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This Product Is a 1-hour, 45-Minute mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

For radio station program directors only.


      • Increase Your Ratings
      • Defend Your Turf
      • Add Revenue
      • Inspire Your Team
      • Whup the Competition! 

A Personal Message from Dan O’Day...

Look, I don’t want you to make a mistake. 

You should download this audio seminar only if you meet the following two criteria:

  • You are a radio station program director.
  • You’re already at least somewhat familiar with my work and my approach to creating unique, winning radio. 

Why Must You Be A Program Director To Profit from this Audio Seminar?

Because this isn’t a seminar comprised radio theories.

It’s not a collection of thoughts, advice, and wisdom.

It’s not the kind of audio recording you can listen to in your leisure time and, when you’ve finished, you’ll immediately be better at your job.

It’s a detailed presentation of 101 things for you to do to improve your radio station.

Just listening to this audio seminar without doing anything won’t help you.

If you’re not responsible for your station’s programming staff, then you won’t have the authority to implement most of the 101 powerful strategies outlined in this audio seminar.

I really mean it: Please do not download this audio seminar if you’re not a program director (or equivalent title).

Why Must You Be Familiar With Some of My Other Work?

Because if you’ve never heard of me, I have no credibility with you.

If I have no credibility with you, you’ll be tempted to dismiss some of the 101 strategies as “too wild” or “too tame” or “too weird” or “too obvious” or....

I want you to have this audio seminar only if you already have reason to believe that when I talk about radio programming, I know what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to agree with everything I’ve ever said.

You don’t have to think I’m a genius.

But you do need to know enough about me to have decided, “O’Day’s a pro, and he knows his stuff. I won’t blindly do whatever he says, but I trust him enough at least to consider each of these 101 strategies.”

I designed 101 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR RADIO STATION INVINCIBLE in a manner calculated to make it as easy as possible for a program director to begin using these strategies immediately.

Remember, these are not “theories.” 

They are highly actionable, highly effective strategies which a smart, ambitious program director can use to make his or her radio station virtually invulnerable to outside attack. 

If you implement just one new strategy per week — and I do recommend that you go slowly, so you can savor the instant benefits each strategy will deliver — then 101 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR RADIO STATION INVINCIBLE will be your detailed Success Blueprint for the next two years!

Any Format. Any Market.

You can use these 101 strategies at your radio station regardless of your format.

And they apply to non-commercial as well as commercial stations.

But I don’t recommend 101 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR RADIO STATION INVINCIBLE to student radio stations.

And it won’t be much help to an Internet-only station.

These strategies are designed for “brick & mortar” broadcast stations.

A Few of My Favorites of the 101 Strategies

  • How your local newspaper will (unwittingly) provide you with valuable Audience Interest Research (Strategy #1)

  • Where to find dozens of original programming ideas not already being done in your format...in a single day... without leaving home! (Strategy #3)
  • Incredible motivator for your Production Director (Strategy #10)

  • Historical Log Analysis (Strategy #17)
  • How to exploit the history of your market’s “Heritage Station” — whether that station is you or your competitor! (Strategy #20)
  • The Celebrity Hit List (Strategy #37)
  • Music Stations: How to get superstar artists to volunteer to be your disc jockeys! (Strategy #41)
  • How to turn your bookkeeper into a member of your promotion department (Strategy #31)

Look, This Is A “No-Brainer.”

If you don’t program a radio station, 101 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR RADIO STATION INVINCIBLE can’t help you. So if you’re not a PD, please do not download this audio seminar.

If you do program a professional broadcast radio station and you’re always looking for that “extra edge” to help put your competition in the deep recesses of your rear-view mirror....

At this price, you’d be crazy not to order 101 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR RADIO STATION INVINCIBLE immediately. 


Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you'll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately!

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Product Reviews

  1. lots of notes!

    Posted by Bob Taylor, Stereo 974 (Australia)

    I got lots of notes and uses out of this recording!

  2. I began using ideas from the recording IMMEDIATELY!

    Posted by Scott Michaels, WIMI

    I loved this recording! I sat with my laptop open and as you were speaking, I typed up ideas we could implement. I began using ideas from the recording IMMEDIATELY!