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10 Audio Seminars; 12 hours of World-Class Information!
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Personal recommendation from Dan O’Day:

Radio station promotion directors and marketing directors routinely are expected to accomplish the impossible.

Without enough time, money, or staff.

And while pleasing the Sales Department, the Programming Department...and, of course, the clients or sponsors.

What tools and training are Promotion Directors given to produce these weekly (sometimes daily) miracles?

Uh...“Sorry, we don't have a training budget for you. You can figure everything out for yourself. Just don’t make any mistakes.“

There is only one place in the world where you can get the professional-level education, information and inspiration that every promotion director needs:

Doug Harris' Radio Promotion Directors Academy

Whenever I have a question about radio promotions, Doug Harris is the guy I call.

With a creative legacy that spans 30 years in marketing and a stable of broadcast clients around the world, Doug has earned a reputation as the world’s premiere broadcast marketing consultant.

He’s worked his magic for radio stations around the world by creating powerful, promotions-driven dratings & revenue plans for delighted station owners while keeping their listeners entertained and their advertisers deliriously happy.

During his 11-year tenure at Houston’s KLOL-FM, Harris demonstrated his startling flair for producing local events with seemingly global impact.

From a box of autographed photos and albums, Doug created the KLOL Rock-n-Roll Auction, which enjoyed a 10-year run and raised over $500,000 for Houston area charities.

The Rock-n-Roll Softball Championship of the World, the KLOL Street Machine Nationals, and the Houston Music Awards — all produced by Harris — became revenue producing benchmarks on the station’s promotional calendar.

Doug has created spectacular promotion successes for a wide variety of formats, including Rock, News/Talk, Oldies, CHR, New Age Jazz, AOR, and Classic Rock.

His professional accolades include Billboard magazine’s Promotion Director of the Year, numerous ADDY’s, and three Promax Gold Medallion Awards for Marketing Excellence. 

In short, Doug Harris (along with a couple of his special guests) is the guy you want to train your radio station’s promotions director.

Module #1
Doug Harris
63 Minutes

Doug Harris's client radio stations around the world pay him big bucks to teach these to their employees, but in Module #1 you’ll discover the raw power of Doug's systems, strategies and techniques for discovering innovative solutions to problems encountered by broadcast marketing professionals.

You'll learn how to apply Doug's methods both with small groups (e.g., in your workplace) and as a solo drill (when the entire group consists of just you).

Doug doesn't settle for presenting you with a laboratory-style examination of the science of creativity. To make absolutely certain you'll start making money & ratings with your own creativity, Doug illustrates it all with two detailed, real-world promotional scenarios.

"Really great information I can use in my weekly promo meeting (and additional brainstorming sessions)."

"A perspective I've never heard. Extremely practical and applicable. I can't wait to have my first Creative Meeting!"

"It's comforting to have my daily battles addressed with creative solutions. Very powerful presentation — a breath of fresh air."

Module #2

Doug Harris
50 Minutes

Does your radio station have a well-planned promotional calendar? Or do you often find yourself playing catch-up with the calendar, feverishly trying to throw together a promotion at the last-minute?

Doug Harris will teach you how to merge creative passion with planning.

A comprehensive overview of planning and budgeting tactics designed to integrate Sales, Programming, and Promotions needs for the entire year, plus an introduction to a simple yet powerfully effective fact sheet monitoring system.

•   How to merge the interests of Programming, Promotions and Sales with your community and marketplace

•   How to prepare an annual promotions calendar

•   Budgeting maneuvers to put your Accounting Department at ease

•   How to prepare months in advance for "unforeseen opportunities"

•   A working file system to keep the Sales Department away from your front door

•   How to keep everyone in the station well-informed

•   A Checks & Balances system among Sales, Promotions and Programming

•   Doug's proprietary Fact Sheet Monitoring System

•   How to implement long-range planning sessions

•   Self-Inoculation against the Sales Promotion Plague

"Great ideas! Tons of information showing how things should work. Exactly what I needed to hear."

"Great information and resource material! Brilliant — very practical!"

"The written guideline system that includes penalties is a great idea, and I'm going to implement it ASAP! This was just perfect. The ideas presented have already jump started my thinking for improvement!"

Module #3
Jim Taszarek
67 Minutes

If you're a radio Marketing or Promotions Director, balancing the needs of both Sales and Programming can be a full-time job.

But you should not be spending your valuable time trying to placate those two different departments.

Jim Taszarek has built a distinguished career by developing proven methods of getting them to work together productively, profitably, and with much less friction than you probably think is possible.

 •   How to "train" your radio station's Account Executives (or Development Directors) so both of you can get off the time-wasting, hair-pulling treadmill and onto the fast track of promotions, ratings and sales success

•   5 ways Promotion Directors can make themselves indispensable to the entire organization

•   Test your own problem-solving skills with four different problem scenarios. (You'll be amazed how quickly your skills will improve as a direct result of this session.)

"Great session. Direct and enlightening. Taz has given me what I need to get what I am worth. I don't hate the sales staff any more!"

"Very valuable session. Great insight into how to position ourselves inside the station. I'll use this info to close the gap between Sales and Programming!"

"Fantastic insights and some great suggestions on how to deal with real-life situations."

Module #4
Doug Harris
70 Minutes

In this idea-filled session devoted to generating retail traffic, Doug Harris explains exactly what it takes to drive people into stores.

And he'll give you special instruction on how to deal with radio's most demanding "problem" clients: car dealers and nightclubs!

•   How to turn your remote broadcasts and on-site events into spectacular attractions

•   How to craft a promotional announcement so powerfully that it sucks every available listener out of their homes and offices and into the store, showroom or club

•   20 proven nightclub ideas you can start using now

•   25 car dealer ideas for any size budget

"These ideas ROCK! And any of us should be able to adapt them to any other situations."

"I can't wait to use some of these great ideas! Thank You!! 

"I loved the VIPee Pass!"

Module #5
Doug Harris
94 Minutes

Even when your ratings are high, the quest for revenue takes center stage with most radio stations.

Keeping up with the demand for client-driven, "value added" promotions can be a daunting task.

In this session, Doug Harris shares his secrets for creating sales-oriented promotions that satisfy the client and the listener, while maintaining the programming integrity of the station.

•   The four types of retail promotions 

•   The four steps to designing a sales promotion

•   The four questions your Account Executive must ask before you can begin

•   Why great ratings aren't enough

•   The three advantages your sales promotions should have over non-sponsored promotions

•   Your best defense against bad sales promotions

•   How to make money from the "Halo Effect"

•   10 things you can sell instead of a sales promotion

•   How to control the entire process (rather than allowing the Sales Department to control it)

•   Marketing to the Influencer, not to the Purchaser

•   How to make a big impact by giving away small amounts of money

•   Your Sales Promotion Worksheet Format

•   How to take charge and set the rules for all your sales promotions

•   How to place a dollar value on all aspects of your sales promotions

•   21 programming-friendly sales promotions

"Really simplified what can become a complicated and confusing exercise. An incredible list of resources!"

"Great tips on how to handle the beasts of sales promotions. I’ve been using Doug's 'Four Questions' for a while, and they definitely work! Now I love doing sales promos!"

"Great ideas! Great questions for us to ask that will only make life easier and promotions better!"

Module #6
Doug Harris
90 Minutes

The ability to conceive, develop, produce, and make money from station events is crucial for today's Promotion Director.

From listener appreciation concerts to seniors expos and baby fairs, event marketing has become a way of life. But what kinds of events are right for your station and your audience? 

In this fast-paced session, Doug Harris, the producer of the world famous KLOL Rock-n-Roll Auction, The Rock-n-Roll Softball Championship of the World, The Street Machine Nationals and the Houston Music Awards, shares his insights on making station events bigger than life while generating market noise and revenue. 

He showcases some of the most successful and profitable station events from all kinds of markets, sharing his own inside tips for making money and managing production expenses. 

And as he gives specific event examples, you'll learn how to maximize your special station events' impact and revenue.

"I've now got some great ideas for pending events. This opened my eyes to the opportunities available to events without cluttering the station."

"Great, great information. Good opportunities for additional NTR we are not taking advantage of now."

"Great advice for organizing and managing big events! Excellent ideas - Thank you!"

Module #7
Doug Harris
82 Minutes

Question: How do you turn a simple promotional request from a Program Director or an Account Executive into an attention-getting, revenue-generating opportunity that could put you on the front page of your favorite radio trade publication and catapult you to "promotional guru" status throughout the industry?

Answer: By following Doug Harris's blueprint for promotion success and by accepting his personal challenge to do something every station in your market will envy. 

Doug will walk you through the process of generating a big, relevant, moneymaking and/or ratings grabbing promotion specifically designed for your market and your station, gift-wrapped and ready to unleash on your listeners, sponsors and competitors.

Doug will take you, step-by-step, through his own proprietary system for creating, developing and executing an unforgettable promotion.

Doug's Promise: At the end of this module, you will be armed with a fully developed promotional thriller to wow your colleagues, bosses, sponsors and marketplace. 

Even More Important: You can repeat this process on your own for the rest of your career, as you look forward to an unlimited succession of "How did they ever manage THAT????" promotions.

"Amazing creative process! I can't believe the entire exercise took only 10 minutes! A great charge to make time for creativity!"

"Very helpful in giving us specific steps to follow and items to think about when putting a promotion together. Outstanding insights!"

"A great tool for brainstorming and developing promotions." 

Module #8
Dan O’Day
98 Minutes

You probably don't produce the commercials, promos or trailers for the promotions you create. There's a good chance you don't even write the spots.

But if your station's on-air advertising doesn't succeed in motivating people to participate, it doesn't matter how brilliant your promotion is.

Are you willing to see all your hard work disappear into the vast hole of Ineffective Advertising messages?

Dan O’Day is internationally known as Radio's Commercial Copywriting Guru. He'll teach you why most advertising fails ...and the steps you must take to insure that your promotional spots succeed.

We guarantee: Even before you finish listening to this session, you'll be fighting the urge to jump up and completely revise the on-air promos that your station is running right now!

"Some great info I've never been exposed to! Great fundamental and essential principles!"

"Writing promos will be much easier! I'll pass the info to our Production Director. I am in sales as well as promotions and it was very helpful and a good refresher on writing good copy." 

"Good examples and 'eye opener' spots and scripts! Thanks for the message — very clear!"

Module #9
Doug Harris
63 Minutes

Terrorist attacks. Wartime coverage on TV. Political sex scandals. Has the public seen and heard EVERYTHING?

The average consumer is exposed to 3,000 advertising messages per day. How does a contemporary marketer capture the interest of today's consumers and keep their attention long enough to involve them in your message?

Doug Harris explores the dynamics of getting attention in today's overcrowded marketplace while delivering a compelling marketing message.

Learn how to apply the SAFO-SHRIMPS method of inspiring the public from the guy who rented the Astrodome for a charity softball game…and who once claimed Halley's Comet as the sovereign territory of the state of Texas!

"Finally, I've heard an explanation of branding that makes sense!"

"Great ideas for top of mind positioning and branding."

"Excellent! Excellent! I love it! God bless Promotions Directors Academy and you for teaching us."

Module #10
Doug Harris
44 Minutes

An often overlooked component of your radio station marketing is generating local, regional and industry coverage for your events and accomplishments.

In this module, Doug Harris will teach you techniques (illustrated with real-world examples) for getting your promotions covered by local TV, industry magazines and even by national newswires.

"PR issues and suggestions were great. I wish I had these early on in my career!"

"PR and Publicity always seem to be forgotten in the craziness. Good stuff to know and excellent tips for media relationships!" 

"This is great info for those with no background in publicity and media relations! This will help us a lot! Thank you!"

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download all 12 hours of this audio seminar immediately. 

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