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WEBSITES FOR VOICE ACTORS (mp3 audio seminar)


Product Description

This Product Is A 2.5-hour mp3 Audio Seminar + PDF Study Guide,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.


100% Non-Technical

Why Your Website Isn’t “Working” for You and How and Why You Need to Fix It Immediately 


If You’re a Voice Actor, Which of These Describes Your Website?

  • You created it yourself, but in your gut you know it’s not doing the job for 

  •  It was built it for you by a friend or relative who’s a “techie” but probably  doesn’t know anything about marketing. So your website sits there,  doing little if anything for you.

  •  A “professional,” very “artistic” Web designer created a fancy site that 
    looks great. It’s good for your ego, but for some reason you’re not 
    getting much traffic...and little if any new
    business from your website. 

The Voiceover Field Is Too Competitive for You to Be Handicapped by a Website That Isn’t Helping You Attract More Auditions and Assignments.

Unless you plan to scramble for every VO dollar that’s spent on the cheapest voice available, you need a website that’s a vital part of your marketing plan.

I’m Going to Teach You “Just” Two Things.

EXACTLY what your site needs to attract “organic” search engine rankings — (meaning you don’t pay for it )


EXACTLY what to do to convert more of your Web visitors into paying clients. 

100% Non-Technical

If you’re intimidated by the technology, relax. This will be 100% non-technical.

A voice over website SHOULD be all about marketing, not about the bells & whistles your Web person loves to throw in.

Bad News: Your “Web Guy” Will Hate Me.

Don’t be surprised if after this audio seminar your Web designer hates me. 

I mean, SOMEONE is creating all of those incredibly terrible, wasteful websites for voice actors.

They just don’t know better. But after you learn what I teach in this audio seminar, YOU will.

In This Audio Seminar, I Personally Will Teach You:

  • How to identify your real online competition
  • Why you need to think a lot more about your voiceover site’s usability
  • The only three things you need to know about visitors to your voice over website
  • One extremely important test of any voiceover website
  • The Web User’s Mantra
  • The Reversed Type Trap
  • The key Usability Factors for any voice over site
  • The two speeds of the Internet. (Most voiceover websites are on the wrong speed.)
  • The worst thing a voice over site can do
  • Why your voiceover website almost certainly should not have a splash page.
  • The one question to ask of every page of your site
  • Exactly how long 30% of your visitors will wait for a page to load before giving up and leaving
  • How to increase the satisfaction of your site’s visitors by managing their expectations
  • How scrolling marquees harm your website
  • Why and how you must maximize the user’s Ease Of Navigation
  • The folly of Mystery Meat Navigation
  • The two things every page of your site should have (but probably doesn’t)
  • Why your Web designer should not allow your online text to expand to fill the screen
  • Why blinks & animations annoy users...But how you still can use them effectively
  • How to write for online reading
  • The three questions your visitors have when they land on your Home Page
  • Where and how to offer your contact information. (Most voice artist websites get this wrong, and it hurts them.)
  • The first question to ask when designing (or redesigning) your voice over site
  • Determining and then delivering your MDA
  • Why your site should not use Frames
  • How to test your site
  • How most voiceover websites misuse flash animation
  • How to protect your site
  • Linking strategies. (Most voiceover sites get this all wrong.)
  • Case Study: How one voice actor increased the number of people who listened to his demos by 40% — with less than one minute’s work, without spending an extra penny, and without increasing the number of visitors to his website
  • What you should not say in your bio. (Many voiceover artists get this completely wrong.)
  • Helpful and harmful ways to use video on your website
  • Five ways your “artistic” Web designer is driving away potential clients

Your Own Detailed Study Guide

I’ll be sharing a lot of detailed information with you. The PDF Study Guide will help you organize, understand, and remember that information. 

Running Time: 2.5 Hours, plus PDF Study Guide.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately.

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Product Reviews

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  1. SO much good info

    Posted by Stew Herrera

    Another great seminar, Dan. Wrote furiously the whole time and looking forward to listening to the recording again, because there was just SO much good info, I couldn’t keep up!

  2. Great content

    Posted by Buzz Park

    Great content. Almost ALL of the guidance you provided is universal for most business types. The marketing focus of website design is very much a part of my elevator pitch. We are marketers who use technology and creative design to accomplish direct response goals, NOT designers or technology people who sell their products for marketing purposes.

  3. Worth every penny!

    Posted by Gray Gleason

    Some of what you said, I knew intuitively, like to make the focus of the site "solution based" rather than "me based" — and for its original purpose, I have always thought it did the job.

    Now, armed with your "words of web wisdom," I’m ready to branch out into a more effective site — one that might actually BRING business to me — and now I have found that I made nearly (not all) every mistake you cautioned against.

    I have a LOT of work to do to whip my lovely site into shape, but I want to thank you VERY MUCH for your seminar and all it taught me. Worth every penny!

  4. useful for anyone putting a website together, not just VO actors

    Posted by Debbie Grattan

    Very valuable information, presented it in a way that allowed me to easily understand what you were saying, instead of being intimidated (and eventually put off) by technical jargon. I really appreciated that. I took away many things right off the top, and I’m sure in reviewing the material and listening back to the recording, I will find other gems to take to the bank.

    It was useful for anyone putting a website together, not just VO actors, so I’m sure my husband will also benefit from the information presented. Timing for me was very topical, and many of the points you addressed were cause for me to contemplate some changes (some drastic) to my new design. Many thanks for your very informational seminar.

  5. I now have much to consider and act on

    Posted by Susan Haight

    Loved the seminar! It was truly informative. I now have much to consider and act on and, most importantly, you made me laugh out loud. Really. You were funny.

  6. absolutely the greatest

    Posted by Kim Chase

    This was absolutely the greatest! I appreciate people like you who shoot straight. You really helped to set me on course before I made serious mistakes. Thanks Dan.

  7. The best part is knowing none of it is that difficult to accomplish.

    Posted by Norman Ellis-Flint

    I’ve been struggling with all those "little things" that didn’t quite feel right but that I had no where to go with. You brought them into focus. Additionally, you touched on some major considerations that had never been part of the dialogue with my designer. The best part is knowing none of it is that difficult to accomplish.

  8. Time (and money) well spent

    Posted by Rowell Gormon

    Thank you again, Dan. Lots of people know how to criticize…even manage to show some cleverness and wih while doing so. When I hear or read your criticism of something, I know it won’t be just some self-aggrandizing rant. I’ll hear why something is good or not good, and more importantly…if it’s not good, what to do instead.

    While this seminar was not my first on web design the O’Day way, it was still helpful in shoring up things I already knew, things I’d done since the last session, with still enough new things to make me look again at elements I’m not sure are working the way they should.

    Time (and money) well spent, as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Great seminar!

    Posted by Melissa Exelberth

    Great seminar!

  10. a ton of great ideas and suggestions

    Posted by Toni Mason

    Well worth the time and money — THANKS DAN! I’ve been talking about re-doing my site for 6 months….now I am glad that I procrastinated. You had a ton of great ideas and suggestions that I will use on the re-creation of my site. Keep the great info coming!

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