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This Product Is a 6-Hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.
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In this information-packed 6-hour audio seminar, Dan O'Day gives you a blueprint for dominating your competition with 23 proven, powerful radio morning show strategies!

In this seminar, O'Day doesn't present "theories." Instead, he'll teach you sophisticated, real-world techniques that you really can use to achieve ratings dominance in your market...and illustrates those techniques with dozens of eye-opening audio examples.

  • Strategy #1: The first thing you must do when creating or "fixing" a morning radio program. If you don't do this, forget it.
  • Strategy #2: How to (honorably) get credit for your competitor's successes
  • Strategy #3: Most morning shows get this wrong, and it shows in their ratings. Dan shows you how Howard Stern has used it very effectively.
  • Strategy #4: Specific, actionable, indispensable guidelines for on-air teamwork
  • Strategy #5: How and why your team must "reverse the social contract"
  • Strategy #6: The principle that separates run-of-the-mill, everyday "jocks" from morning superstars. Very few people know this principle...which is why there are so few "superstar" shows. The audio played to illustrate this principle is worth the cost of this entire package! (And if you ever use material from the Internet, you must hear this segment.)
  • Strategy #7: Not knowing this principle probably is the downfall of more failed radio breakfast shows than anything else.
  • Strategy #8: A "secret weapon" that you can begin using today to set you apart from everyone else in your market!
  • Strategy #9: If you're content to float from job to job, market to market, you don't need to know this. If you'd prefer to settle down and own mornings in your market, you must do this!
  • Strategy #10: The secret key to winning over your audience - an incredibly powerful tool that you've never heard anywhere else. O'Day will explain it and then show you how to begin using it immediately. Dan will share one famous radio star's secrets for exploiting this principle.
  • Strategy #11: Most consultants and program directors do not understand this principle at all...and their ratings suffer as a result. By way of illustration, you'll learn a vital research principle that most radio people simply don't comprehend ...demonstrated by a Las Vegas hotel that didn't understand this either and as a direct result lost $2 billion!
  • Strategy #12: After Dan has explained in detail how to apply this on your own show, you'll never again go back to your old way of doing things (unless, of course, you enjoy having much less Time Spent Listening than you deserve).
  • Strategy #13: An over-riding principle that should dictate everything you do on-air and off-air. Most morning hosts never even think of this. Bad for them, but good for you after you've mastered this!
  • Strategy #14: If you want to increase your Time Spent Listening substantially, this strategy will be invaluable to you. Illustrated with an eye-opening audio example.
  • Strategy #15: This single strategy will triple the effectiveness of your on-air calls! O'Day also shares with you a dozen great examples of how you can begin implementing this strategy immediately!
  • Strategy #16: The secret shortcut to your listeners' attention and loyalty. Master this strategy, and you'll become virtually invincible to current or future competition!
  • Strategy #17: Strategic Contesting - Most on-air contests are completely ineffective. Your morning show's contests will forever be the exception...once you've learned this strategy.
  • Strategy #18: Morning Show Guerilla Tactics (on-air & off) — Unique, easy to accomplish, extremely powerful! (You can use learn & use these techniques.... Or you can wait for your competition to use them against you!)
  • Strategy #19: Another morning radio superstar's most closely kept secrets...until now. (Multi-million-dollar-a-year comedians understand this strategy, but few radio people do.) You should be (but probably aren't) doing this.
  • Strategy #20: Smart Horizontal Promotion - Almost all morning shows get this completely wrong...and they pay for this mistake with lower ratings. This is a strategy that you can start using immediately, and you'll produce a larger cume beginning the very next day!
  • Strategy #21: A few cutting-edge television programmers have made huge fortunes with this strategy, but few radio people are even aware it exists. This will enable you to make a much greater audience impact without creating any more material than you already produce!
  • Strategy #22: The One Great Secret To Winning The Ratings Game - A masterful strategy that is unrelenting in its ratings effectiveness. O'Day explains and illustrates the strategy with real-life examples of dominant performers you'll instantly recognize...but who you never realized built their successes on this one strategy!
  • Strategy #23: A bold strategy that will produce huge dividends for any morning show that follows it!

Bottom Line: You can hire Dan O'Day for several thousand dollars to coach your morning show. Or you can spend nearly six hours with him- as often as you like - for a tiny fraction of his "live" consulting fee!



  Dan O'Day is radio's premier morning show architect, having coached
  winning morning shows in 37 different countries.


Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately. 

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  1. Fantastic

    Posted by Bob Cain

    Everything was just as advertised! Fantastic. I have listened to the material several times already and have taken a "few" pages of notes.

  2. Should be required for every on-air host

    Posted by Unknown

    I take a road trip every 4-6 weeks just so I can listen to MORNING SHOW RATINGS EXPLOSION. It helped me go from an unrated market to a top 10.

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