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If I Handed You A Blueprint of 76 Specific Action Steps
To Improve Your Radio Station’s Website, Would You Be
Willing To Take Action Starting Today — So You Could
Begin Seeing The Results Tomorrow?

A message from Dan O'Day...

This will not make me very popular among some of my fellow radio professionals. I don’t know how to put this “diplomatically,” so I’ll just come right out and say it:

Most radio station websites are...not very good.

Many — I’ve got be honest — are awful.

By “awful”, I don’t mean they’re “not pretty” or “not fancy enough.”

By “awful”, I mean they’re a waste of the company’s money.

(Remember the part about my not being very diplomatic?)

Of course, I’m not saying yours is awful. After all, I haven’t seen it. But I do feel quite confident in predicting it’s not as good as it could — and should — be.

It’s Not Your Fault.

You’re a station manager or program director, not some Internet whiz kid. As a manager, you can calculate EBDIT while opening your mail. As a PD, you can break out the latest ratings trends while still half asleep.

But the Internet? You haven’t had the time (or desire) to learn how to create a profitable, ratings-enhancing website.

So you’ve assigned that task to someone else.

On The Other Hand, It Is Your Fault, Partly.

If you’re the manager or PD, your station’s website is your responsibility.

And that “someone else” who is handling your website needs your help.

Fortunately, that help is here with...


100% Non-Technical

 Although I’ve had a successful online business since 1997, I am not a Web techie. I can’t write a lick of HTML. (Heck, I can barely spell HTML.)

That’s why 76 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR RADIO STATION WEBSITE is written in everyday English. No tech talk, I promise.

A few of the secrets, tips, and techniques do require your webmaster to do something technical. But in those cases, I explain it to you in simple English and tell you exactly what to say to your webmaster to achieve the desired effect.

You Should Download This Book If...

You manage or program a radio station.

If you’re the station manager, read 76 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR RADIO STATION WEBSITE and then have your PD read it.

If you’re the PD, read 76 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR RADIO STATION WEBSITE and then either give it to your manager to read or — if you truly want to “fast track” your site’s dramatic improvement — prepare a 15-minute presentation for your manager, making recommendations based upon what you’ve learned.

Then both of you should sit down with your webmaster and explain:

  • What you expect from your website 
  • How you plan to improve your website immediately
  • How you plan to start (i.e., with which of the 76 secrets, tips, and techniques.)

At first, your webmaster will be shocked that you’re taking such an active, informed interest.

And then your webmaster will be thrilled: At last, you’ll have given him some smart, easy-to-implement guidelines to help make your site an extremely valuable part of your operation.

Don’t Download This Book If...

Don’t download this book if you’re looking for lots of technical jargon. A successful station website is a marketing tool. That’s how I’ll discuss your site in this book.

Don’t download this book if you’re looking for a treasury of online sales ideas. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of book. But I didn’t write this for your sales manager. I wrote it for the station manager and the program director. (And also for your webmaster — after the manager and PD have read it.)

Don’t download this book if you’re looking for a rehash of tired ideas you’ve seen elsewhere. 76 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR RADIO STATION WEBSITE combines the latest, state-of-the-art research on Web usage with my own expertise in communicating to radio’s “customers (i.e., listeners and advertisers).

In fact, that leads to another warning:

Don’t download this book if you’re not already familiar with my expertise in radio programming and/or radio advertising. If I haven’t already proven myself to you in some other book, seminar or consulting environment, why would you put your faith in my 76 recommendations for your station website?

A Sampling of The 76 Ways

  • How to use other companies’ Internet Research & Development budgets (legally!) to make your website better...for free (1)
  • The strategy that is guaranteed to drive lots of traffic to your site  (4)
  • A simple yet ingenious trouble-shooting system that none of your competitors has thought of  (5)
  • The three things you must know about each of your Web visitors  (6)
  • If your site uses this, you’re in trouble. (And you probably need a new Web designer.) (7)
  • The hallmark of a typically terrible radio website: Why you must avoid doing this (13) 
  • Your site has exactly 10 seconds in which to accomplish this. Any longer than that, and your visitors leave.  (14) 
  • What should be on every page of your site (but probably isn’t)  (17)
  • A well-intentioned design choice that frustrates your visitors. (You’ll need to explain this to your Web designer.)  (18)
  • A stupid design choice made by station websites around the world — that instantly brands them as “amateurish” in the eyes of their visitors  (20)
  • What should be on your home page — but probably isn’t  (22)
  • How to guarantee that your visitors will be unsatisfied with your site. (Unfortunately, you see this at many station websites.)  (27)
  • Your Weekly Web Meeting — who should be there, what should be discussed  (29)
  • The very first question to ask when designing (or redesigning) your site  (30)
  • A little-known approach that will make your site a smash hit with your audience  (32)
  • A common mistake that frustrates users, discourages repeat visits, and cripples you with search engines  (33)
  • Rules for “air staff photos”  (40) 
  • A simple trick to make sure everyone who looks for your website actually finds it  (44)
  • A mistake you’re probably making in your on-air website promos — and how to correct it immediately  (45)
  • How to get the most out of your user logs  (48)
  • How to learn exactly what your visitors want to find on your site  (49) 
  • What you must acquire immediately to protect your station against “the unexpected”  (50)
  • How to keep your Web designer or hosting service from stealing your online real estate  (51)
  • How to dramatically increase the number of people who sign up for your “opt-in” list  (55)
  • Why you should avoid committing the incredibly destructive mistake that many station websites make when using audio  (67)
  • How to advertise your website on-the-air  (74) 
  • The single most important thing you must teach your webmaster  (76) 

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable book immediately. 

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