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PD Grad School 2010: The Complete Audio & Video Record (10 CDs, 7 videos)

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This is your one chance to own the complete audio record
from the last PD GRAD SCHOOL ever held.

And if you act QUICKLY, you also can view the VIDEOS of all the


Personal message from Dan O'Day: 

PD GRAD SCHOOL 2010 was the last PD GRAD SCHOOL. I'm very happy that our last one was quite possibly the strongest, most valuable of the entire 17 years I produced this event.

Radio program directors from around the world gathered in Los Angeles for two long days filled with state-of-the-art programming techniques, theory, advice & practice.

Each individual guest speaker would have been the "headliner" at any other radio conference:

Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of THE MIRROR TEST, usually commands huge fees to speak at high-priced, high-profile events. At PD GRAD SCHOOL 2010 he took us behind the scenes of one of the most remarkable business turnarounds in history — in an industry that eerily mirrors the challenges facing radio today.

Tripp Eldredge shared extraordinary information gleaned from analyzing PPM data — data that any radio programmer can and should use regardless of whether the station is in a PPM market.

Social media? Mari Smith, the woman whom FastCompany.com dubbed "the Pied Piper of the Online World," is the world's undisputed Facebook wizard.

If you're a radio programmer, you know who Mike McVay is. The world's most successful radio programming consultant showed us the methods, tools and techniques he uses to accomplish so much when the everyday demands on his time are extraordinary.

Larry Rosin always blows people away with his uncanny ability to see 'round the corner, into radio's near future. Wait until he shows you how mobile broadband is something you need to deal with now.

Oh, and I presented two different sessions. My "Twitter for Radio" seminar is one of the absolutely best received things I've ever done. If you usually like "my stuff," you'll love this.

I also shared 20 great morning show ideas in a fast-paced 40 minutes. You've never heard of any of them before.

The Bad News: You weren't there to experience it.

The Good News: For a limited time, you can get the entire event on 10 CDs. Digitally recorded, edited and mastered so that you get all the info without any “dead time.”

And For The First Time Ever,
You ALSO Can Experience The Entire Event on Video.

We videotaped the entire two days.

All but one of the videos uses audio direct from the soundboard — extraordinary quality. (Some gremlin caused the audio of Mari Smith's presentation to be recorded from the in-room loudspeakers. So while you still can hear her session quite easily, the audio for that one session is not soundboard quality.)

Here's what you missed….

Mari Smith
(Social Media Consultant; The World's #1 Expert on Facebook)

World Premiere! For the first time, the woman whom FastCompany.com dubbed "the Pied Piper of the Online World" shares her secrets of Social Media/Relationship Marketing with the radio industry, including…
  • Why you need to measure your station's R.O.V. (Return On Visibility)
  • How and why you should be using Facebook
  • Why your station needs a Facebook fan page — fully customized, branded, and consistent with your overall image
  • How to develop a large Facebook fan page following
  • How to add stickiness to your Facebook fan page
  • How to use your Facebook fan page to enable listeners to interact with your programming
  • Twitter: What should you be saying?
  • Twitter: Secret sources for consistently finding quality content
  • Twitter: How to attract, grow and delight a loyal following
  • Linked In — Should you be on it? How is it different from other social media?
  • The Three Most Common Mistakes People Make With Facebook
  • The Three Most Common Mistakes People Make With Twitter
  • Your Secret Weapon: How to Identify and Be Consistent with Your Authentic Personality
  • Mari's 4-part formula for profitable online relationships
  • How to spend only 5 minutes per day on Facebook and still yield measurable results
  • How to integrate all the different social media…so that it all makes sense

Video Snippet of Mari Smith
(The audio on your CDs will be perfect quality. This audio is recorded from the in-room loudspeakers.)

Sample Attendee Reviews
"Mari completely demystified the ins and outs of these tools and explained how to harness their power in terms I easily understood."

"Mari's knowledge is unsurpassed! She's the Yoda of all Facebook Jedis. I'm going to work on my Fan Page when I get back."

"When I return home I will finally quit stalling and get the Facebook page up for the station."

"Mari is the person I would hire to help guide me into the social network universe. When I get back, all my stations will have fan pages and I will certainly use the text feature to help interact with listeners. Also, all my Facebook pages will use Facebook Connect. I really got some great tips to use for the future."

"Cutting edge information on Facebook and Twitter. Never thought I'd be writing a 'social media policy,' but that's one of the first things I'll do when I get back."

"The thing I most enjoyed about Mari's presentation was the actionable steps. Most social media presentations focus on 'get on it.' We all know that. Mari really dug into the steps to take to make the best use of social media. I enjoyed this session much more than I thought I would."

"I will admit — I was social network stupid. Now I have a good handle on not only how it all works but how important it all is!"

"Very simple, easy to understand working points for immersing your station or show into social media. As a daily blogger, Mari's tips create an easy way for me to spread my content around across all major platforms."

"Terrific ideas, inspired me to a more robust & strategic use of Facebook. Finally knowing specific things to formulate a plan of attack: Integrating Facebook into our website...canvas pages...adding more compelling, sticky apps to our fan page...texting options for fan sign ups."

How Mobile Broadband Will Change Everything (Again)
Larry Rosin (President, Edison Media Research)

World Premiere!
If you think the Internet has changed the world and the cell phone has changed the world, wait until you see what happens when they combine. Hint: Get ready for a seismic shift in the ways you conduct your business, your leisure, your commerce…your life.

Your cell phone will have as much memory as your current desktop or laptop computer. Originally a communication device and then an information device, your cell phone now also becomes an entertainment device. And it becomes your credit card. How will all that affect your radio station?

What will be the effect on your radio station when podcasts are more accessible than your programming?

When everyone has a broadband speed connection everywhere they go, why will they need a radio? Especially when you add GPS: You're driving your car and the McDonald's nearest you rings your cell phone: "Hey! We've got a discount coupon for you." How does radio compete?

You'd better have some answers, because mass advertising is giving way to individually targeted advertising. Someone is going to bring this to everyone in your market. Shouldn't that someone be your radio station?

But wait. "A mobile device that has a broadband speed connection" — What's another word for that? Radio. Radio always has been that. Radio stations actually have an advantage over other "traditional" mass media. Learn how to use that advantage to profit your station, your advertisers and your listeners.

Video Snippet of Larry Rosin

Sample Attendee Reviews
"Tremendously honest look at our business and how it's lagging behind in terms of embracing the new reality. LOVED the magazine presentation – made me think: How can radio evolve like they have?"

"Larry's grasp of the history of and future of media is fantastic. Very thoughtful and thought provoking. I'll try to keep listeners more in the loop to maintain their trust."

"Scared the crap out of me!"

"I think the most valuable thing I learned is that everyone in my audience should have the opportunity to be involved in multiple ways."

"I actually suggested that this year include a session on how broadband will affect radio, and this gave me exactly what I wanted. Fantastic knowledge."

How The Smartest Businesses Are Using Social Media
Jeffrey Hayzlett (Chief Marketing Officer, Eastman Kodak Company)

World Premiere!
Kodak's "celebrity CMO" (Chief Marketing Officer) will share with you his perspectives on what it takes to succeed in the digital age, with a particular focus on how companies can utilize social media marketing to build closer relationships with customers, boost their brand, create innovative products, and deliver a tangible return from their marketing investments.

You will learn:

      •  The inside story of how Kodak has utilized social media and other tools to transform itself
      •  How to multiply the impact of your marketing programs by utilizing other people's money
      •  How to structure and focus marketing organizations to generate maximum impact

Jeffrey Hayzlett
is Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. Forbes magazine calls him "the celebrity CMO." As CMO, Hayzlett is responsible for the company's worldwide marketing operations — including the design and implementation of all marketing strategies, investments, policies, and processes. He's also the author of the best-selling book, THE MIRROR TEST: Is Your Business Really Breathing?

Video Snippet of Jeffrey Hayzlett

Sample Attendee Reviews
"Fantastic! Inspiring! His concept of 'emotional technology' is very strong and I am thinking how it can be applied to radio."

"Inspiring! If Kodak can adapt, so can radio."


"If the perception of the business of Kodak can be changed, how much easier would it be to change & make radio relevant?"

"Great to have a speaker from an industry outside radio which has undergone massive amounts of change!"

Dan O'Day
  • Which people at your radio station should have their own Twitter accounts
  • Important first steps to take when you open your Twitter account. (If you already are on Twitter, you'll want to go back and fix some things.)
  • What not to do when you open your Twitter account
  • What to name your Twitter account
  • How to construct the perfect Twitter bio. (Few people or businesses get this right.)
  • The three things your Twitter bio needs to accomplish
  • Your Twitter profile design: One thing not to do (that you might already be doing)
  • Defining your own Twitter Strategy
  • Radio Personalities: Why & how to keep your personal tweets and your professional tweets separate
  • How to create a Twitter bio that increases your station's cume
  • Twitter's role in your station's Social Media Matrix
  • Whom should you “follow”?
  • Most effective methods for inviting people to follow you
  • How your station can protect its Twitter assets and database when a popular, Twittering air talent leaves
  • What your News Director should be tweeting about
  • What your Program Director should be tweeting about
  • What your DJs should be tweeting about
  • What your talk show hosts should be tweeting about
  • How your Promotions Director can use Twitter to increase listenership
  • How to use Twitter to send people to your blog (and when, and why)
  • How to use Twitter to send people to your website (and when, and why)
  • Tweeting audio and video: Two key things you must do for maximum impact
  • News Directors: Whom not to follow
  • Station Managers: How to use Twitter to optimize employee communication and spot little problems before they become big crises
  • Including links in your tweets: One key element
  • How to use URL shortening services in a way that enhances your search engine rankings
  • Two different ways to use customizable URL shortening services — when and how to use each of them
  • Writing for Twitter: Not the same as for Facebook, not the same as for text messaging/SMS, not the same as for e-mail
  • Why your skills as a program director give you an edge over the rest of the Twitter universe
  • Your two key tools for using Twitter to drive people to your blog, website or download link. (And when to use each)
  • How to respond to “Twitterbait”
  • How often you should tweet
  • How to get tons of people to follow you
  • How to double the percentage of people who accept your invitation to follow you
  • Air Personalities: How to get far more of your current listeners to follow you
  • Air Personalities: How to get celebrities to follow you
  • Air Personalities: How to use Twitter to attract more listeners
  • Salespeople: How to use Twitter to locate potential new clients
  • Sales Managers: Two easy ways to get the most influential business owners and advertisers in your market to follow you
  • How to generate tons of onsite traffic at your station remote broadcasts
  • What not to tweet from your station remote broadcasts
  • News Directors/Talk Show Producers: How to use Twitter to locate local experts for any timely topic
  • How to use Twitter as an “early alert system” for listener or advertiser complaints
  • How to respond to complaints
  • How to use Twitter to invisibly keep tabs on what your competition is doing
  • "One Surprise DM Per Day" — A quick, easy tactic that everyone at your station can use to build listener/advertiser/community loyalty
  • How to use Twitter to increase your listener database — consistently and relentlessly
  • Why and how to establish a private station Twitter account
  • How to use Twitter as your Station Help Desk

Video Snippet of Dan O'Day

Sample Attendee Reviews
"Really brought home in practical, tactical terms why social media is an essential tool for radio."

"I immediately fixed my Twitter bio. Next: setting an autoresponse."

"Great tips, big & small, about how to truly use Twitter the right way and make it work. Tremendous!"

"I have seen so many presentations on social media. This one finally combined strategy AND tactics. The examples given that support the strategy were very helpful. I loved the way the examples spanned all areas of the station. The presentation was full of specifics and great ideas that can benefit my station and overall social media strategy. It didn't get too technical, yet provided very specific info."

"Great ideas on what to do with Twitter. Good suggestions for making bio more valuable, who to follow, short URL conventions, and the additional online resources."

THE HALF THAT MATTERS: What We've Learned from PPM
Tripp Eldredge (CEO, dmr)

The Portable People Metter (PPM) sheds a whole new light on your core audience. Now you can tell what they'll do next week (and month & year), not just what they did last week. Among your radio station's listeners is a smaller group — no more than half — that matters. Knowing who they are and how to maintain their loyalty is critical to radio success today.

You Will Learn…
  • How most radio stations are squandering their resources on listeners who have virtually no impact on their ratings
  • Why not all P1s are created equal
  • Prime P1s vs. Best Prospect P1s 
  • How to identify "the half that matters"
  • How to attract and convert Best Prospects
  • The Three Dimensions of P1 Listening
  • Deep Loyalty vs. Shallow Loyalty
  • The impact of Listener Age on Listener Loyalty
  • How and why to apply Customer Segmentation to your radio operation
  • How to understand your "core consumer." (That's the one thing that's most important to your success.)
  • How to understand the life of your "core consumer"
  • Why Not Everyone Matters
  • Why increasing your cume is not the solution to your problems
  • How to establish an ongoing relationship with the right people
  • How and why you need to ignore "fake" numbers
  • A guiding principle was developed in the 1970s that radio people follow…but which no longer is relevant
  • How to achieve consistent ratings success over multiple ratings periods
  • How to maximize your ratings potential
  • How to minimize ratings "wobbles"
  • Geographic footprints — how to identify, interpret, and use them to your advantage
  • The goldmine in your database. (You haven't even scratched the surface.)
  • Why you need to know this even if you're not in a PPM market

Video Snippet of Tripp Eldredge

Sample Attendee Reviews
"I can't believe how Tripp crawled inside those numbers and was able to root out such incredible info. Extremely enlightening & helpful."

"This info should be mandatory for any PD."

"Amazing insight! Learned how to identify better my core audience; engage them; and create products that fit into their lives!"

"What a phenomenal research study. This is all the support necessary to prove why stations should be using social media to solidify those relationships with the 'Heavy Deeps.' This session provided strategic focus for my station as we set out to develop relationships that really matter."

"Loved it! It has taught me who my listeners are, what I have to do to maintain my heavy listeners — not just to make them listen but to go beyond to connect, interact and be with them."

"Many great ideas that work for better relating to your listener, whether you use PPM or not."

"Lots of great information. Makes me focus on the heavy listeners and use some social media to push others to that category."

Dan O'Day

World Premiere!
The title says it all. Twenty exciting, new, fun ideas to take back home to your morning show.

Video Snippet of Dan O'Day

Sample Attendee Reviews
"My only complaint: I didn't want it to end! 60 minutes? 90 minutes?"

"My morning show is about to get juiced!!"

"Loved your version of 'Name The Song!'"

"So many new ideas!"

"This will make me sit down with my morning show hosts and work with them better in the future. I learned to be even more creative. A valuable session!"

"Loved your method for giving away the junk prizes and your ingenious 'name the movie' idea."

"I'm working on refreshing my morning show. This will help!"

"I LOVE your idea of 'The List.'"

"Thanks for the great ideas!"

Mike McVay (President, McVay Media)

World Premiere!
Computers were supposed to make our lives easier. Instead, they made our lives busier and poorer. Today, everyone suffers from Time Poverty. Everyone agrees on the importance of "focus," but how do you find the time to focus?

You Will Learn…
  • The true art of multitasking
  • McVay's simple yet effective method of prioritizing
  • How to bank more time for your professional and your personal use
  • How to plan your work a week in advance
  • How to schedule your crises
  • How to harness your electronic tools
  • How to coordinate your time management systems with those of your co-workers
  • How to remain available to your staff while protecting your precious work time

Video Snippet of Mike McVay

Sample Attendee Reviews
"His time management tips are great. They are flexible enough to work into my own system."

"I realized a few things I can do to immediately to improve my time maintenance."

"Seeing this presentation before moving into my first PD role would've saved me a ton of heartache!"

BONUS: View the video recordings of ALL the PD Grad School 2010 sessions!

Because this was the last PD Grad School, I've decided to offer online access to the video of all the sessions from 2010.

"Online access" means you'll receive your own login ID and password, and you'll be able to view all the videos at your leisure. (I'll keep the videos available for you to view at your own convenience for at least 6 months from the day you purchase the PD Grad School package.)

These videos will not be sent to you on DVD. To view them, you'll need a broadband Internet connection (and the private password I'll send you).

PD GRAD SCHOOL 2010 attendees paid anywhere from $495 to $895 to attend. Add to that their travel and hotel expenses, and it cost them an average total of $2,000. (And they were happy to pay it, to experience it all in person.)

But now you can experience every moment and every piece of information for 1/10 of their costs.

Please order your Complete Audio & Video Record of PD GRAD SCHOOL 2010 now, and soon you'll be listening to, viewing and learning from what might have been the single most valuable radio programming event ever held.

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