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ON-AIR RADIO PHONE CALLS: Legal vs. Illegal (e-book)

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Radio Station Owners and Managers —
A Special Message from Dan O’Day

Do You Leave Your Offices Unlocked At Night?

If you own or manage a U.S. radio station:

Do you leave your radio station unlocked at night and on weekends?

Of course not.

That would be irresponsible of you.

You’d be inviting disaster.

But if your station ever broadcasts telephone calls and you haven’t learned exactly what rules and regulations you’re expected to follow....

If you haven’t made sure everyone at your station understands those rules and regulations....

If you haven’t posted those rules and regulations for everyone at your station (including your part-time staff members) to consult when needed....

You’re inviting disaster.

A Real-Life Example

Detroit. Several years ago.

I conducted a two-day “open attendance” radio programming seminar.

Instead of being brought in as a “hired gun” to speak for an individual radio group or association, I produced this event myself....So anyone could attend.

It was a wonderful two days, attracting programmers and personalities from throughout the Midwest.

A couple of jocks from a Detroit radio station wanted to attend, but their Program Director wouldn’t let them.

“Forget it! There’s nothing that guy can teach you that I don’t already know!” he said.

One of the topics I touched upon just briefly was the legalities of airing phone calls on American radio stations.

Fast-Forward Twelve Months.

About a year later, a trade publication reported that this same Detroit radio station had been fined $4,000 by the Federal Communications Commission — for violating F.C.C regulations regarding the broadcasting of telephone calls.

If that PD had allowed his jocks to attend my seminar, they would have learned not to do exactly what their station did that resulted in a $4,000 fine.

You can avoid the F.C.C fining your radio station, with...


20,080% Return On Investment

$4,000 is 20,080% greater than the cost of this book.

This book costs almost nothing.

But it can save your station thousands of dollars.

Blunt Talk About The F.C.C.

In some areas, the F.C.C.’s rules are almost impossible to understand.

In some areas, their rules are vague. Inscrutable, even.

But not when it comes to airing telephone calls.

The F.C.C.’s rules regarding the broadcast of telephone conversations are very clear.

If your radio station violates those rules, you deserve to pay the thousands of dollars in fines that will be levied against you.

You Have Five Choices.

1.  Research this topic yourself. Locate the pertinent F.C.C. regulations. Make notes. Make sure you understand the research and then distribute the key points to your staff — in concise, easy-to-understand language. 

If you drop everything else and focus only on this task, you probably can complete it in a few days.

If you compare the value of your time with the ridiculously low price of this book, you probably can think of many more profitable things you could be doing with that time.

2.  Have a staff member do the research and write up the report for everyone else at your station.

Even if you pay just minimum wage to a part-time employee, it will cost you far more than I’m charging for this book.

3.  Ask your attorney to prepare an in-depth “advisory report” on how to broadcast telephone calls without violating either state wiretapping/ eavesdropping laws* or F.C.C. regulations.

Good attorneys are worth the large fees they charge. If you have a good attorney, you might choose this option.

*ON-AIR PHONE CALLS: Legal vs Illegal also discusses the applicability of state laws regarding the recording of telephone conversations.


4.  Download all the information you need right now for about what you’d pay for a very good hamburger (plus fries and a soft drink).

5.  Don’t do anything. Just take your chances and hope that everyone at your station already knows all the rules regarding on-air phone calls.

If you’re a radio station owner and you lose this gamble, you’ll have the pleasure of contributing several thousand dollars to the U.S. government.

If you’re a Station Manager, Market Manager, or Program Director, you’ll experience the joy of explaining to the Owner why your failure to protect their investment has resulted in your flushing several thousand of their bucks down the toilet.

Only for U.S. Radio Stations

ON-AIR PHONE CALLS: Legal vs Illegal is only for U.S. radio stations. If your radio station is not regulated by the F.C.C., this book won’t be of any value to you.

If your radio station is regulated by the F.C.C., you must have ON-AIR PHONE CALLS: Legal vs Illegal on hand for easy reference by you and your staff.

Quick Overview of Contents

  • How State Laws affect your radio station’s broadcast of phone calls

  • The first way your phone calls can get you in trouble with the F.C.C. (Most radio people are aware that the F.C.C. has rules regarding this aspect. But most people aren’t sure exactly what those rules are.) 

  • The second way your phone calls can get you in trouble with F.C.C. (The F.C.C. has done a terrible job of educating radio stations about this. As a result, almost no radio station knows this rule even exists. But they do get fined for violating it!)

    This, by the way, is the regulation that nailed that Detroit station to the tune of $4,000.


  • My specific recommendations for keeping your station safe & legal.


  • How Do Others “Get Away With It”? — Many radio programs appear to violate the very regulations I explain in ON-AIR PHONE CALLS: Legal vs Illegal. I explain how they do it.

    It is not necessary that you know how they “get away with it,” but so many people ask me that I decided to “pull back the curtain” and reveal these secrets.

Don’t Order This Book If...

Don’t order this book if you’re looking for a dense, legalistic textbook.

I didn’t write it to help you kill time.

I wrote it to save you time...and, especially, to save you money.

The entire e-book numbers just 22 pages.

No fluff, no filler. Just the information you need, at your fingertips whenever you need it.

But if you judge a book by the number of its pages rather than by the value of its information, do not order ON-AIR PHONE CALLS: Legal vs Illegal.

You ARE Too smart to Leave Your Radio Station Unprotected.


Remember, when a radio station violates these on-air phone call regulations, The F.C.C. doesn't accept "but we didn't know" as a valid excuse.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this 22-page PDF e-book immediately. 

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