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“Any radio program director who doesn’t take advantage of this incredibly revealing, exclusive research deserves the lower ratings that are sure to come to his or her radio station.”
— Dan O’Day

News Flash for Radio Programmers!

Men and women are different!

Especially when it comes to how and why they listen to radio.

But the program directors who think, “Oh, just play something that’s good to dance to” or “Just play sappy romantic songs” and women will flock to their stations are...

Well, how can we say this diplomatically?

Those PDs are really, really ignorant.

Larry Rosin, President of Edison Media Research, has conducted in-depth, exclusive research to uncover the mysterious behind the different ways women and men “consume” radio.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a recitation of dry, academic “facts.

Rosin gives you specific guidelines to follow to strengthen your station’s appeal to the gender you most want to attract.

For Example...

  • Why do some formats differ so drastically from others in the male/female listenership? (Some are 70%/30% male/female; others are are 70%/30% female/male. Why?)
  • Men and women look for different qualities in a morning show. What are the differences? Why? How can you use these preferences to your own ratings advantage?
  • Did you know that men and women differ in terms of the ways they hear music? In the ways they process music? In the ways they relate to music? How should you adjust your programming to take advantage of these differences?
  • Biological gender imperatives — and they how they affect radio listening
  • How men and women use language differently. (If you program a Talk station — or simply a station that wants to generate more female calls — you must understand how to harness these differences.)
  • Using language for Status vs. language for Connection
  • Gender differences in world orientation. (Women and men really do view the world differently. You need to understand exactly why and how.)
  • The extremely important “women’s” issue that men aren’t even aware of. (This lack of awareness has caused some huge marketing disasters — including a TV commercial for a New Zealand radio station that became the single worst-testing TV commercial in the market’s history!)
  • How “world orientation” affects female music testing acceptance rates
  • The real reason couples fight over the volume on the car radio (and why understanding this will help you program your music better)
  • The key component in vocal music that appeals strongly to women. (Personal note from Dan O’Day: This is one of the most valuable, eye-opening, immediately verifiable facts I’ve ever learned about music programming. I can honestly tell you this one piece of information is worth the entire price of this e-book.)
  • What most radio personalities completely overlook when playing music for a female audience. (If you have a music station in a format whose audience is at least 50% female, understanding this will have a huge impact on your ratings.)
  • A brilliant tactic used by a famous CHR station to strengthen its appeal to female listeners. (You can start using this technique on your own station immediately.)
  • How & why music “burn” varies between the sexes. (Knowing how to apply this knowledge means you can increase your male or female listening without fail.)
  • Why traditional “positioning” approaches fail with female listeners
  • Specific examples of stations that successfully marketed to female audiences
  • “Gender neutral” formats — why they appeal equally to both sexes, how to push them further in one direction or the other
  • Male preferences in talk radio vs. female preferences
  • Why stations that feature “No Repeat Work Days” are vulnerable to poaching of their female listeners by competing stations

If You’re a Radio Program Director or Radio Marketing Director, You Don’t Need This Book if...

... you don’t mind having another station in your market walk right in and deliver a body blow to your ratings.

On the other hand, you’re too professional to rely on faulty guesswork or tired old (and false) “conventional wisdom,” grab your copy of PROGRAMMING & MARKETING TO MEN AND TO WOMEN now.

After reading it, you simply won’t be able wait to begin fine-tuning, revamping and revitalizing your station’s male/female targeting.

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Larry Rosin is President of Edison Media Research, which offers research and strategic information to radio and TV stations, newspapers, and cable networks around the world.

Edison Media Research also provides political research and conducts exit polls for virtually all the major news organizations in the U.S.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this 70-page e-book immediately.  

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