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This Product Is a 2.5-Hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

(Dan O'Day)

Running Time: 2 hours, 41 minutes

A personal message from Dan O'Day: 

This is the best seminar I've ever created.

I've presented it only twice: once at PD Grad School, once at the International Radio Creative & Production Summit.

I didn't know how radio people would react. Maybe it will seem like a "soft" topic to them, I thought.

But I knew that very few radio people ever think of their careers as something that's within their control....

And I wanted to change that.

The Reviews Were Extraordinary.

If you're thinking, "Oh, it's probably a rehash of 'self-help' tips everyone already knows," please take a look at the sampling of verbatm of reviews from our live attendees.

As a Result, One Guy Decided to Make a Major Change.

Shortly after I first presented this seminar, I received a letter (yes, a real, handwritten letter on a piece of paper, in an envelope with a stamp) from one attendee:

"After recognizing my boss as one of your 5 personality styles, I realized I had to quit my job. I gave up my daily radio job to focus full-time on my voice over career."

His career as a voice actor has been spectacularly successful. You'd probably recognize his name.

Obviously, my goal isn't to get you to quit your job.

My goal is to make you aware of the everyday patterns that determine the quality of your life — both personally and professionally.

If You've Heard Some of My Other Seminars and Thought They Were Valuable,
Please Download This Seminar Now.

This is the culmination of everything I've learned about being "in the business of YOU."

If any of my work has helped you in the past, Creating Your Radio Career Success Patterns won't disappoint you. It's the best thing I've ever done, and I know it will help you with your career.

World Premiere!
This seminar is unlike anything you've heard, seen or read elsewhere.

Dan O'Day analyzes the patterns you already encounter in your own business and personal lives; you've just never noticed they're there.

And he illustrates these patterns with real case histories from his own career — failures as well as successes.

Once he's helped you identify those patterns, he'll also help you devise your own customized game plan for harnessing them for maximum effectiveness for your station and for yourself.

You will learn:

  • The five Personality Patterns you deal with all the time (Note: You have not been exposed to this model before!)
  • How to cope with and get the most from each of them
  • Code words to help you identify the deadly "Type B" personality
  • The one thing honest people will never tell you
  • The two-word key to success
  • Self-Attribution Bias
  • How to Create "Inspiration" (rather than waiting for it)
  • The power of The Big Thank You
  • The Ten Sacred Rules of Success
  • Two powerful techniques for getting people to say "Yes"
  • The single most powerful question you can ask of someone
  • The power of Claiming Responsibility
  • The Best Bluff
  • Your Most Powerful Negotiating Position
  • How (and Why) to Give Yourself A Promotion
  • How to know if you're really a good judge of character. (The answer will shock you.)

Attendee Reviews

"Wow! Made me take a good look at myself and the people I work with."

"Lots of excellent advice, punctuated with often humorous, heartfelt real-life stories that well illustrate the points. I can use every single principle in my job."

"Meaningful and inspiring for programmers who seek to understand the behaviors of those who work with them...and those for whom they work. As I plan the next step of my career, the principle of 'Action Preceding Inspiration' was particularly appropriate. And Dan's analysis of HOW to ask people for something was surprisingly helpful."

"I loved this session! Nice to help us focus on our own careers."

"Best session of the whole weekend!! I wish I could have known some of this info sooner!"

"I really got my money's worth. A super-session that I won't forget; very, very worthwhile. I know when I get home I'll stay in my office and plan a strategy to deal with the different types on my staff. I will listen to this seminar again for myself on the recording and then play it for my GM and APD."

“Lots of great advice, with terrific lessons in professionalism and basic life skills. I’ll make immediate adjustments in dealing with people, both professionally and personally.”   

“This was like a condensed version of Human Chess — how to identify and deal with the different personality types, how to stay several moves ahead of them.”

“I feel like I’m armed to handle difficult people more readily and that I have a clearer game plan to move forward. Prior to today I have felt paralyzed due to my inability to see 'the process.’ Now I can see the tiny next step that leads to the next step, and I’m starting to see a chain of action developing. The self-examination aspect was invaluable.”

“Awesome — will use this every day.”

“I had high expectations, but I was totally blown away by how great this information was. This is going to transform the way I approach my career.”  

“I enjoyed Dan’s honest and blunt recount of personal career ups and downs. I especially enjoyed the help with negotiating.”

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately.


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