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This Product Is a 2-Hour mp4 Video Workshop
that You Can Download Directly to Your Computer.

Improvisation isn't about "being funny" or "ad libbing."

Improvisation is the act of discovering the truth of the moment — of suddenly seeing something that you hadn't realized was there.

Why does performing (and watching) real Improvisation so often provoke laughter? That laughter is the sound of recognition — of recognizing something so familiar that until that moment had been invisible to us.

Most people, naturally, think of Improvisation in terms of performance. But it's equally valuable to the writer, because writing is just another kind of performing.

You Will Learn…

  • Improv exercises to help you discover new language
  • Improv exercises to help you discover new situation
  • Improv exercises to help you discover approaches to voicing copy
  • The 5 questions you must be able to answer before performing or writing a script
  • 4 improv questions to ask when you're "stuck"
  • How always to give yourself a "fresh start" when writing or performing a script

Sample Attendee Reviews

“This workshop gave us the best tool I’ve ever seen to help voice over artists find their characters.

“I will use this to get my station DJ’s to perform out of their comfort zones.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the improv exercises. I had been thinking about taking an improv class for the past year in order to improve my voice over skills; this session has convinced me to do it!”

“I enjoyed most the reasoning as to why these side-stories manipulated performances. Great method for guiding performers.

“Your 3 Questions to ask before cracking the mic are great to have in my arsenal. The phrase ‘discovering reality’ made the light click over my head!”

“Improv generally turns me off, but Dan’s approach is refreshing and useful.”

“Enjoyed seeing how the ‘motivation’ can change the dynamic of a script. Very helpful for directing talent.”

“Didn’t know what to expect, but this was the shining star of the weekend! I would HAPPILY pay for a full day of this session. The benefits are numerous for voice over coaching…both for myself and others. This will be so useful in squeezing the right amount of emotion out of a VO.

“Smart, smart exercise to elicit a new emotion within the read.”

“I liked the idea of ‘discovering reality’ — it will be really useful in the creative process before writing copy. For voice acting, I learned it’s not about guessing the situation; it’s about changing the emotion.”

Running Time: 2 hours

Download Directly to Your Computer.
After you submit your order, we’ll send you your private link to download this mp4 video directly to your computer.

Dan O’Day has used his extensive background in improvisation to help radio talents, producers and copywriters around the world discover fresh new approaches to commercial copy as well as to on-air program features. For years he has used these techniques to coax great performances from the voice actors he has worked with on his own radio commercial and online video projects.

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