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Jingle Collectors...

Jingle Aficionados...

Jingle Fans...

Jingle Experts...

Jingle Lovers...

The Authoritative Guide to the History, Development and Creation of Radio Jingles
by Ken R.

There is an exclusive, worldwide clique of people who love, cherish, relish, and really appreciate Radio Jingles.

Are you a member of that highly refined group of people who understand that a wonderful jingle truly is a miniature work of art?

That it lives and breathes and inspires long after the radio program or station it was created for has disappeared from the airwaves?

Have You Ever Participated in a Heated Discussion Concerning...

- The PAMS style vs. the Johnny Mann Singers approach?

- Who had the better vocal group: TM or Gwinsound?

- Who had the best brass scores: CRC or Futursonic?

Then You’re One of Us. You’re a Jingle Lover...

...and The Jingle Book was written for you.

“More music more often!”

“The all-Americans!”


“All hits all the time!”

These phrases were as much a part of Top 40 radio in the 1960s and early ’70s as The Beatles, surf music, and psychedelic posters.

More than just “slogans,” they were the musical embodiment of the excitement of contemporary music radio.

These little 10-second wonders were created by a handful of innovative, ingenious producers in Dallas, Memphis, Los Angeles and New York.

•    PAMS
•    Futursonic
•    Spot Productions
•    Heller
•    JAM Creative Productions
•    TM
•    Pepper Tanner
•    CRC
•    Johnny Mann
•    Anita Kerr...

...and others who created the indelible musical magic that blasted out of transistor radios and car radio speakers around the world.

Written by Legendary Jingle Producer Ken R.

In this indispensable compendium for jingle lovers & collectors worldwide, legendary jingle producer Ken R. interviews dozens of the creators of musical radio I.D.s  — including:
•     Johnny Mann
•     Anita Kerr
•     Tom Merriman
•     Trella Hart
•     Jim Clancy
•     Gleni Rutherford
•     Wilson Northcross
•     Welton Jetton
•     Brian Beck
•     Carol Piper
•     Dick Cole
•     Tommy Loy
•     Bruce Collier
•     Whitey Thomas
....and many other luminaries whose stories appear for the first time in their own words.

•     The inside story of how Dallas became the center of the jingle universe.

•     Behind-the-glass studio stories of how jingles were made, the personalities of the people involved, and a treasure trove of true stories and very candid comments that have remained secret...until now.

•     Ken R. puts you right in the scene with eight pages of historic photographs.

Here’s a Partial Listing of What You’ll Find in The Jingle Book.

-     Forward by Jon Wolfert
-     Classic Jingles and the People Who Made Them
-     Why Did Jingles Sound Like That?
-     Jam: Transition to Digital
-     Bombs over Dallas
-     What’s a Pepper?
-     Putting Pepper Together (Wilson Northcross and Welton Jetton)
-     Tanner Credits
-     The Dragonfly Has Landed
-     Johnny Mann on those KHJ Jingles
-     Jingle Pioneer Bill Meeks
-     Little Indian Girl with the Big Voice: Gleni Tai
-     Tom Merriman
-     The Man Behind the Sound: Tommy Loy
-     Fire That Guy…uh Wait a Minute: Brian Beck
-     And Now for Something Completely Different: Dick Hamilton
-     Lady with a Song in her Heart: Anita Kerr
-     Bob and Carol Piper: A Love Affair
-     Daddy Sang Bass: Jim Clancy
-     Supporting Players (Dick Cole, Garry Wells, Bruce Collier)
-     David Graupner on the Future of Radio and Jingles
-     Whitey Thomas: Just Passing Through…for 35 Years
-     Trella Hart, the Lady with Swiszle
-     PAMS Oddities
-     Adventures in the Jingle Biz
-     A Short Story about a Customized Jingle
-     Saving Private Collections
-     Reviving Jingles-A-Go-Go
-     Ingram Thingram
-     Melody Ranch
-     Clients: Can’t Live With Them; Can’t Stab Them
-     Singers and Sessions
-     Making Money in the Jingle Biz (Or Not)
-     Keeping the Memory Alive
-     Jingles: The Final Twist
-     Producer’s Guide to the Popular PAMS Numbered Series: The Early Years
-     Producer’s Guide to the Popular PAMS Numbered Series: The Middle Years
-     Producer’s Guide to the Popular PAMS Numbered Series: The Last Years
-     Getting Tingles in the Studio
-     Painful Lessons

THE JINGLE BOOK is the Story of Top 40 Radio Jingles.

If you’re “one of us” — one of that fraternity of Jingle Lovers (and we’re in all corners of the globe) — this book was written especially for you.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable book immediately. 

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  1. the world of jingles and the people who made them!

    Posted by Colum Ryan

    Fantastic! What a great insight into the world of jingles and the people who made them!

  2. As much as I know about jingles and jingle companies, there was a lot that I learned from the book.

    Posted by Sam Ward

    Very seldom have I come across a book like this, in which I simply did not want to stop reading it. I started the book at 9 o'clock last night. The next thing I knew, it was 3 o'clock in the morning. The Jingle Book is an absolute joy to read. As much as I know about jingles and jingle companies, there was a lot that I learned from the book. I had never clued in to quite so many songs that the PAMS melodies were actually lifted from. Thanks for writing this book. It is a great piece of work and a piece of history, just like the jingles themselves are.

Previous | Showing reviews 11-12 of 12

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