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A personal message from Dan O'Day...

I conduct seminars and workshops for radio salespeople around the world.

Wherever I go, the most common plea I hear from account execs is, "How do I get prospects to return my voice mail messages?"

It took me a while to recognize how serious a problem this is for most salespeople.

That's because, frankly, I don't usually find it very difficult to get return calls from the voice mail messages I leave. Not even from complete strangers, famous authors, top-level executives, etc.

Finally — and I'm embarrassed it took me this long to figure it out — I realized I have an advantage many people don't:

My specialty is one-to-one communication, delivered via a microphone.

For example, Radio Advertising. I'm supposed to be an "expert" in that field.

Typically, what is a radio commercial? It's a recorded message intended to elicit a specific action from the person who hears it.

And what is a voice mail message? It's a recorded message intended to elicit a specific action from the person who hears it.

But instead of buying a product, the specific action you want the recipient of your voice mail message to take is to call you back.

I analyzed how I leave voice mail messages and how "sales superstars" leave voice mail messages. Then I compared those techniques to the methods used by most radio account executives.

Frankly, I was appalled.

So I devoted a year to researching, field-testing, and writing this book:


Not only will these techniques and strategies immediately increase your percentage of returned calls from prospects; I'll demonstrate these techniques in action by critiquing real messages and then "rewriting" them for you.

This is the only book in the world that puts its money where its mouth is by applying its teachings to real voice mail messages left by real account executives.

The Cold, Hard Truth

The average business executive sorts his mail over the wastebasket. As soon as he mentally identifies something as "junk mail," he drops it into that wastebasket. And the majority of his mail goes directly into the trash without ever being opened.

The average business executive listens to her voice mail messages with her finger poised over the "delete" button.

And as soon as she decides this phone call is not one that she needs to return or one that she will benefit from returning, she hits "delete"...

...and never looks back.

How To Get Your Voice Mail Messages Returned (Broadcast Sales Edition) will teach you how to get far more of your messages returned, instead of deleted.

You Have Not Previously Learned Most of These Principles, Techniques and Strategies.

Hey, if you're a sales professional then I hope you've discovered a few of these already.

But my approach to getting voice mail messages returned is radically different from anything you've seen, heard or read elsewhere.

I know you haven't been exposed to the concept of "Cold Lines" — because I created it.

You haven't encountered the Five Secret Weapons you can begin using immediately.

No one has taught you my Stealth Tactics.

And the four "Hail Mary" Tactics I'll teach you are worth far more than the entire price of this book!

Speaking of price....

This is the smartest investment you'll ever make. Because once my book has helped you get just one returned call that you previously couldn't get, it will have paid for itself hundreds of times over!

Sheep Are Nice Animals.
But They Shouldn't Read This Book.

If you enjoy leaving haphazard, ineffectual, deleted-before-they're-halfway-finished voice mail messages, don't bother reading this book.

If you think "professional" means "doing things exactly the way everyone else does them"....Well, as they used to say on The Sopranos, "Fugettaboutit!"

To me, a "professional" voice mail message is one that generates a response from the recipient. Period.

Here's Some of What You'll Learn About Leaving Effective Voice Mail Messages.

  • The Three Underlying Precepts of successful voice mail (Page 7)

  • Your Seven Primary Tools

  • How people prioritize their callbacks (and how you can take optimum advantage of the human psychology that motivates them)

  • Lots of specific examples to illustrate every point I teach

  • 19 Voice Mail Principles

  • The two questions you must be able to answer before you leave a voice mail message (Page 18)

  • How to make the prospect eager to return your call while ignoring all the rest

  • Your rate of speech — no one has told you this before!
    (Page 20)

  • The Totem Pole Principle

  • What most salespeople say that signals to the prospect, "I'm not a key player at my company." (And how you easily can avoid it.) (Page 22)

  • The three key words that immediately distance you from your prospect. (Most people who leave voice mail messages make this mistake.) (Page 24)

  • How to avoid "paralyzing your prospect with choice." (Many salespeople commit this error, and it greatly reduces their callback percentages.)

  • Your single most potent tool

  • The BIG Secret Weapon of Successful Voice Mail: Only the most successful sales pro's even know this exists. Once you start using it, you'll double or even triple your callback rate virtually overnight! (Page 26)

  • Verbatim transcripts of 20 different voice mail messages left by salespeople — followed by detailed critiques and by my suggested rewrites of those messages!
  • I won't just teach you a proven, real-world system for getting your voice mail messages returned; I'll actually demonstrate how to apply this system to real voice mail messages so you can see for yourself how easy it is to increase your response rate!
  • You’ll get roughly 40 pages of detailed voice mail critiques. It's like being right there as the executive decides which messages to delete and which (few) to respond to.
  • The verbatim transcripts (followed by critiques and "rewrites") are from all sorts of salespeople — newspaper ad sales, outdoor advertising, Yellow Pages...and, yes, real-life voice mail messages left by radio station account executives!

  • How to use referrals effectively

  • What your "Call To Action" should be — and how it should be delivered

  • How to leave successful voice mail messages that don't even include your phone number!

  • The one step to take before you call a prospect to invite them to attend an event

  • The very best way to leave a difficult-to-spell name (Page 59)

  • Commonly used phrases that absolutely destroy voice mail response rates

  • How to use your station's air personalities to increase your callback percentage. (No, this doesn't require using their voices or having them record special messages.)

  • Five Secret Weapons you can start using immediately — that your competitors don't even know about!

  • How to be 100% prepared for the callback

  • Cold Lines: You won't learn this anywhere else, because it's a concept that I originated. How to get complete strangers — 100% "cold calls" — to call you back!

  • Fifteen different Cold Lines that you can begin using immediately! (That's after I teach you what a Cold Line is, how to develop one, and how to use it.)

  • Referral Cold Lines — Examples that you can adapt, word-for-word, for cold calls which utilize a "referral" of some sort.

  • Pre-Existing Relationships — The types of voice mail messages you leave when cold-calling should be different than those you leave for someone with whom you've already done business...or at least have spoken to before.

  • The single most important factor in getting a voice mail message returned from a pre-existing relationship (Page 86)

  • Stealth Tactics — Your voice mail messages can appear on your prospects' radar right alongside all of your competitors' messages. Or you can employ these six different, unconventional approaches to making a strong impression... and getting your calls returned.

  • The Hail Mary Principle (Page 102)

  • Hail Mary Tactics — Before "giving up" on a prospect, try one of these four dramatic, bold voice mail tactics.

    - The first is so original it almost forces the prospect to return your call. (Page 103)

    - The second will make a (positive) indelible impression that sets you apart from everyone else who's ever called your prospect. (Page 106)

    - The third is absolutely brilliant — and also can be used with tremendous success for prospects who do take your calls but who won't agree to meet with you. (Page 110)

    - And the fourth? Frankly, this one is a bit too bold for some salespeople. If you have enough "moxie" to try it, you'll definitely get more callbacks!
    (Page 112)

You've Been Taught “Closing Techniques,” Right?

How To Get Your Voice Mail Messages Returned (Broadcast Sales Edition) is the only book that teaches radio sales professionals how to open more sales!

Immediate delivery!
When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this 115-page e-book immediately. 

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Product Reviews

  1. innovative ideas...real-world stuff

    Posted by Jim "Taz" Taszarek (Sales Management Consultant), Scottsdale, AZ

    Dan O'Day has a new book called How To Get Your Voice Mail Messages Returned. It costs $47. It's worth every penny. He's compiled a substantial (and I do mean substantial) amount of real-world case studies, scenarios and logical suggestions. I loved the chapter about "Voice Mail Has Become the Gatekeeper." It's true and Dan offers some innovative ideas for dealing with this new phenom.

    It's not the same Sales Training BS of filling out forms or counting calls from some guy who once read a book; this is real-world stuff. It's also GREAT sales meeting fodder. I recommend a copy for every sales department in America. It comes as a .pdf file. You download it and print it immediately. I put the 119 pages into a 3-hole binder — and can't get enough of it. Do yourself a favor. Grab this book.

  2. helpful and timely

    Posted by Mark Standriff, KKFS Sacramento, CA

    Thanks for another helpful and timely publication! I'm saving valuable time and learning to make the most of every telephone connection!

  3. I found myself trying the techniques the next day they worked wonderfully.

    Posted by Ken Marks (General Sales Manager) WLOQ/Orlando, FL

    I purchased the book at Taz's recommendation and thought it to be very valuable information. I think every salesperson should read it.

    It was a quick read (which I appreciate), and it got straight to the point with both logical and creative, instantly applied advice. I found myself trying the techniques the next day they worked wonderfully.

    Personally, I'm guilty of "selling" in my voice mails and forgetting that my only goal is to get a callback. Since then I quit doing that and I'm noticeably getting more callbacks. Great stuff!

  4. Already...more of my calls are being returned

    Posted by Blair Patton, Patton Productions Inc. Moncton, B.C. (Canada)

    As CEO of a new company, I hold many positions — the biggest and most important is that of Sales. Being a new company with no track record and zero training with in cold calling, getting people to return my calls was difficult to say the least. I found this book to be sensational!

    Your examples were such an eye opener because thinking back to calls that I've made -- well, as you said, I would rather have burnt down the building rather than have them hear the message.

    I've already used many of the suggestions and phrasing in phone calls this week. I'm much more confident in my approach, and more of my calls are being returned. Your suggestions not only were things I could immediately relate to and immediately put into practice; they just made so much sense. I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THIS BOOK and have already recommended it to others."

  5. Our regional manager is interested in obtaining copies for all the salespeople in our 14-city region!

    Posted by Bill West (Market Manager) Cumulus Broadcasting/Huntsville, AL

    I really liked this book. It was something I was wanting to teach and talk about for a long time. HOW TO GET YOUR VOICE MAIL MESSAGES RETURNED gave me the collection of material I needed to do that. Our regional manager is interested in obtaining copies for all the salespeople in our 14-city region!

  6. SUMMARY: Sensational!

    Posted by Paul O'Connor (General Manager) HOT FM and SEA FM (Australia)

    There are two non-traditional books that have helped me. One is WRITE LANGUAGE by Alan Pease, which has helped secure additional revenue by improving my proposal writing skills.

    The second non-traditional book is your HOW TO GET YOUR VOICE MAIL MESSAGES RETURNED. It's the first of its type that I've read — and it covers an area that affects EVERY business today.

    SUMMARY: Sensational!

  7. So often we know what we want, but we don't have a plan...

    Posted by Patrick Moulton (Account Executive), KLSX

    I used to think each call should be "free-styled." Your book really drove home the importance of preparing yourself before having a conversation, whether it be on the phone doing sales calls, or even dealing with your co-workers or family. It made me realize that so often we know what we want, but we don't have a plan, and when it doesn't work out, we wonder why....

    Now I use your system with Cold Calls, and even with Warm Sales Calls, so that I know exactly what I want to say, which words will be used to set the proper tone, and my call goal.

  8. This book is GREAT.

    Posted by Charlie Dent (National Sales Manager), Northeast Broadcasting

    This book is GREAT. Like everything else from Dan O'Day, the book is not only informative but an entertaining read as well. Voice mail is the bane of every salesperson's existence, and you've done much to make it less so!

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