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HOW TO ATTRACT, HIRE & KEEP SALES SUPERSTARS (audio seminar on compact disc)

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A Bold Claim: This is absolutely unlike any method you've ever been exposed to.

Dan O'Day will share with you an exclusive system that took 20 years and cost $20,000,000 to develop.

Do not order this CD if you are perfectly satisfied with "average" salespeople representing your company...or even "above average."

Order only if you want to learn exactly how to attract the one or two people who will outsell the rest of your staff combined. 

How To Attract, Hire & Keep Sales Superstars is....

  • A complete system for finding true sales superstars
  • Based on 20 years and $20 million of research & development by Chet Holmes - the legendary strategic sales consultant to over 50 Fortune 500 companies (American Express, Wells Fargo, Xerox, Dean Witter, Pac Bell, Merrill Lynch, Citibank) who ran nine separate divisions of a company for Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet's partner) — doubling each division's sales several years in a row...and establishing Chet Holmes as a sales legend.

If you follow this system you will:

  • Locate at least one true sales superstar in your market
  • Spend far less time interviewing unqualified candidates
  • Learn how to keep that sales superstar motivated

Dan O'Day will take you step-by-step through this foolproof process, in minute detail, to give you all the tools you need to find at least one sales superstar for your organization next week!

You will learn:

  • The psychological profile of a true superstar
  • Why superstars do badly in interviews
  • The Three Ground Rules for hiring superstars
  • Going Beyond The Resume (Way Beyond!)
  • Exactly (word-for-word) what to say in your ad that will attract sales superstars like a magnet
  • How to screen telephone applicants (and weed out 80% of the unqualified applicants within 60 seconds of each call)
  • The most extraordinary in-person interview process you've ever encountered
  • The three phases of the interview
  • Why a resume is almost worthless in your search for a true sales superstar
  • How to keep a sales superstar happy (and making money for you) 

Hear Broadcast Managers' Reviews (in their own voices)

Wendy Oberg

Neica Kinney

Roger Utneymer

Barb Pervisky

Mark Kastein

Lyric Klafke

These methods are radically different than the "tried and not-so-true, hit-or-miss" methods traditionally used by broadcasters. They also produce radically greater results: fewer wasted interviews, fewer "bad hires," and an absolute certainty of finding at least one true sales superstar in your market.

  • Complete, in-depth audio seminar on compact disc
  • Accompanying online workbook

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    73-Minute Audio Seminar on Compact Disc (with online workbook)

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One Compact Disc with online Workbook

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  1. Thought Provoking and a Non-Traditional Approach

    Posted by Danny

    Wow! Listening to these ideas was like taking a thrill ride, I never knew what was around the next turn. This is a very Thought Provoking seminar and I can't wait to try the system out. We have struggled, for years, with hiring quality sales-people, but this seminar has made me open my eyes to new techniques that I truly believe will lead to better hires.