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This Product Is a 2-hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

Personal recommendation from Dan O’Day:

I’ve said it before:

Randy Michaels quite possibly is the smartest guy in radio.

His successes as a program director are legendary.

He’s absolutely brilliant at the essential fundamentals of programming a winning radio station.

If you’re serious about radio programming, just click on the “Add to Cart” button now.

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What if You Could...?

Imagine what it would be like to have Randy Michaels as your personal mentor.

What if you could get Randy to sit with you for 2 hours and give you a crash course in the essentials of programming a successful music station?

Remember those TV infomercials where the announcer demands, “NOW what would you pay??”

If when I was a PD I’d had the chance to have Randy spend 2 full hours teaching me about radio programming, I gladly would have paid $1,000 for the privilege.

The Bad News: I don’t believe Randy is hiring himself out for one-on-one consultations.

The Good News: You still can learn Randy’s secrets — for a lot less than a thousand bucks.

For two hours, Michaels — probably the single most brilliant mind in radio — will teach you his programming philosophies and techniques.

If you’re a program director, how could you not be dying to hear this?

And if you work at a music station, you must soak up Randy’s revolutionary approaches to music rotation.

In This Radio Programming Seminar, You Will Learn...

  • The most important aspect of your radio station. (No, you can’t guess this one.)
  • The first thing Randy does when visiting a new market
  • Why the PD has the toughest job and is the least appreciated person in the building
  • Programming vs. Painting by Numbers
  • The most important job of the PD    
  • The second most important job of the PD
  • Why getting the largest audience isn't enough. (If that's all you want, Randy will tell you exactly which format to switch to.)
  • The single most important thing a PD can do for the air talent
  • The single most important thing a PD can do for the radio station
  • The importance of doing your homework (and what that is)
  • How a mediocre plan can defeat a perfect plan
  • Music Rotations: Most PDs execute them badly. (But Randy will teach you how to avoid their mistakes.)
  • Music stations: What 50% of what you play should be
  • The mistake of adapting art without first understanding it
  • The one thing a world-class program director should never do in relation to record companies. (You won’t guess this one, either.)
  • The exact times that you should play music that is compatible with your #1 cume- sharing competitor
  • Applying O.E.S. to music scheduling    
  • How to steal more quarter-hours from the station you share the most cume with
  • Misuse of voice tracking
  • The folly of advertising your aspirations
  • Why & how to make all news local
  • The value & importance of having an Advocate with Authority

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately.  

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