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In this extraordinary, groundbreaking, four-hour audio seminar — recorded in-studio, for maximum clarity — Dan O'Day takes you deep into the minds of consumers and demonstrates simple yet powerful methods of communicating your sales message on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

(The title is no joke; O'Day's post-graduate studies were in hypnosis, and he was the first "radio person" ever certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner!)

Here's just a brief sampling of what you'll learn....

  • Associations vs. Facts
  • Synaptic Invasion Techniques
  • Hebbian Connections
  • Widening the Base of Neurological Contact
  • Hypnotic Techniques
  • The Roger Bannister Effect
  • Altered Perceptions = Altered Reactions
  • The Closure Principle
  • What "Recovered Memory Phenomenon" means to your advertising
  • Eidetic vs. Constructed Images
  • Involvement Techniques
  • Secret Power of Sound Effects
  • Deletion
  • Kinesthetic Involvement
  • Auditory Reinforcement
  • Visual Coding
  • Empathetic Identification
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Anticipatory Surprise
  • Emotional Memory Markers
  • Micromuscular Rehearsal Effects
  • Polarity Response
  • Audio Image Generators
  • Learning via Metaphors
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Mind-Reading
  • Presupposition
  • Conversational Postulates
  • Age Regression
  • Deletion
  • Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Language
  • Preferred Sense Modalities
  • Verbal Clues: Visual
  • Verbal Clues: Auditory
  • Verbal Clues: Kinesthetic
  • How to Identify Your Client's Preferred Sense Modality...Before You Ever Meet!

As usual, Dan O'Day illustrates the principles he teaches with powerful audio examples — more than 100 actual commercials to make sure you understand the principles and hear how easily (and powerfully) you can apply them to your work.

And as always, O'Day focuses only on advertising techniques that deliver measurable results for advertisers.

You won't be learning hypothetical "theories;" you'll learn real-world, actionable techniques you can begin using immediately to double and triple the effectiveness of your advertising.

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Product Reviews

  1. fascinating...great stuff

    Posted by John Melley

    I wanted to let you know I received the CD’s the other day and started listening. I found HYPNOTIC ADVERTISING fascinating. I can list the words on your list just having listened to your story in the car.

    It’s a lot to take in. I’d really like to incorporate some of those ideas in my copywriting. I guess I’ve done some of it on my own without really knowing I was doing it, but now that I have a name for it, I can work on incorporating the techniques more intentionally.

    I’ll be listening to this more than a few times.

    Just wanted to tell you I think it’s great stuff.

  2. Loved every second of it

    Posted by Robi Joseph

    The Hypnotic Advertising package I ordered arrived in the mail. I tore it open like a ravenous hyena and had a nice looong listening session. My ears are still frothing. Loved every second of it!

  3. I was "entranced" by Hypnotic Advertising

    Posted by Neal Angell

    just got done listening to Hypnotic Advertising, and right away I want to go back to the beginning and listen again. If your job involves radio sales and/or copywriting and/or production, I don't see how Hypnotic Advertising could not make you better at what you do. I found this audio seminar to be inspiring and certainly a wise investment. Thanks, Dan!

  4. Excellent!

    Posted by Thomas Nakashima

    Thanks Dan. A great opportunity to connect the dots. Loaded with real-world examples of how we think, feel and act.

  5. If everyone knew this...

    Posted by Tim Burt

    If everyone knew this, my job as a Copywriter/Production Director/Marketer would be far more difficult.

    Thanks to Dan, I have another "secret weapon" in my arsenal.

    This is an outstanding program.

  6. taken principles and made them real

    Posted by Jim Speakman

    I just received my copy of Hypnotic Advertising. I've only listened to half of it so far...and it's great! I like how you have taken the principles of Pacing and Leading (among others) and made them real by including real commercial examples!

  7. One of the best things I have ever heard on NLP and advertising

    Posted by Harlan D. Kilstein Ed.D.

    Your Hypnotic Advertising was one of the best things I have ever heard on NLP and advertising. Outstanding!

  8. great tool

    Posted by Mark Seignious

    I started listening to Hypnotic Advertising yesterday and was amazed! This is a great tool for creating better associations thru storytelling!

  9. can't wait to put what I have learned to work

    Posted by Brent Farris

    I just got back from riding to Milwaukee for Harley Davidson's 100th Anniversary. What made the 2,431 miles from San Francisco one of the most meaningful rides of my life is that I played your Hypnotic Advertising CDs.

    As the miles went by I found myself driving faster and faster. The more I learned, the faster I went. As I changed to the second CD of the set, a friend who I was riding next to motioned for me to slow down. I was doing 89 miles per hour and was so focused on the information I had no idea that I had broken the speed limit laws in three states.

    Now that I am back at my radio station, I can't wait to get into production and put what I have learned to work. Thanks for kick-starting my brain!

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