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(More than 11 hours of actual seminar time on 10 compact discs!)

Now you can hear every minute of the INTERNATIONAL RADIO CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SUMMIT 2005...and SAVE $1,800! Attendees averaged nearly $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses (travel, hotel, seminar). But you can experience every moment and every piece of information for less than one-tenth what they paid!

Sample (Verbatim) Attendee Reviews

“An absolute radio reality check. The Summit strips our biz down to the bones and feeds me with the tools I need to rebuild the beast.”

“I can't believe I'm going to say this... but I can't wait to get back to work! I've learned so much! I feel more confident in my abilities, in the skills I've learned here, and in my ability to take this to further my career!”

“A fantastic weekend! My head is filled with so much great information that I can't wait to get back and apply. I have a great blueprint to bring back to the station and take us to the next level. I also feel like I have a great advantage over those who didn't attend!”

“The Summit inspired me and gave me ideas to work on for a year! I love it! It's creative, it's open, it's real!”

“I so wish I had come to the Summit before ever producing my first spot or promo. I got more than I ever could have imagined.”

“The Summit was THE BEST thing I've ever seen offered that deals with all aspects of improving your skills as a voice talent, writer and producer. A bargain for the knowledge gained!”

Perhaps the most convincing testimonial of all: 44% of our “live” attendees ordered the 10-CD Complete Audio Record for themselves...so they could relive every moment!

Here are the information-packed sessions that you'll hear just as they happened....

Presenter: Dan O'Day

Running Time: 2 Hours, 15 minutes

Let's face it: Most stations' idea of “Station Imaging” is, “Hey, heard any good liners lately?” This session will help you cast a cold, critical eye at your own station imaging. But Dan will soften the blow by inspiring you with tons of great imaging ideas. And with the help of your bonus worksheets, you'll develop your own custom blueprint to completely re-image your station. With 89 audio examples, this is the most comprehensive examination of the true art of radio imaging ever presented anywhere!
You will learn:

  • What Imaging Really Is (Teach this to your Program Director!)
  • The Folly of Selling Your Aspirations
  • How to define your station's brand
  • Key questions to ask before you begin writing any promo
  • Defining your station's attitude
  • How to put your listener in the picture
  • Exactly how your imaging should reflect your listeners
  • Defining your ideal “Listener Moment”
  • Listener P.O.V.
  • Listener Involvement
  • How You Should Use Music In Your Promos
  • Your Secret Imaging Weapon: The Truth
  • How To Launch Your Own Pre-Emptive On-Air Imaging Defense
  • Deliberate Overstatement in Imaging
  • Reconciliation of Opposites
  • How to “borrow” genuine emotion for your promos
  • Imaging with stories
  • Imaging with characters
  • Jump-starting your promo with an Historic Backdrop
  • Utilizing pop culture
  • Reflecting Your Station's Character
  • Consistent Maintenance of Your Station's Character
  • How to wow your audience with bumper sticker promos
  • Giving your imaging a face
  • Imaging with Found Objects
  • Imaging Music
  • How to image Music without using music!
  • Imaging Concerts
  • Imaging Weather
  • Imaging News
  • Imaging Your Contests
  • Great Imaging...Even When You Have To Mention Lots of Sponsors!
  • Imaging Time-Worn Features: Grafting the New onto the Old
  • Imaging with Everyday Drama
  • Imaging via Underselling
  • What you should promote instead of the event
  • Examples from: Rock....News/Talk....Classical....Country....CHR....Public Radio (including Pledge Break spots)....Christian.... Sports....Classic Rock....Oldies...

Presenter: Patrick Fraley
Running Time: 2 Hours, 20 Minutes

Improvisation is the single most effective way to differentiate your voiceover performance — whether at an audition or in your own studio. Voiceover Improv is not wildly hacking away with “funny lines;” it's creative copy & performance surgery. It's not pasting some clever line onto the end of a spot; it's diagnosing a script like a skilled surgeon and, by deleting or adding a word or sound, instantly clarifying (and saving) it

You have ten minutes to resuscitate otherwise lifeless copy. The script has just arrived, and it's limping badly. Does the story need stitching up? Can changing a single pronoun clear up an ailing relationship with the target audience? Is the scene clean? Can you scrub it up with an evocative entrance? Do you have the skills to consistently heal what is ailing before you enter the recording booth?

Voiceover Artists: You'll dramatically improve your audition-to-job ratio.

Voice Imaging Artists: If you're being “directed” from afar — or not at all — you'll be able to “save” client stations' copy that arrives almost D.O.A.... without having to convince the Program or Production Director to let you change it.

Producers: Do you ever find yourself in a rush to produce a spot that just lies flat on the page? You'll learn how to do a quick (but effective) fix almost every time. 

You will learn:

  • How to fix or clarify key aspects of commercial or promotional copy
  • How to add a sense of reality to your performance
  • How to create copy and text for commercials, promos and sketches
  • Rapid Text Analysis (If you can't do this, you're at a serious competitive disadvantage.)
  • The Three Key Components of Text Analysis
  • Isolating the Key Story Conflict
  • Defining the Characters (and why you must define all the characters, not just yours)
  • Halo Data
  • The Set Up
  • The Pay Off
  • The Sell Job
  • Sense of Scene
  • Creating Audio Geography


Presenter: Dan O'Day
Running Time: 2 hours

WORLD PREMIERE! Having begun “in the trenches” at radio stations with limited time & resources, O'Day has great respect for those whose jobs include writing lots of commercial and/or promotional copy. But he absolutely refuses to grant them permission to use “not enough time” as an excuse for “bad copy.” For the first time anywhere, O'Day teaches his own hitherto secret method for using a product or service's “negative” qualities — its own marketing weaknesses and vulnerabilities — to create an invincible promo, trailer or commercial. And after you learn his Bullet-Proofing technique, you'll hear real “Bullet-Proof” commercials and promos written on-the-spot by the “live” attendees!

“A really valuable, usable copywriting method. Lots of good examples drawn out through the hands-on portion of the workshop!”

“From now on, I will always check my copy with this concept to search for problem areas. Dan's knowledge is amazing!”

“This session was extremely beneficial in helping generate copy ideas, especially in developing a starting point for those most difficult clients.”

“Great session! I love the concept of deflecting negatives, and I really enjoyed listening to the different scripts the attendees wrote and getting good ideas from them!”

“The opportunity to write a commercial during the session and then have it critiqued by Dan O'Day was a great experience!”

“The simplicity of the method and the openness of your critiques were VERY helpful!”

“ELEGANT! Great tools!”

Very powerful & original technique. I've never thought of attacking the product I'm trying to build up. After trying it, I'm convinced! Great to build an actual commercial with your input.”

“The focus of just one simple technique made a real difference. The exercise of working that concept through examples was very beneficial.”

“Dan's knowledge of copywriting is EXTRAORDINARY. This will make copywriting easier and faster. I never even thought of using such an approach!

HOW TO GET FROM HERE TO THERE: From Full-Time Radio To Full-Time Voiceovers
Guests: Ann DeWig, Steve Morris, Neil Ross, Dick Terhune
Running Time: 2 hours

Almost every radio production pro secretly dreams of leaving behind the world of daily radio to work full-time as a Professional Voiceover Person. Here are four former radio people who now make their livings entirely via voiceover and/or writing/producing/voicing — two as top Hollywood talents, one as the owner of his own radio boutique ad agency, another as one of the hottest station imaging voices on the planet. How did they do it? What mistakes did they make along the way that you can avoid? (And even if you don't plan to pursue a fulltime solo career, you'll be exposed to lots of tips & techniques you can use to improve your daily work.)

“The panel was so great and so kind to share their secrets!”

“Very insightful for a voice actor like me. Because of this session, I will think very differently when approaching potential clients.”

“There seems to be a fence blocking radio people from getting into fulltime V.O. This helped us see there's a way in!”

“This gave me a great perspective on where I'm at in my career and what I have to do to break through into fulltime voiceover.”

“A lot of tips & tricks I never thought of!”

“Inspiring! Changed my career direction — and I'm not kidding!”

“This was great! Terrific choice of panelists!”

“Very worthwhile! I am actively working in voiceover; so much of this info will come in handy!”

STORYSELLING: The Art & Craft Of Selling With Stories
Presenter: Dan O'Day
Running Time: 2 Hours

WORLD PREMIERE! By now you've heard numerous people extol the virtues of using stories in advertising. But telling a copywriter, “Tell a story” is like advising a would-be comedy writer, “Write a funny script.” The most important aspect of any form of writing is understanding its structure. (And in radio commercials, that means much more than just “conflict and resolution.”)

You will learn:

  • Why “storytelling” alone isn't enough
  • How effective yet inappropriate storytelling can hurt your spot's effectiveness
  • Why most storytelling commercials fail (and how to make sure yours succeed)
  • The key elements of storytelling
  • One sure way to instantly identify a storytelling commercial that will fail. (You'll want to rush home and pull a number of your own spots off the air!)
  • The relationship between your characters and your listeners
  • Storytelling via music
  • Exactly what role the advertiser should play in the story (Learn this, and your professional life becomes much easier and much richer.)
  • How to craft your characters
  • How to know which character should carry the sales message
  • Showing vs. Telling
  • “Soft-Sell” Storytelling
  • The power of Anticipatory Surprise
  • Storytelling with Comedy
  • How and why most comedy story commercials fail
  • Why good comedy spots succeed (Hint: It's not because comedy “cuts through the clutter.”)

    Running Time: One Hour

A Summit Tradition! This year's bravest attendees brought to the Summit commercials or promos that they wrote or produced. Then Dan O'Day cheerfully tore them apart...and offered specific, concrete suggestions on how they might be improved. You'll hear the work of your peers, learn from others' mistakes, and be inspired by some terrific work of your colleagues from around the world

“Very useful to hear a critical response to real-world spots. This raises the bar and challenges me as a producer/copywriter to go beyond the standard, quick 'n' easy radio spots.”

“Listening to the spots with the critique of each one helps give me a better ear for the spots I write. I took notes on all the spots because I have produced a spot exactly like each one in some way.”

“Although my commercial was shredded to pieces, I do appreciate the constructive criticism. This kind of feedback from one of the most qualified people in the business is invaluable to the growth of any copywriter, producer or voice talent.”

“Great to hear the work of other attendees; this has sharpened my critiquing skills of my own work & others!”

“Learned lots of great theories to apply to advertising — will definitely apply these techniques when I get back to work.”

“Valuable to hear in-depth analysis of what makes spots work or not work.”

“I enjoyed hearing the spots AND Dan's comments — which helped crystallize the principles we've learned here.”

“Loved the opportunity to hear examples of work and apply principles learned during the seminar. Appreciate being able to contrast & compare what 'sells' to the station/management/client as opposed to what will really sell the customer.”

“This has completely altered my own focus. I learned that EACH word in EACH place in a spot should be intentional — to add to the message's strength.”

“I now have to go home and rewrite EVERY SINGLE SPOT I now have running! So helpful! THANK YOU!”

10 Compact Discs (11+ hours!) plus SUMMIT CD Binder

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