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VOICE–OVER SUCCESS (DVD) by Harlan Hogan & Jeffrey P. Fisher


Product Description

Sorry, this item is sold out.
But you still can order Harlan Hogan’s ADVANCED VOICEOVER CAREER STRATEGIES.

Harlan re: raw voice talent

Harlan Hogan has crafted a world-class, three-decade voiceover career from his home studio in Chicago. He's given voice to some of the most recognizable campaigns in advertising history: "Raid kills bugs fast, kills bugs dead".... "When you care enough to send the very best".... "Energizer changes batteries — precisely".... "Thick, rich Heinz catsup; good things come to those who wait".... "It's the cereal even Mikey likes!" — all Harlan Hogan.

Jeffery P. Fisher is an internationally recognized expert in multimedia production. The eight books he has authored include INSTANT SOUND FORGE and SOUND PROJECT STUDIO.

  • The four "T's" of voice-over success: Training, Tools, Technique, Talent
  • Union or non-union — Do I need to belong? (3 Key Questions to Answer)
  • Harlan's never-fail demo structure
  • How to get an agent
  • How to convert a turndown into representation
  • How to work with an agent successfully
  • Two simple rules for pleasing your agent
  • How to balance multiple agents and keep everybody happy
  • How to get the audition
  • Auditioning secrets
  • How to perfect your cold reading
  • How to talk faster while sounding slower
  • How to deal with diluted direction
  • Voice techniques
  • How to choose a coach
  • The four questions you must ask for your voiceover career
  • Setting up your home studio
  • Desktop? Laptop? Make the right choice for your home studio.
  • Why you should toss that sound card AND the microphone that came with it in the garbage — right now
  • Dynamic or Condensor? That is the question.
  • Watch a live (on DVD) recording session
  • Creating an environment that works for you
  • How to turn a quiet corner into a dynamic recording booth
  • Software options
  • Recommended plugins
  • Recording techniques
  • Editing techniques
  • Output options
  • What settings to use when you make an MP3 audition
  • How to put your self into self-promotion
  • No/low cost promotions that bring big returns

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  1. Thanks for making such a great presentation available

    Posted by Ed K.

    great! You know, VO is a lot like radio announcing. You work mostly alone even when you have a director and engineer. And there are plenty of times when you can't count on the feedback you get, one way or another. It is really swell to be able to hear one someone from the 'big time' talk about the art, science, and hardware.

    Thanks for making such a great presentation available to us!


    Posted by Rick Andrews


  3. Love it.

    Posted by Darren Coogan

    Love it.

  4. loved it

    Posted by Jon Carter

    Got the DVD and I loved it. Very informative and fun to watch.