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(12.5 hours of actual seminar time on 11 compact discs!)

Two incredible days' worth of state-of-the-art programming technique, theory, advice & practice.On 11 CDs, with a running time of 12.5 hours!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn from your PD Grad School 2004 CDs...

(Charlie Cook)

Westwood One's Vice-President of Programming and former major market PD (New York, Los Angeles) Charlie Cook holds nothing back as he shares the ten most common mistakes committed by PDs around the world.

An incredibly valuable perspective that most PDs never are exposed to (including priceless tips on getting the most of your voice track talent).

Attendee Reviews      

"Great ideas which I will implement straight away to help focus on the real job of being PD."

"Great overview of all aspects of my job. Plenty to take home and implement."

"Awesome! He obviously 'walks the talk.' "

"Great practical, applicable advice. Helped me take a big-picture look at how I do my job each day."  

(Larry Rosin)

Larry Rosin, President of Edison Media Research, gives you a comprehensive look at the battle for entertainment and information in the car. The following are just a few of your competitors for the attention of automobile drivers & passengers in your market:

  • Satellite radio
  • CD players
  • Cell phones
  • GPS systems
  • DVD players

Larry has uncovered surprising answers to key questions including....

  • How high of a priority should you assign to traffic reports?
  • How valuable is in-car listening to advertisers?
  • How is cell phone use affecting in-car listening?
  • Male vs. Female, Weekdays vs. Weekends: Who listens more? (The differences will shock you!)
  • In-Car Listening: Only important in large markets? (No! But you need to understand why not!)
  • Exactly when is "drive time" these days?
  • During which hour does in-car listening account for more than half of a station's total audience?
  • What demographic delivers the least percentage of in-car listening?
  • What information would listeners like to see displayed when listening to your station in-car?
  • Which formats are most vulnerable to competition from satellite radio?
  • Which formats' listeners are most interested in traffic reports? Note: This information is critical for all formats. And it absolutely will force you to devise a winning "preset button" strategy. 
  • What medium is stealing nearly 1/3 of radio's Traffic audience?


The Only Way To Win In A Competitive Market
(Dan O'Day)

World Premiere! It's not enough to play songs, provide information, and make a lot of noise in the marketplace. Not any more. There's too much competition for your audience's attention - and not just from other radio stations.

In this session Dan O'Day shares a comprehensive - some will say revolutionary - programming strategy that you can begin implementing immediately.

This session will challenge the way you do just about everything on your station. It might make you uncomfortable, as you are forced to choose: Do you want to continue to follow the radio herd, or do you want to break away and become the leader of the pack?

  • Three ways to create a context
  • What you always must do before  giving information on-air
  • The most powerful method of holding onto the radio listener's attention
  • The incredibly simple, incredibly effective Suspense Formula
  • The single best way to create the listener sensation of "Forward Momentum"
  • The test that every news story you air must pass
  • How many stations unknowingly decrease listenership with trivia contests  

18 GREAT NEW PROMOTIONS That Add Listeners, Increase Time-Spent-Listening, Make Money, and Lose 20 Pounds Effortlessly
(Doug Harris)

Okay, your weight loss may vary. Otherwise, we stand behind the title of this session 100%...with one exception. Doug shocked us by sharing not "just" 18 new promotions but instead sharing 18 categories of promotions, with numerous specific examples to illustrate each category. We lost count of the actual number of different promotion ideas at somewhere around 100.  

Attendee Reviews

"Superb! Doug is a genius! There are so many great ideas swimming around in my head, I can't believe it!"

"Awesome, new fresh perspective!"

"I learned there is no such thing as having no budget!"


(Dan O'Day)

As a PD, you probably don't write many commercials. But after this session, you'll be able to listen to all of the commercials and promos airing on your station and instantly identify the ones that are likely to work...and the vast majority that are destined to fail.

(Non-Commercial Stations: The principles you'll learn apply equally to promos and sponsorships.)  

Attendee Reviews      

"Fantastic session! Really learned something about creating promo spots."

"The audio examples really proved what Dan was saying 100%. I've got so many bones to pick with my sales team when I get back!"

"I particularly enjoyed Dan's strategy of how to get salespeople to honor deadlines!"

"What a great formula - can be applied every time a commercial, promo, liner, etc., is written!"

"I can't wait to share this with my production guy who is stuck on being funny. I wrote six new imaging pieces just while listening to this session. Having heard a dozen presentations from Dan in the past, I still heard new audio and got great new ideas & info. I least anticipated this session yet benefitted from it the most!"

The Unique On-Air Genius of Gary Burbank

Gary Burbank is a genuine radio genius. Even after 30 years of top ratings in every market he's worked, he's still at the top of his game.

Burbank does more things brilliantly than anyone else we know: Unique, highly identifiable characters; terrific satire; hysterical parodies; one-of-a-kind interactive audience phoners; "willing suspension of audience disbelief" on a scale unmatched by any other radio personality. You'll hear a generous audio sampling of his work, along with an examination not only of how he manages to create so much world-class material so consistently but also what you as a program director can do to find, develop, and get the most out of your most talented staff members!

Attendee Reviews

"Great to have someone at Gary's level speaking in this intimate format."

"A real inspiration!"

"Gary is the quintessential radio talent. He is what's missing from radio today - the meeting of creativity & ability. What fantastic tips on developing characters!"


YOUR NEWS DEPARTMENT - PROFIT EATER OR PROFIT MAKER: How To Make Your Station's News More Relevant, More Compelling and More Profitable With Less Money and Fewer Resources
(Holland Cooke))

When it comes to News, is your station continually being expected to "do more with less"?

Working with smaller News budgets & staffs?

More & more being outsourced to "money-saving" services that don't always deliver the quality your listeners deserve?

Is your News competing with escalating commercial spot loads? Do you program a Music station and worry about News' effect on your Time-Spent-Listening?

Holland Cooke will open your eyes to...

  • How to make your News more compelling, more relevant, and more easily sponsorable
  • How to produce the kind of content you need with minimal resources
  • "Outsourcing" - Getting what you really need from your outside service (News, Weather, Traffic, Sports) providers and making them sound like they're right there inside your station
  • How to use your website to add value to your News
  • Valuable free resources for your News Department

An absolutely terrific session for any station that broadcasts News in any way, whether 24/7 or only briefly within a music format. Priceless secrets for creating synergy with a local TV station...and his "two cell phone" idea is worth the price of this entire audio package!


"If I have a dollar and you have a dollar...and I give you my dollar and you give me yours...then we'll each still have just one dollar. But if I give you an idea and you give me an idea...now we each have two ideas!"

This session demonstrates just how powerful this technique can be, as the attendees take the stage and share the single best, proven new idea that worked for them during the past year.

Promotions, features, Internet strategies, management techniques, new revenue sources, time-savers, team-building....You no longer have to "go it alone;" let this year's attendees give you a ton of great ideas to adapt for your station!

YOU SAVE $1,800! PD GRAD SCHOOL 2004 attendees averaged $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses (seminar, travel, hotel). But now you can experience every moment and every piece of information for 1/10 what they paid!

11 Compact Discs (12.5 hours!)


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