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How to Generate 50 New Radio Ideas in 30 Minutes


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This Product Is a 1-Hour mp3 Audio Seminar,
which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

Personal message from Dan O’Day
Until now, I’ve taught this only to my client stations: a uniquely powerful method of devising a virtually unlimited supply of original, fresh ideas tailor–made for your radio station: contests, morning show bits, characters, promotions, etc.

When I taught this to a roomful of radio program directors from around the world, the workshop was entitled “120 New Radio Ideas in 120 Minutes.”

The 120 minutes consisted of:

  • My teaching and then personally demonstrating this method
  • Breaking up the attendees into “teams” of 3 people each
  • Having each team apply my idea-generating method for 30 minutes
  • Having a representative from each team share the 5 best ideas they came up with during the previous 30 minutes.

During their 30-minute “work” sessions, the teams generated an average of 50 new ideas they created specifically for their own radio stations.

You'll hear some of the astounding results that were instantly created by our participants.

In fact, on this recording you’ll hear 90 of those new ideas...many of which you’ll be able to adapt for your own station.

More importantly than being handed 90 fresh new ideas: You'll learn and be able to use this method repeatedly with your own programming and promotion staffs...and for your own career success.

A Week Later I Received an Email from the Program Manager of a French Radio Group.

“I tried your system with one of my morning teams. It works. They found enough ideas for the rest of the year!"

Sample Attendee Reviews

"Loved it!! Dan is good at making us PDs try something out of the box. I'll probably do this exercise at my meeting on Wednesday. I've learned there are no excuses for no new ideas.

"A tremendous help! We are very short–staffed. I'm serving as PD/MD/Promo Director, you name it. So I'm kind of burned out on ideas. But with this method I'll always be able to come up with something great!

"Fantastic, the first thing I'll do with my promotion people!" 

"Usable info & techniques I can apply right away. Awesome 'ideas' exercise." 

"Great exercise. Something I can apply to my staff or use personally." 

"Will do wonders at my station. Showed me how to come up with NEW ideas — and that good ideas are everywhere!" 

"What an incredible tool for on-air talent and even for on-air promotions!" 

"A great technique to get everyone thinking. I will definitely be using this in the future when looking for inspiration and content for my show. Whoever said creativity in radio is dead never did this exercise!"

"A solid method for talent searching for the next bit idea. Also will work well with promotions." 

"I've got 10 great ideas I could put on–air at my station next week!" 

"Fabulous ideas! You really made me think about this 'secret resource' in a whole new light."

"Very helpful ways to come up with unlimited radio ideas. Loved it!" 

"What a great reality check! On the days when I'm feeling uninspired, this will be an excellent tool to use. This was worth the entire price of the event." 

"Easy to take back home. I'll use this at my station right away!"

"Incredible way to generate new ideas."

Look, you can continue to do "the same stuff we've always done" and "the same stuff lots of other radio stations do."

And your station will sound pretty much like all the others.

Or you can continually generate original ideas, crafted specifically for your radio station, virtually at will. (Think of it as an endless "Great Idea Machine.")

If you're not content just mimicking what all the other radio stations do, How to Generate 50 New Radio Ideas in 30 Minutes is for you.

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable audio seminar immediately. 

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