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(10.5 hours of actual seminar time on 10 compact discs)

Now you can hear every single minute of the INTERNATIONAL RADIO CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SUMMIT 2008...and SAVE $1,800. Attendees averaged nearly $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses  (travel, hotel, seminar). But you can experience every moment and every piece of information for less than one-tenth what they paid!

Sample (Verbatim) Attendee Reviews

"Other than the very first one I attended, where I was introduced to the Orkin storytelling method, this has been the best Summit I've attended. The techniques presented here will definitely help to improve the effectiveness of our spots. Great job!"

"Informative to the hilt!"

"This seminar, these guest speakers, and the work you put us through have become legendary in their value to talents, copywriters, voiceover artists, and production experts. Once again, it has proven to be a priceless experience."

"I really enjoyed the no-nonsense, let's get into the meat of performance. Each segment of the Summit had something useful to offer the professional on so many levels. I can't wait to utilize what I learned this weekend. These tools will benefit my station and commercial clients. This is a real worthwhile investment in my craft."

"A lot of practical application. The information offered concerning writing, analyzing and interpreting copy, voiceovers and acting all combined into a very comprehensive approach that brings the various elements of the creative process together. Very useful in terms of easing the process of taking a spot from idea to finished product!"

Perhaps the most convincing testimonial of all: An astonishing 57% of our "live" attendees ordered the 10-CD Complete Audio Record for themselves...so they could relive every moment!

Here are the information-packed sessions that you'll hear just as they happened.... 

From Client Problem to Creative Solution to What You Heard On The Air Presenter: Dick Orkin

Running Time:  1 Hours, 33 minutes

WORLD PREMIERE! The legendary Dick Orkin pulls back the curtain to show you exactly how The Famous Radio Ranch works its advertising magic. (It's not always as easy as they make it appear.)

All ad campaigns begin with a client problem that needs to be solved. Only after the problem has been defined and the goals clearly identified does "creativity" come into the picture. And then, the only thing that really matters: Results.

Orkin details numerous case studies: how each campaign began, how the advertising approach was determined, and whether or not it produced the desired results. (Note: The final step is not, "Is it funny?" The final step is, "Did it work?")

"It's amazing to hear a master of his craft share from his experience. Loved the examples and look forward to listening to the recording again to learn more."

"It's nice to actually hear the process on how the spots were made. Unfortunately, radio commercials don't come with 'director's commentary.'"

"As creative talents, we can only hope to paint pictures like he can. He is a legend, and as many spots as I've heard of his, I heard spots today that made me laugh so hard I wept."

"I really enjoyed the use of specific spots and situations to make points — gained a lot of useful insights. Dick is a master — knows the subject thoroughly and communicates it well. This session reaffirmed my belief that it all starts with a good script. If the message is there, the production doesn't have to be excessive to make a good ad."

"I have never heard Dick speak, and it was magic. Listening to the spots only makes me more convinced that, as a VO talent, authenticity is so critical."

"Many profound and valuable insights. I really appreciated the long Q&A section."

Dan O’Day & Dick Orkin
Running Time: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes

A beloved Summit tradition: Dan O’Day and special guest Dick Orkin give instant critiques of spots brought by Summit attendees. Entertaining, provocative, insightful, controversial... and occasionally brutal. You'll be inspired by the work of the "live" attendees...and learn from the feedback they receive.

"This is GOLD. It's difficult in a workplace situation to get uncensored feedback, much less feedback from two of the greats. Love that it was very specific and tactical."

"Good insight on how to look at your copy and critique it yourself. I will definitely do this more to my own work."

"Always a treat to hear Dan and Dick's thoughts on a commercial or promo. A splash of cold water in our faces followed by a swift kick in the butt is how it feels sometimes, but it really, REALLY has forced me to rethink the way I've written and produced spots for so long."

"Every time I hear one of these, I get new insights. Dick's additional input was a definite plus. The back-and-forth with Dan took the edge off some of the un-sugarcoated comments. A very worthwhile session which must never be dropped at any of these Summits."

"Next time I'll bring a blindfold and a cigarette. Really good to get a completely objective opinion of one of my spots. Very nerve-wracking, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

"This is ALWAYS one of my favorite sessions. And as always, many thanks for pulling no punches. We NEED to be shaken out of our complacency and how 'cool' we think we sound."

A Contrarian Approach To Voice Acting
Presenter: Nancy Wolfson
Running Time: 2 Hours, 40 Mintes

WARNING! Everything you've learned as a voiceover artist is about to be turned upside down. Nancy Wolfson brings her agent/casting director's perspective to what a performer needs to consider first.

Wolfson's approach stands in brazen contrast to almost everything being taught by other voice acting coaches.

She will teach you a unique reshaping of the way you initially approach copy — whether it's for commercials, animation, or station imaging. Nancy's process has been likened to "a chiropractic crack" — a vital adjustment that most voice performers don't even know they need.

"I want more...more...more. WOW! Nancy blew me away — she's the real deal. I'll never listen, write or voiceover the same way again!"

"OH MY FREAKING GOD! This approach is so different yet so user friendly. I can hardly wait to start applying it! The biggest thing I am taking from this is the simplicity of the approach."

"Totally awesome presentation. Wish I'd learned this 15 years ago. Worth every penny of the entire admission price!"

"Nancy has an excellent ear — doesn't miss a thing. A superb director — knows how to wring the best of what she can get out of what she has."

"Wow! Wasn't expecting this. I'm incredibly impressed by her depth of knowledge. Watching the techniques make a big change was encouraging."

"Wow! So many great ideas. So many techniques, so much amazing info! I am actually going to do some private lessons with Nancy because I was so blown away by her technique."

"The best I've ever heard!"

"Blew me away. Great, actionable pointers. And how fun to hear how well even non-voiceover folks did while being directed by Nancy!"

"This session was AMAZING. Nancy taught me more in one day than in the last 3 years about voiceover."

Presenter: Dan O'Day
Running Time: 1 Hour, 33 Minutes

Having begun "in the trenches" at radio stations with limited time & resources, Dan O’Day has great respect for those whose jobs include writing lots of commercial and/or promotional copy. But he absolutely refuses to grant them permission to use "not enough time" as an excuse for "bad copy."

At Summit 2008, Dan taught three new, invaluable techniques to make your copywriting more compelling, powerful...and more fun to write. Use these for your "problem clients" or tough-to-crack promo copy. Not only will you learn all three of his previously "secret" methods; you'll also hear dozens of great commercials written by the actual attendees during this session.

"Extremely helpful with difficult topics/projects and for requests that we have to do many times every month — with the challenge of being different and effective."

"Loved the Stadium Pitch writing. We run :15s back home and are going to start implementing many of these techniques into our spots."

"Great to hear how the other attendees put the techniques into action right away. Even though I work for a non-commercial station, these ideas will help me a great deal with station promos and freelance work."

"All great info; three great themes, with helpful, clarifying techniques?"

"The 'If-Then' construct is a good framework to build around. I have to do a lot of writing on tight deadlines, so this is very helpful."

"Really enjoyed this presentation. Dan really understands the psychology and dynamics behind radio advertising. Love the very short, very sweet 'Damaging Admission' tip. Copywriting exercises were short, to the point, and it really moved along."

"I like the 'If/Then' structure, and using the Stadium Pitch as the crux of a :15 — cool!"


GETTING FUNNY FAST: The Art of Voiceover Comedy
Presenter: Patrick Fraley
Running Time: 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

WORLD PREMIERE! 75% of all voiceover performance requires comedy and/or humor. But until now, you've had to rely on your own instincts and "hope for the best" when infusing your commercials or station promos with humor — either as a writer or as a performer.

If you're already good at it, Patrick Fraley will give you the tools to become very good. If you're very good at comedy or humor, after this session you'll be on your way from "very good" to "great."

You Will:

  • Learn the crucial differences between Humor and Comedy
  • Learn how to apply these differences to your writing and performing
  • Experience practical, hands-on demonstrations of the three key elements of comedy
  • Learn how to apply the three pillars of comedy: Pride, Pain, and Prevarication

"I've seen Pat here three times now, and each time he has brought a new twist to approach VO in a unique, smart way. This year I learned to really 'get the story' to learn where to make the humor stand out. Does it get any better than Pat? I don't think so."

"Absolutely incredible — a non-stop barrage of great ideas, tips and tricks for doing great voiceover comedy. Pat is so generous with his time and talent!"

"Yeeeeeeeesss! Comedy as art and science, explained, taught, demonstrated and applied to VO performance. What more could we ask??"

"The direction he gave to the performers was great. Awesome tips."

"Really challenged by Pat's attention to detail, which will help me when I am recording imaging for our stations."

" 'Think about the temperature of the spot' — that was one amazing line. I will take that home with me and apply it to all the copy I read from now on."

"Even though I'm not a voice talent, knowing how to direct, understand and interpret comic performance is a huge help as a producer."

"Script analysis remains one of my biggest challenges in VO. Pat simply and easily started to clear the clouds away. The important thing to me is that these techniques go way beyond just comedy. All of the ideas he presented are applicable to ANY voiceover job."      

Words + Sound + Inspiration + Deadline = Magic
Howard Hoffman, Terry Phillips, Jamie Watson
Running Time: 1 Hour, 29 Minutes

For too many radio people, "station imaging" means throwing something on the air that you heard in another market; that you hope is funny; delivered in a big, booming voice your listeners can't relate to; crammed with extraneous effects to impress other radio producers. But not to these guys:

Howard Hoffman: Radio legend. Superbly versatile commercial voiceover and animation actor. Production Director for KABC/Los Angeles.
Terry Phillips: Creative Services/Production Director, WYCD/Detroit. Heads up CBS Radio's idea sharing production group.
Jamie Watson: Multi-award winning copywriter. Lots of national radio and TV commercial voice work. Lots of animation voicing and other TV work (including 10 years as the voice of Canada's The Comedy Network). Provides imaging for nine Corus Radio stations in Canada.         

"These guys are amazingly talented. I was able to jot down a ton of great ideas and inspired to do better work."

"Well done and informative session for radio people. Information from the real radio world that people need to hear."

"Very insightful, very entertaining, high point of the weekend."

"I was amazed at the sheer volume of product the panel put out. They were all very knowledgeable. I enjoyed hearing about how they decide what does and doesn't belong in the promo."

"Hysterically funny! Fascinating! Energizing! Real production experts who are writers as well? Incredible! Great insight into the creative process and how things get done."

"Terrific! True artistry. What else can you say? These are the production wizards."

"The chance to hear awesome imaging from three of North America's finest...what's better?"  

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10 Compact Discs (10.5 hours) plus SUMMIT 2008 CD Binder

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