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You'll find all available Production Summit recordings here.


(Nearly 14 solid hours of actual seminar time on 12 casettes)

Now you can hear every single minute of the INTERNATIONAL RADIO CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SUMMIT ...and SAVE $1,800! Attendees averaged $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses(travel, hotel, seminar). But you can experience every moment and every piece of information for less than one-tenth what they paid!

Sample (Verbatim) Attendee Reviews "This should be required of every production director in the world! I'm lucky my company sent me."
- Ric Gonzalez (Production Director), Cox Radio San Antonio

"I've been in radio for 20 years, and this weekend I've learned heaps. I got more than my money's worth (even with very long plane trip and the exchange rate)!"
- John Pain (Production Director), Sport 927 (Australia)

NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS (Dick Orkin): Converting Strangers to Friends to Customers
Most advertising "experts" talk a lot about "overcoming consumer resistance" to the advertising message. Wouldn't you prefer a world where instead of overcoming resistance, listeners would be grateful to you? Where they would turn the radio up when your commercials and promos come on? If you're familiar with the work produced by Dick Orkin and Christine Coyle at the Famous Radio Ranch, you know this is exactly the response their advertising produces. In this session, Dick takes you step-by-step through a revolutionary new approach to local radio advertising. This amazing session will change forever the way you think of the recipients of your commercials and promos.

  • The ultimate "bad commercial"
  • The key to creating an emotional setting
  • An amazing commercial that uses true emotion to target truck drivers
  • Vital research that you can do...easy & fast!
  • The difference between Hack and Professional
  • What to do when inspiration doesn't strike you
  • Local client research techniques
  • How to assume the role of a spy
  • The incredibly powerful "Click" technique

LOST & FOUND (Dan O'Day)
In this audio-intensive session, Dan shared a variety of commercials & promos from around the world (45 in all)...offering precise, specific comments on each that point out their strengths and weaknesses. The spots & techniques covered include

  • A 10-second commercial that doubled the client's buy
  • The right way to use characters oRight & wrong ways to use music
  • The commercial's sound vs. your station's music image
  • One simple step you can take to get much more use out of your production library
  • How to use "negatives" in commercials
  • A key element to avoid in real estate spots
  • How not to advertise for station account executives
  • A message car dealers should not communicate
  • Something omitted from a commercial that doubled its impact
  • An easy technique to greatly increase the effectiveness of testimonial campaigns

Is it possible to routinely create commercials (of any length) that succeed in:

  • Cutting through the clutter
  • Getting the attention of the targeted consumer
  • Presenting a compelling sales message
  • Producing solid results for the advertiser? Yes. Absolutely.

In fact, this session will teach you a very simple yet extraordinarily powerful method (or "system") for doing jus1t that. You'll see for yourself how easy and effective this system is, as you witness our Summit attendees applying this unique process to their own clients. After the techniques are fully explained, you will hear the attendees working together in small, creative groups to instantly craft new commercials!

BACKSTORY GOLD (Christine Coyle):

The Royal Road to Voiceover Performance
Christine Coyle probably is the world's most successful director of radio commercials. For two magical hours, you'll hear our live attendees work right alongside Christine to discover the hidden magic in everyday commercials. There is so much more material than the actual word on the page, and you will learn how to access that material in your own work ...Always.

Attendee Review: "I was amazed. She was able to advance people from nowhere to near perfection in a few takes. I benefited immensely and will be better able to focus and direct myself and others."
- Steve Lushbaugh (Production Director), WMMR/Philadelphia

THE AMAZING COMEDY MACHINE (Dan O'Day):Your Endless Source of Original Comedy Ideas

Creators of radio comedy (whether comedic commercials & promos or funny bits for the morning show) need dependable strategies and reliable methods of generating fresh ideas. That's why this year I devoted an entire session that takes you step-by-step through three fun and easy methods of generating more usable, original comedy ideas than you'll know what to do with. In fact, you'd better have an extra notebook at your side just to write down all the instantly applicable ideas our live attendees came up with during this completely interactive 90-minute explosion of harnessed creativity!

CRITIQUE-A-SPOT-A-THON (Orkin & O'Day) A Summit Tradition!
Attendees bring to the Summit commercials or promos that they wrote or produced. Then Dick and I cheerfully tear them apart...and offer specific, concrete suggestions on how they might be improved. You'll get to hear the work of your peers, learn from others' mistakes, and be inspired by some terrific work of your colleagues.


Dan & Dick interviewed an honest-to-goodness, real live advertiser, in the process revealing all of our secret little tricks for digging past the superficial, past the unimportant, past the "it's our people who make the difference" B.S....All the way down to the true, compelling human story that lies within each of us. (Even advertisers.) And before we finished, we invited attendees to jump in and assist us as Assistant Sleuths. And then all the attendees created commercials for the client right there on the spot! You'll hear their extemporaneous creative sessions as well as some of the commercials they created. And you'll be amazed at how good some of those freshly minted commercials are! 

THE HOT SEAT (Orkin & O'Day)
One chair on the stage. You're sitting on it. You have a maximum of 60 seconds to explain the client challenge you have brought with you. But hurry, because the clock is ticking. You're in that seat for five minutes, and after you've shared your client background, all hell will break loose. You will be in the middle of a creative tornado, as Dan O'Day and Dick Orkin throw so many questions & ideas at you that you won't know whether to hide, duck, or yell for help. At last, the longest five minutes in your life ends. You stagger off the stage limp, exhausted...and exhilarated, because when you return to work on Monday you're going to look like an absolu1te genius when you share your great new ideas with your client!
That's what it was like for the two dozen Hot Seat volunteers. Their actual client challenges included campaigns for:

  • Race Track
  • Children's Theater
  • Automobile Dealers(2)
  • Telephone Company
  • College Football Team
  • Auto Insurance
  • Internet Solutions Provider
  • Mexican Restaurant
  • Nightclubs(2)
  • Furniture Store
  • Concert Promoter
  • Restaurant (Lunch)
  • Discount Shopping Service
  • Tire Store
  • Restaurant (Sunday Brunch)
  • Supermarket


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12 Audio Cassettes plus SUMMIT 2000 Tapes Binder

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Product Reviews

  1. Listening again and taking notes

    Posted by Roger Clark

    I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the tapes of the Summit, and I am now in the process of listening again and taking notes. Now, more than ever, I look forward to attending next year's Summit!

  2. Practical information that really helps me

    Posted by Darren Marlar

    I received the SUMMIT 2000 tapes in great shape, and in good quality! Very useful information...especially the Dick Orkin stuff and Dan O'Day's seminar on creating 30-second spots. That is the kind of practical information that really helps me. Thanks for continually putting out a quality product!

  3. Awesome!

    Posted by Dan Curtis

    The RADIO CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SUMMIT 2000 tapes are awesome!

  4. Listening in my car as I drive around all day long

    Posted by Natalie Knox

    I've been listening to the tapes in my car as I drive around all day long, I'm enjoying them INCREDIBLY!

  5. If you can't be there, this is the next best thing.

    Posted by Uncle Harley

    The Creative/Production seminar tapes are great! If you can't be there, this is the next best thing.

  6. Really changed my approach

    Posted by Jeff Rydell

    I'm about half-way through the second go-around on these tapes, and what a spark they have provided! The information & techniques shared have really changed my approach to my daily live spots and remote cut-ins over the past week.

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