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Product Description

This Product Is a 2-Hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.


This is for every writer, producer and salesperson in your company.

Radio advertising guru Dan O’Day presents a fast-paced overview of what really is required of a "successful," effective radio commercial.

Hint: It's not "creativity".

This audio seminar is guaranteed to open your eyes, as O’Day challenges you to rethink your definition of a "good commercial." 

You will learn...

  • The biggest mistake every business makes in its marketing

  • The Big Dirty Secret of large advertising agencies

  • The one huge Advertising Truth you must explain to your client. (If you don't, you can expect eventually to hear from them, "Radio doesn't work!") 

  • An "A/B test" comparing two radio recruitment spots for the same advertiser, on the same radio station: One produced 960% greater response than the other!

  • A simple principle that enables you instantly to analyze & fix an underperforming radio ad 

  • What your commercial must do before it offers to solve a consumer problem

  • The Car Dealer's Secret. (Knowing this will earn you far more than the cost of this seminar.)

  • How to sell without "facts & figures"

  • What a radio commercial can do that a TV spot cannot. (Have you taught this to all your clients?)

  • Selling via Print vs. selling via Radio

  • A legendary ad expert's secret to selling with 100% effectiveness
  • The one key thing you must do before you write a single word 
  • The Unique Selling Proposition — and how to determine it for every client. ("USP" is not "a clever slogan.") 
  • The three indispensable elements of your Core Message 
  • The difference between "branding" and "throwing your money away" 
  • Call to Action (CTA) 
  • How to anticipate (and overcome) objections within the spot 
  • Primacy & Recency — how to each them strategically
  • The sole purpose of the opening line of your commercial. (Once you've learned this, your entire writing style will change.) 
  • Use of phone numbers 
  • Use of street addresses 
  • Use of Web addresses
  • The Fallacy of the Shotgun Effect 
  • The one thing you never should say when promoting a website

Dan O’Day is the world’s highest paid freelance radio commercial copywriter. Internationally known as radio’s commercial copywriting guru, O’Day has taught radio stations, ad agencies and business owners in 37 countries how to create radio advertising that works — that is a profit, not an expense, for the advertiser. O’Day also is the creator of the Radio Advertising Bureau’s Certified Professional Commercial Copywriter course — the industry’s gold standard for radio copywriting.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately. 

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