueno
Running Time: 1 hour, 38 minutes

With clients like Coke, Apple, and The Magic of David Copperfield, BJ Bueno is in an elite class of creative strategists.

He's the co–author of THE POWER OF CULT BRANDING, the best–seller that received rave reviews from Al Reis, Jack Trout, Jay Conrad Levinson, etc.

Bueno advises companies like Target, Wal–Mart, Washington Mutual, Toys–R–Us and JC Penny on their retail, advertising and marketing efforts.

A perpetual student of the mind, BJ blends the fields of humanistic psychology, comparative mythology, history, religion, and psychiatry into his masterful discipline of consumer marketing and advertising.

You will learn:

• Why so many brands fail
• How to build your own Cult Brand
• The Seven Golden Rules of Cult Brands
• How your brand can (and should) sell lifestyles
• How to create Cult Brand Evangelists
• How to create Customer Communities
• How your brand can draw power from your enemies
• The behind–the–scenes stories of some of the greatest Cult Brands

Attendee Reviews 

"Probably the best session EVER at PD GRAD SCHOOL. I loved that BJ showed specific examples and tied it directly to radio."

"BJ's knowledge and experience made every single point stick with me. This session will, without a doubt, change my job!"

"Wow! What a great presentation! Lots of light bulbs going off. Awesome!"

"A whole new way of thinking about programming and marketing my station. I'm really going to be able to change the dynamics of my station!"

"This session gave me a clear outline of what to do to know my customers and what I need to do to make my customers love my station."

"BJ's a branding genius. His rules make it easy to go back home and transform our station."

THE PROGRAMMING M.A.P. (Mastery Action Plan), PART TWO
(Mike McVay) 
Running Time: 2.5 hours

If you attended or heard the CDs from PD Grad School 2005, odds are you're ready to stop reading this and place your order right now.

If you were lucky enough to experience Part One of Mike McVay's Programming M.A.P., you know that "Part Two" alone will be worth the cost of this entire CD package.

And if you missed Part One, you'll still benefit from every moment of this session!

You will learn from one of radio's most accomplished programming consultants:

• How (and why) to measure your Target Audience Efficiency
• Measuring your Cume Rating
• Measuring Audience Turnover
• Calculating Quarter–Hours by Daypart
• Building your Music Clock
• Building your Format Clock
• Step–by–step instruction on how to apply OES to your music rotation
• Effective Reach
• Creating a news structure for your station
• Managing Airshifts
• Scheduling Talent
• HD Radio and Your Future
• Profiting from "Less Is More"
• Maximizing the jockless Adult Variety format
• Internet Radio vs. Broadcast Radio
• iPod, You, and Your Audience
• Satellite vs. Terrestrial Radio: Born Enemies or Potential Partners?
• OES for Promos/Trailers
• Marketing strategies & tactics
• The Sales Secret: What Every PD Must Know
• Production Standards for your station
• Imaging & Production: The Big Picture
• The Perfect Promo
• People Management
• The Over–Programming Trap

(Dan O’Day)
Running Time: 75 minutes

Dan O'Day doesn't think of himself as an air talent "trainer." He's a talent coach.

The difference? You "train" people (or even animals) to perform tasks according to a routine of systemized behavior. O'Day sees his job — and every radio program director's job — as helping people perform to their maximum abilities.

He'll share with you some of the key principles and techniques he teaches radio personalities around the world — and he'll teach you how to teach them to your own staff!

Attendee Reviews 

"As a PD, no one critiques you. It was a pleasure being reminded what I may have taken for granted because 'I'm the boss.' "

"Dan's tips will help me to work better with my own talents."

"Dan's advice is 100% correct, timeless and exactly what will directly affect a station's programming."

"Very worthwhile, will greatly impact positively on my job!"

"Excellent, practical information. I caught myself writing down ideas I want to start implementing right away."

"Great advice on getting jocks to see beyond the liners."

"This session should be used not only as a 'PD Bible' but also in broadcast courses."

"Old and new PDs should review this material regularly!"

"Real, practical ideas for me to go home and apply. Loved the audio clips to back up the specific points."

Real–World Strategies For Taking Your Career And Your Radio Station To The Top of The Mountain
(Ken Kragen)
Running Time: 1.5 hours

Do you think the guy who managed the careers of Kenny Rogers, The Bee Gees, Olivia Newton–John, Travis Tritt, Trisha Yearwood and Lionel Richie...

...who created the "We Are The World" and "Hands Across America" projects (the latter for which he received the United Nations Peace Medal)...

...who is one of Hollywood's most accomplished and respected managers and marketers...

...might be able to help you achieve more in your own career and for your own radio station?

Ken Kragen will teach you his own 10–Point Strategy that has worked for himself and for his clients.

You will learn:

• The 3 Event Strategy (This one tip is worth the price of this entire audio package!)
• How to harness the "The Magic of Threes"
• How to create your Personal Balance Sheet
• How to play (and win at) Life as a Contact Sport
• How to turn Negatives into Opportunities
• How to get caught Telling The Truth
• How to master the Art of Timing
• How to succeed via Backward Thinking
• The best, most reliable career "gimmick" of them all

Attendee Reviews 

"Wow! Worth coming all this way for this session alone! Ken explained why sometimes things haven't worked out for me and WHY the things that worked well did
. His '3 Event Strategy' is a technique I will use as soon as I get home."

"Great lessons from a man who's been there! I'll put his '3 Event Strategy' into effect immediately."

"Very worthwhile, great advice. Planning to implement all this info into my work AND into my life."

"After being exposed to his '3 Event Strategy,' I wound up revising our direct mail plans for the year to deliver a more concentrated blow in a shorter period of time."

"All the skills he taught are useful for both everyday life and career."

"Really good ways/ideas/systems to promote the station and also to achieve personal goals."

"Ken knows how to market and has the experience and track record to prove his strategies work."

"New perspective on making career moves."

"I liked his use of real life examples to help put the theory into real terms for us."

(Doug Harris)
Running Time: 2 hours

Question: How do you turn a simple promotion request from an Account Executive into an attention–getting, revenue–generating opportunity that could put you on the front page radio trade publications and catapult you to "promotional guru" status throughout the industry?

Answer: By following Doug Harris' blueprint for promotional success and by accepting his personal challenge to do something every station in your market — every station in your format — will envy.

Doug walks you through the process of generating a big, relevant, money–making and/or ratings grabbing promotion specifically designed for your market and your station, gift–wrapped and ready to unleash on your listeners, sponsors, and competitors.

Doug leads you, step by step, through his own proprietary system for creating, developing and executing an unforgettable promotion.

This experience will leave you armed with a fully developed promotional thriller to wow your colleagues, bosses, sponsors, and marketplace.

Even More Important: Doug teaches you how to repeat this process on your own for the rest of your career, as you look forward to an unlimited succession of "How Did They Ever Manage THAT???" promotions.

Attendee Reviews 

"As Doug spoke, I was already redoing current and past promotions!"

"Terrific tools to use to build great promotions!"

"The 29 steps to use to come up with a promo were great."

"Amazing! A great point–to–point blueprint to a very successful promotion. Great stuff to start implementing immediately."

"Made me think more about gearing promotions to the listener in more detail, looking more at their lifestyle and attitudes."

"Great session! Those 29 steps will be on our office wall Monday morning."

"Loved every second! The step–by–step promotion walk–through was priceless!"

"Great plan for developing killer promotions!"

"Wow! Solid, step–by–step strategies for creating a promotion and following it through to execution. In fact, this answered my nagging questions about how to execute a particular promotion I've been working on."

"Doug is a master at getting you to think beyond the obvious. His 'step method' of designing a promo is priceless."

"Doug is awesome. I just hope the other PDs in my market don't do what Doug says, because I want to have that edge!"

"His checklist/filter for creating a great promotion is great!"

BONUS: "Radio Promotion Blueprint" Worksheets (PDF "e-book" format): Your own detailed, six-page Blueprint to use in creating your own fresh, original promotions.

(Presenter: Holland Cooke)
Running Time: 1.5 hours 

Holland Cooke always offers the brutal truth, stripping away the warm cloak of denial that so many radio people wear.

Here's what he has to say to radio people about podcasting: "If you're not podcasting, you should have your head examined." (Diplomatic enough for you?)

Cooke walks you through the six reasons you must podcast...including teaching you a podcasting business model that already is working.

Increase your ratings....Increase your revenue....Deepen (and derive more profit from) your existing advertiser/sponsor relationships.

Bonus: EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH — Results of the first national perceptual survey of iPod owners, delivering to you a virtual "podcast playlist" (with some very surprising discoveries).

Attendee Reviews 

"Great stuff on how to get with our technology and make it work for us instead of against us. We need this to survive & compete."

"Refreshing. We already are podcasting, and this gives me ideas to grow it."

"Excellent new information which can be used right now! Fantastic brain food, great ideas for making money."

"Lots of great ideas. I'm very excited to get back home and implement them."

"He made it clear to me what we MUST do!"

"Oh...my...god! What a session! My boss needs to hear this...and my boss's boss, too."

"I got a ton out of this. I love podcasting; I download them; I have no idea how to DO them, though. This session got me a lot closer. It will help me create a financial plan to present to my GM to get it launched. Great work!"

"I'm leaving with ideas to enable us to make $$$ using the Web and podcasts. My GM will be pleased."

"Great information! Ideas I've never thought of. Definitely gets you thinking about more to offer your listeners and to tighten the bonds of companionship & on–air community AND increase revenue!"

"Thank you for giving me so many clear–cut plans for using a podcast and the appendages available for making more cash tied to radio."

(Dan O'Day)
Running Time: 75 minutes

Until now, Dan O'Day has taught this only to his client stations: a uniquely powerful method of devising a virtually unlimited supply of original, fresh ideas tailor–made for your station.

You'll learn the method. You'll hear some of the astounding results that were instantly created by our "live" attendees. And, most importantly, you'll be able to use this method repeatedly with your own programming and promotion staffs...and for your own career success.

Attendee Reviews:

"Loved it!! Dan is good at making us PDs try something out of the box. I'll probably do this exercise at my meeting on Wednesday. I've learned there are no excuses for no new ideas.

"A tremendous help! We are very short–staffed. I'm serving as PD/MD/Promo Director, you name it. So I'm kind of burned out on ideas. But with this method I'll always be able to come up with something great!

"Fantastic, the first thing I'll do with my promotion people!" 

"Usable info & techniques I can apply right away. Awesome 'ideas' exercise." 

"Great exercise. Something I can apply to my staff or use personally." 

"Will do wonders at my station. Showed me how to come up with NEW ideas — and that good ideas are everywhere!" 

"What an incredible tool for on–air talent and even for on–air promotions!" 

"A great technique to get everyone thinking. I will definitely be using this in the future when looking for inspiration and content for my show. Whoever said creativity in radio is dead never did this exercise!"

"A solid idea for talent searching for the next bit idea. Also will work well with promotions." 

"I've got 10 great ideas I could put on–air at my station next week!" 

"Fabulous ideas! You really made me think about this 'secret resource' in a whole new light."

"Very helpful ways to come up with unlimited radio ideas. Loved it!" 

"What a great reality check! On the days when I'm feeling uninspired, this will be an excellent tool to use. This was worth the entire price of the event." 

"Easy to take back home. I'll use this at my station right away!"

"Incredible way to generate new ideas."

YOU SAVE $1,800! PD GRAD SCHOOL 2006 attendees averaged $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses (seminar, travel, hotel). But now you can experience every moment and every piece of information for 1/10 what they paid!

10 Compact Discs (11 hours)

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