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THE RADIO PROGRAMMING M.A.P. (Mastery Action Plan) Michael McVay mp3 + workbook


Product Description

This Product Is a 2.5-hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing
PLUS a 60-Page PDF workbook!

A special message from Dan O’Day:

World-renowned programming consultant Mike McVay not only shares his radio success philosophies with you; he actually gives you his own Programming M.A.P. (Mastery Action Plan) — the culmination of a career devoted to helping radio stations around the world win in the ratings.

You will learn:

  • The first responsibility of the PD
  • The easiest way to suddenly look like a programming genius
  • What all Music stations must play
  • The 7 Elements of Radio News
  • Three keys of great promotions
  • The Value of Secrecy
  • Why you should be making mistakes
  • The one thing your GM does not like
  • The Five Things You Must Know Every Day
  • Operating on the edge of the rules (and why that's a good thing)
  • Key words to use to motivate your staff
  • How to reprimand employees effectively
  • Key technical questions you should be able to answer
  • What you need to learn about your station's sound
  • The Value of Networking value of secrecy
  • The one key responsibility the PD should delegate to the Music Director
  • The list you should create for your air staff
  • Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Management
  • Two things necessary to build ratings
  • The key to winning the ratings game
  • Creating your own competitive “ground game” game
  • Why it's important to identify positive ratings wobbles
  • Repeat Appointment Listening
  • Song-of-The-Day Contests: How large of a window to give the audience
  • Two key words that must define your music
  • Mapping your music vs. your competitor's (Incredibly powerful!)
  • Specials: Why, How & Where You Do Them
  • The value of “Currents”
  • Selecting Your Currents
  • Crossover Music: How & when to add it
  • First question to ask when considering adding a new song
  • Radical technique for familiarizing your audience with a new artist
  • Event Songs
  • Novelty Songs
  • When you should immediately jump on a new record
  • Focusing on your station's Music Essence
  • Why a Music station does News
  • What constitutes News for your audience
  • When to schedule your News
  • How to determine your News content
  • How to determine the order in which to present your News stories
  • How to structure your individual News stories
  • The question your newsperson should be able to answer before writing the story
  • Discretionary Time Information
  • Local and national information
  • What Radio People Don't Know About Their Listeners' Lives (which leads to major programming errors)
  • Imaging for News/Talk
  • Researching your station's true position
  • The two things a good promo can do (but almost never at the same time)
  • Radio's most powerful weapon
  • What you should steal from television
  • Taking from other stations in other markets
  • What you have to do before people will listen
  • The mistake of overloading the listener with facts
  • How to make sure your message is heard
  • Radical approach to making your promos stand out
  • Adding voices & textures to your promos
  • The key question to ask before writing a promo
  • How to protect yourself against bad radio habits
  • How to make sure your promos connect to your listeners
  • What you should do instead of selling people your station
  • Why & when to pull something off the air
  • How to apply a “recurrent” approach to your promos
  • The key to any great branding campaign
  • Managing “creative types”
  • Technical details for sending mp3 files for on-air use
  • Most important element of a News/Talk station
  • The primary reason you have personalities
  • The importance of promoting your personalities
  • Your Programming Rule Book: Why you should have one, what it should be
  • Being a boss vs. being a coach
  • What you must avoid when defining an air talent's boundaries
  • Managing A Morning Show
  • The one thing the PD must do with the morning show
  • One surprising thing that your morning show wants from the PD
  • Mistakes to avoid with your morning show
  • The secret to making voice tracking work for your station
  • The wrong way to use voice tracking
  • A show prep system that works: E.I.A.A.A.
  • Why you can't ignore an elephant (Explain this to your GM!)
  • Hiring people
  • Directing people
  • Firing people (and how to minimize the likelihood you'll need to do so)
  • What you should assume about people when you hire them
  • How to apply the “3 Strikes Rule” to disciplining staff members
  • The Three Elements of Radio Promotion
  • What to teach your jocks to do to get the most of their on-air contest winners
  • What you must do before creating any promotion
  • The most important question for any PD to be able to answer
  • What we must learn from TV to survive
  • The real “new technology” danger to Radio

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar + PDF workbook immediately. 

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mp3 audio download + PDF workbook

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