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The Complete Audio Experience
(11 hours of actual seminar time on 10 compact discs)

 PD Grad School 2007 gives you two incredible days' worth of state-of-the-art programming technique, theory, advice & practice.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn from your PD GRAD SCHOOL 2007 CDs....

Presenter: Larry Rosin

Warning: Some of today's radio jobs will be virtually extinct 10 years from now.

Individual station "pipelines" will become increasingly less valuable — much sooner than you probably expect.

How will you compete with a radio dial that is infinitely long, in a marketplace that offers consumers more choices than they can possibly take advantage of?

What radio stations will survive and prosper?

What must stations do to survive?

Larry Rosin gives you specific suggestions on how to prepare now to ensure that your station and your career will thrive.

You Will Learn:

  • Retronym — Why you need to know what this word means and how it affects your radio station
  • The Long Tail and Radio
  • How radio can thrive in an On-Demand World
  • The misguided (and potentially deadly) belief that radio is invulnerable to competition from new technologies
  • Preparing for Stage Three of the Internet: It will be as critical to the radio industry as Stage Two has been to the recording industry.
  • Why we need to claim ownership of new technological disruptions (rather than try to ignore them)
  • The recent, radical drops in at-work radio listening and in-home radio listening
  • Change of emphasis from "the format" to "the show"
  • Why radio can and should control (and profit from) the podcasting tide
  • One simple podcast idea that any radio station could run with tomorrow — making money from the very first day
  • Why your station needs to control the audience's online audio searches
  • Why radio's time-honored value of "Consistency" might have to change drastically
  • Why there probably will be a re-emergence of the importance of the "DJ"
  • Why we need not only to embrace change but to bring change to our listeners
  • Why radio stations need to focus less on their platform and more on their content
  • Why small market radio actually has greater Internet opportunities than large market stations

Sample Attendee Reviews

"Enlightening and at times frightening. Larry inspired me with ways to change NOW!"

"This session was hugely worthwhile. His tips on how to prepare for the infinite dial are essential to getting a leg up on local competition."

"This session gave me the chance to think about how to maximize relationships with other media to ensure my stations remain top-of-mind with my audiences. His tip about how to use specific podcasting was genius; why didn't I think of that myself??"

"This session opened up the 'visionary' in me. Now I realize how technology actually opens up the small markets first."

"A sometimes frightening but ultimately exciting look at radio's future."

"What ideas are swirling around in my head! Infinite Dial = Infinite Possibilities!"

"An unbelievably scary story, with a fairy tale ending that only I can control. It ends either with my demise or with me on top of the world. This must be how the forefathers of radio probably felt: the dawn of a new era, and we're leading the way."

Presenter: Dan O'Day

Dan O'Day will teach you — in detail — the same strategies he has taught to individual morning shows around the world...to resounding ratings success.

Sample Attendee Reviews

"Dan's experience, style, and examples make the art of great morning radio less mysterious without limiting the joy and spontaneity of creation."

"Can't wait to start using as many of these as I can!"

"Lots of points I'm going to start using as soon as I return."

"Kept me riveted from beginning to end. Awesome information, fantastic food for thought."

"Now I know exactly what we must do better."

"As a PD who also is part of the morning show, this was very valuable. This also helped me look back and realize why my previous morning show was not as successful as it could have been."

"This session absolutely is going to change my morning show."

"Excellent essentials for a great morning show. Loved all the examples!"

"Great info, great examples!"

"Dan's strategies are universal. I can't wait to try them with my morning crew."

"I loved how each idea interlinked with each other. Straightforward; simple; great!

How Your Station SHOULD Be Using The Internet to Deliver Higher Ratings & Increased Revenue
Presenter: David Lawrence

World Premiere! Most radio stations use the Internet the way they traditionally have used the telephone — for contests, requests, gathering information, etc.

But that's like using a blowtorch to light a candle.

This information-packed seminar by radio Internet guru David Lawrence will show you how to seize the 'Net as your own irresistible competitive advantage.

You Will Learn How To:

  • "Work once, use many"
  • Effortlessly exploit your existing assets
  • Profit from the unrecognized gold on your station floor
  • Use podcasting with maximum ease, for maximum impact
  • Harness the power of RSS (for far more than just podcasting)
  • Use the Internet for premium offerings
  • Automate & exploit your mailing lists
  • Stream smartly
  • Offer better alternatives to on-air "added value"
  • Exploit "the long tail." (Radio people can profit this more than any other group!)
  • Move from your current animated gifs and Flash...to Web 2.0!
  • Get your listeners to share your information with others
  • Design your site for true ease of use (which probably is not how your Web designer would define it)
  • Check your site for "heat," using a free tool
  • Exploit your audio
  • Use your automation system to do much more than play spots at the right time
  • Plan for your audio assets' success with simple pre-production
  • Build your audio assets to be shared
  • Go WAY beyond MP3 to maximize interaction
  • Profit from video (and why you should not be afraid of video)
  • Use YouTube-type sites to make money
  • Generate rabid fans who will sing your praises to all their friends
  • Make money from online advertising that doesn't drive away your visitors
  • Create podcast content with zero effort
  • Provide tons of audio content without any danger of running out of bandwidth
  • Profit from User Generated Content
  • Use the Internet to become a much more important part of your listeners' lives

Sample Attendee Reviews

"I was really wowed by this session. Opened my mind to podcasting, plus it really opened my eyes to take advantage of the 'Net for more growth."

"Great technical ideas and superb financial ideas. The website we are currently running will have a new benefit in the next few months."

"Lots of actionable information. Immediate money and tons of opportunity."

"David is a genius. Not only do I have some answers for my boss right now; I have a strategy. I'll be visiting the websites he turned us onto as soon as I get home."

"Fantastic! Worth the entire price of admission!"

"What I liked most is how he demonstrated how easy it is to improve our websites and be able to generate content and money. Excellent and extremely relevant to our business today!"

"Fantastic, ingenious ideas!"

"My head is swimming right now. Incredible information!"

Presenter: Daniel Anstandig

Every successful radio station has a distinctive personality — a "stationality." Daniel Anstandig will teach you....

  • How to create a one-to-one connection to your listener...every time
  • How to achieve "Remarkable Stationality" (and how to objectively measure when you've achieved it)
  • A step-by-step guide for crafting your own unique Stationality
  • How to re-craft your station's goals for remarkable results
  • How your hallway culture affects the listener's experience
  • How to understand your target
  • How listeners make decisions about your radio station
  • How to create listener beliefs
  • The power of Validation
  • How to use focus groups wisely (rather than asking them to program your station)
  • How to deliver your station's message in a way that actually gets heard in today's overcommunicated society
  • Music and Stationality
  • The (potential) Stationality of the "Jack" format
  • How the 24-Hour Society has changed radio's challenges
  • How the Global Society has changed radio's challenges
  • News and Stationality
  • Personalities and Stationality
  • Tone, Tempo and Stationality
  • How to analyze the characteristic patterns of your competition and their Stationality
  • How to use promotions to create a brand experience

Plus: Lots of station imaging examples from various formats!

Sample Attendee Reviews

"Superb presentation, really got into the psychology of designing programs to suit your target audience."

"I can't wait to use this to increase audience awareness of our brand."

"Gave me a whole new perspective on imaging — a GOOD new perspective that no one is using."

"Great examples and so many practical things that can be applied immediately."

"Daniel did a fantastic job fleshing out 'stationality.' He showed how important it is for the whole package. Examples were a great way to demonstrate the points."

"Absolutely outstanding! I'm so excited to get back and implement the strategies to benefit our listeners and our station."

"Daniel gave me a huge sense that, if we rethink our programming value, we can succeed and keep terrestrial radio a NEED in people's lives. I feel like I just received a complete consulting visit!"

Presenter: Dan O'Day

World Premiere! PD Grad School attendees have requested this for years: Dan O'Day formally critiques two real airchecks, from two different formats.

You already know the importance of conducting regular aircheck sessions for your staff, but you don't want to seem overly critical.

You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings; you do want to help your people improve.

You'll be able to "play along at home" as you measure your own evaluations against Dan's.

And you'll end up much better equipped to help your air talents achieve much more of their true potential.

(Guess what? That happens to be an extremely important part of your job.)

Sample Attendee Reviews

"We've done a lot wrong with airchecks. Dan's suggestions were VERY helpful."

"Everyone's in fear of airchecks — the DJ, the PD. Dan's tips help us beat the fear."

"A unique, very useful 'coach the coach' session."

"Great tips on how to talk to the talent."

"Even when I thought one of the jocks sounded terrible, Dan was able to find constructive, positive points underneath the clutter and bring them to light. That's a great talent to have, and I hope to improve upon it for myself."

"How to better solicit for phone callers & listener opinions was particularly valuable."

"Superb use of the actual airchecks!"

"Some of the things Dan pointed out never would have occurred to me."

"Great points. A very refreshing approach to airchecking."

"Loved it! Outlined new ways to develop my staff."

"Will help me get even more out of my jocks and make them more 'real.' "

Presenter: Gerry Tabio

Problem: The medium has become disconnected from the platform.

For example, a radio station's platform no longer is limited to the broadcast airwaves. Today's radio station also uses websites, e-mail, text messaging, concerts, podcasting, RSS, viral marketing, social media.

This can be very disconcerting for people who still cling to the traditional media point of view — but a huge opportunity for those who know how to adapt to and exploit these new opportunities of engaging our audience.

Good News: Radio has more tools of engagement than competing media.

In a world where the medium is disconnected from the platform, your currency is ideas — your ability to exploit and harness the tools.

Everyone has access to the same tools. It's the idea that brings it all together and makes you stand out from all the other radio stations.

You Will Learn:

  • The new expectations of your listeners and advertisers (and why it's fatal to ignore them)
  • The three kinds of tools available to your radio station
  • Questions you should ask to strengthen the engagement of your brand with your listeners and advertisers
  • How to come up with better ideas than you've been coming up with — guaranteed!

Sample Attendee Reviews

 "Mind blowing!"

"This was worth the price of admission. Relates not just to radio but to anything requiring thought. Great!"

"This was THE magic session. He opened my head right up. What an amazing set of tools to take home. Outstanding!"

"Fantastic session for generating creativity. This will help enormously when building station promotions."

"Very eye opening! Gerry came out firing and had nothing but good ideas."

"This was absolutely great!"

"An incredible way to generate ideas."

"Remarkable. Insightful. Worth the price of admission!"

"Gerry was amazing and very inspirational. Great tools that I started implementing the moment he explained them."

Presenter: Dave Foxx

World Premiere! One of radio's legendary imaging gurus (Z-100/New York's Dave Foxx) pulls no punches in talking to you about the imaging process that's going on in your station right now.

You Will Learn:

  • The key to a successful promo
  • How to get more quantity & quality from your producer
  • The biggest mistakes PDs make (and how to avoid them)
  • Why your imaging specialist should participate in your perceptual studies
  • The danger of "too many layers"
  • Why you should replace your Imaging Director
  • The challenge of multiple perspectives
  • Why the PD should NOT write the station's imaging
  • Radical Time Management for imaging specialists
  • The continuing education that is required of your imaging specialist (beyond technical education)
  • How to mobilize your air staff as an Early Warning Promo Team
  • The importance of establishing your own Brain Trust
  • How to plan your 365-Day Promo Event Guide
  • Recommended tools for your production director

Sample Attendee Reviews

 "Brilliant ideas on pulling the production/imaging person into the inner circle of the station."

"Priceless info!!"

"Time management & growth MUST happen for us. We've known that, but Dave really drove it home. What a genuine take on life and on the business!"

"Great ideas for getting the production people to work with others in the station, great ideas for making our promos relatable to our listeners."

"This will encourage me to spend more time with my producer to work together on the station vision. Dave's production time management tips were very useful."

"He made me realize that we PDs really need to include the imaging people in our 'brain trust.' "

"Dave is the absolute best. Looking forward to applying his ideas — especially the creative meetings and the 365-day schedule."

11 Hours on 10 Compact Discs

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Product Reviews

  1. Incredible information

    Posted by Mark Bystrom

    Incredible information. It's hard to single out one presentation over another, but Dan's "Art of the Aircheck Critique" and the sessions from Larry Rosin and Gerry Tabio have had the most immediate benefit. The other presentations have a very high level of practical content too.

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