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STREETWISE RADIO SELLING by Pam Lontos (audio training course)

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This Product Consists of 7 mp3 Audio Files and 7 PDF Transcripts, which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

STREETWISE RADIO SELLING is NOT available as a “physical” product.

6-Hour Audio Seminar + 180-Page PDF Transcript

by Pam Lontos 

Pam Lontos is a natural born salesperson... and an excellent, empathetic teacher of other sales people.

She began her radio sales career as a station account exec in Dallas, Texas. Because she didn’t know “the rules” of being a run-of-the-mill sales rep, she kept returning to the station with sale after sale.

Soon she was promoted to Local Sales Manager, where she was responsible for doubling the station’s billing in her first month.

A year later, she and her staff had increased sales by 500%.

She was promoted to Vice President of Sales for the entire radio group. Then she launched her own sales training company, wrote a couple of best-selling books....

And virtually all of her success comes from her brand of “streetwise selling.”

The description below gives you a thorough view of the contents of this radio sales training course.

This course does not contain:

Theoretical fluff that simply doesn’t work in the real world

Flash-in-the-pan tactics that sound good in the safety of a sales seminar but die a quick and painful death “on the street”

Ideas for sales promotions or “non traditional revenue”

Strategies for selling against (or with) the Internet

If you’re looking for the latest silly gimmick, do not download this course.

If you’re looking for a magic button you can push and — voila! — sales magically appear, do not download this course.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for solid, smart, fearless radio sales techniques, strategies and tactics from one of radio’s most successful and respected experts, then this is the radio sales training you’ve been looking for.

Module One 

Audio: 30 Minutes; PDF Transcript: 17 Pages

Introduction by Brian Tracy 


•         The folly of getting upset when a prospect says "no"

•         You can't lose a sale you never had

•         Why Sales Technique and Motivation trump “product knowledge”

 Right Brain Selling & Hypnotic Selling 

•         The shortcut to sales success

•         The power of Verbal Suggestion

•         Why you must close several times during your presentation

•         Using Positive Manipulation to overcome false objections

•         How to motivate with emotions

•         The most common reason prospects give false objections

•         The simple formula for overcoming “Your Price Is Too High”

•         Why selling from the Right Brain is more effective

•         Why selling from the Right Brain is more enjoyable

Module Two

Audio: 30 Minutes; PDF Transcript: 16 Pages 

Reaching The Decision Maker

 •         17 Tactics To Get To The Decision Maker 

How To Get The Appointment On The Phone

•         Understanding the true purpose of your call

•         How to make prospects want to see you

•         Verbatim scripts for overcoming appointment objections, including

         - “My budget is spent.”

         - “I can’t afford to risk changing my current advertising”

         - “Just explain it to me now”

         - “I’m too busy now. Try me next month.”

         - “Just mail or email me the information.”

         - “I do all my advertising in the newspaper.”

•         Verbatim role-playing examples

•         10 Rules For You To Follow When Calling for Appointments 

The Power of The Sales Circle

•         Why the traditional sales method (Rapport – Questions – Presentation
          – Buying Signal – Close) no longer is
good enough

•         The Power of The Sales Circle

•         How The Sales Circle creates a conversation with the prospect, not a

•         How The Sales Circle takes the stress out of handling objections

•         How The Sales Circle lets you know exactly when to close the sale

Module Three

Audio: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes; PDF Transcript: 37 Pages


•         8 ways to establish instant emotional rapport

•         11 rules for using Hypnotic Words

•         20 Hypnotic Techniques to affect the prospect’s behaviors

•         11 keys to influencing via your Body Language

•         8 Hypnotic Techniques that help build trust

Module Four

Audio: 55 Minutes; PDF Transcript: 36 Pages


•         The three primary objectives your questions can accomplish

•          25 Questions to help you identify your client’s Hot Button

•          27 Questions that will eliminate objections in advance

•          Verbatim role-playing examples 

Module Five

Audio: 55 Minutes; PDF Transcript: 54 Pages


•         Why you never should be afraid of objections

•         How to eliminate all objections before beginning your sales

•         The #1 “secret reason” behind most objections

•         Why a prospect’s objection to your price is a good sign


•         Ten different strategies for answering objections

•         “My budget has been spent.”

•         “I buy only newspaper.”

•         “I tried radio, and it didn’t work.”

•         “Your ratings are too low.”

•         “Your rates are too high.”

•         “I use another radio station.”

•         “I’ll think about it.”

•         “I need to talk to my partner.”

•         “I had a terrible experience with another of your station’s account

•         “Your competition is offering me a 50% discount.”

•         “I won’t buy without a discount.”

•         “Radio doesn’t work.”

•         “I don’t like your station’s programming.”

•         Verbatim role-playing examples

•         Six vital tips for handling objections

Module Six

Audio: 60 Minutes; PDF Transcript: 31 Pages


•        Why simply “overcoming objections” isn’t enough

•         How to increase your prospect’s “want”

•         The Beach Ball Exercise

•         Fact – Advantage – Benefit

•         The key ingredient to the Benefit

•         Verbatim role-playing examples


•         13 specific strategies for getting newspaper advertisers to move their
           ad budgets to radio

•         Why most radio salespeople call on the wrong prospects

•         Why most radio salespeople focus on the wrong budget

•         How to sell a Media Mix

•         How to protect yourself from unfair comparisons with newspapers

•         The sure-fire 10-minute presentation

•         How radio advertising works differently than print advertising

•         How to mix radio and newspaper without increasing the client’s budget

Module Seven

Audio: 60 Minutes; PDF Transcript: 36 Pages


Did you know that studies show more than 70% of salespeople don’t ask for the order?

If you don’t ask for the order, you don’t make the sale.

If you don’t make the sale, you won’t be able to help the prospect. And you won’t make money.

That’s why this invaluable module includes:

•         The three key personal ingredients to closing the sale

•         Why “tension” is your friend

•         25 different closing methods

•         Verbatim role-playing examples of all 25 closes


Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable radio sales training course immediately. 


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