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***Only ONE copy remaining**

11 hours of actual seminar time on 10 compact discs.

Once a year, program directors from around the world gather in Los Angeles for PD GRAD SCHOOL

Two long days filled with state-of-the-art programming techniques, theory, advice & practice.

Sadly, you weren't with us this year. But you still can profit from all the information that was shared at PD GRAD SCHOOL 2008.

It's all on 10 CDs, with a running time of 11 hours. (Digitally recorded, edited and mastered so that you get all the info without any "dead time.")

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn from your PD GRAD SCHOOL 2008 CDs….

Tom Webster (Vice-President, Edison Media Research)

World Premiere! Imagine that in 1920 something called "the Internet" was introduced to the world. But it was limited to, say, 20 websites per market. 

And then — two generations later — along came radio.

How would your station's website look and feel? Why would people visit your site? What would they find there? How would they experience your site?

Tom Webster devoted a full year to researching the answers to those questions — and the answers lead to what your station's website could and should be doing right now to establish deeper relationships with existing and potential listeners and to greatly increase revenue.

This remarkable strategy will completely change the way you prioritize the resources you commit to your Web presence.

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"Very insightful and useful info. I've listed dozens of action points. This session alone was worth the price of admission."

"I like to think that our site is pretty progressive, but this gave me some great ideas for expanding our ability."

"I learned a great deal about what's wrong with my website and also my blogging errors, which I now will correct."

"Extremely useful information and advice. Great insight into the changes that have taken place and changes to prepare for, to get ahead of the curve."

"Before I heard this presentation, I looked at our website as a glorified advertorial, driven by Sales and a webmaster with very little interaction with Programming. This has changed my perspective, establishing clear, actionable goals that will increase traffic on our site...which leads to increased revenue."

You Will Learn:

  • How most radio stations try to use their websites to drive traffic to their airwaves — and why they should be doing the exact opposite
  • How and why so many radio station websites are terrible
  • The folly of trying to do too many things on your home page
  • One thing that all station websites should have.
  • Why and how blogs can help you
  • The key area that most station blogs fall short on
  • The importance of having a Blog Strategy
  • The importance of having a Blog Policy
  • The 4 levels of involvement with your station blog
  • Your most lucrative online opportunities
  • Station websites & social networks
  • The wrong way to communicate with your "loyal listener club"
  • Creating your own "local content empire"
  • Your station's single most valuable research tool. (And why aren't you using it?)
  • Three ways to get high search rankings for your website
  • A simple test you should give to every page on your site
  • Profit = Reach + Frequency…plus two other key elements that are missing from most station programming and most station websites
  • Why you need to "own" certain search engine key words — and how to do so
  • How transparent is your radio station willing to be?
  • Why you need to know what other people are saying about you online — and have a strategy for dealing with it
  • What the Web really runs on. (Radio stations just don't "get" this!)
  • Current examples of terrible radio station websites (including some huge radio companies and some famous radio stations)...and some very good ones
  • How to avoid the webmaster bottleneck and get fresh new content onto your site continually and quickly
  • Why you should partner with your local radio competitors to sell advertising (!)
  • Why your site should feature (and profit from) contextual ads
  • Should you have an internal company blog?
  • Why & how you should add depth to your site
  • What newspaper websites already are doing that YOU should be doing
  • The surest way for your website to establish credibility with the people who come to it
  • 5 things for you to do next week to improve your station's website

EMOTIONAL TALENT: The Final Frontier of PD/Manager Development
Tim Sanders (author of the best-seller, THE LIKEABILITY FACTOR)

Best-selling author and former Yahoo! Leadership Coach Tim Sanders has the unique ability to transform interpersonal and social skills into success in the workplace. Yes, even in radio. 

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"Absolutely incredible! Most amazing session I've ever been to."

"Best session I've ever seen or heard. I was hooked from beginning to end."

"This session will affect my work when I get home. Plus it will affect me outside the office as well. I learned how to read people, how to set the emotional tone at work, and a lot of useful techniques that will help me keep people motivated and focused on accomplishing their jobs."

"Fantastic! Great presenter, and such important lessons for managers. Often, people who are skilled programmers have limited people skills. Thank you for going outside the traditional radio information to deal with issues of treating your people as more than just part of the product."

"Valuable info for radio which could apply in many others situations and businesses. AWESOME presentation!"

You Will Learn:

  • The third success factor (in addition to hard work and talent)
  • How to harness emotions to create productive relationships
  • Why the PD must have more Emotional Talent than the rest of the group
  • How a strong PD can overcome emotional gravity
  • How a high performance jerk can destroy a station
  • How to never hire the wrong talent
  • How to win your staff in the halls so that you can win the audience over the air
  • How to make yourself emotionally attractive
  • How to develop your Emotional Value Proposition
  • How to develop your company's Emotional Compsenation Plan
  • Likeability is a skill that you can develop
  • How to bring out the best in other people (both the people above you and the people who work for you)
  • The 4 skill sets you should work on
  • How to avoid creating Horizontal Turnover
  • 3 e-mail rules to follow, to make your employees happier
  • Deep Listening
  • Powerless Listening (that's a good skill)

Dan O'Day (Radio Advertising Guru)

In this extraordinary seminar, Dan O'Day takes you deep into the minds of listeners and demonstrates simple yet powerful methods of communicating your commercials and station promos on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

(The title is no joke; O'Day's post-graduate studies were in hypnosis, and he was the first "radio person" ever certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.) Lots of terrific audio examples.

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"Wish I had my Sales and Production teams here to listen to Dan's wealth of knowledge. The exercise on memory is a great tool. This presentation is going to take my imaging, promos and commercials from good to great."

"I actually tried some of the techniques last night, and they worked!"

"This will help me use the correct sense modalities when writing station promos."

"Best Dan O'Day session yet. Loved the psychology of advertising."

"I learned a lot and I'm looking forward to sharing the info with our creative and production departments."

You Will Learn:

  • Associations vs. Facts
  • How to become an Instant Memory Whiz
  • Hypnotic Techniques
  • The Roger Bannister Effect
  • The Closure Principle
  • Eidetic vs. Constructed Images
  • Deletion
  • Kinesthetic Involvement
  • Visual Coding
  • Auditory Reinforcement
  • Empathetic Identification
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Strategic Use of Surprise
  • Anticipatory Excitement
  • Emotional Memory Markers
  • Power of Metaphors
  • Micromuscular Rehearsal Effects
  • Audio Image Generators
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Language

Ross Brittain (Morning Radio Legend)

The title of this session pretty much says it all. Ross Brittain's 30 years of morning radio success (among other thing, co-host of New York's original, legendary Z Morning Zoo) are due to talent, hard work, long hours — and a "big picture" view of Show Prep and Show Structure that continues to keep him at the top of his game.

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"Wow! Very fact, idea and info-packed!"

"Ross was amazing. Breaking down the individual duties is something people rarely do, and it really crystalizes everything."

"Since we are a small station that doesn't use producers, I was concerned about learning from this particular segment, but I learned a lot."

"Great materials on mornings. This guy's a legend!"

"Sparked a number of ideas to share with our morning talent — and all our talent — on being more prepared and immediate. Ross's idea of the 'PD Critique Pad' was an unexpected nugget which will help me do more frequent and effective coaching."

You Will Learn:

  • The main job of a producer (from the air talent's point-of-view)
  • The main job of a producer (from the PD's point-of-view)
  • Producer as Stunt Brain
  • How & why to design special features for individual morning show members
  • Keeping your eye open for "sidebar material"
  • How to localize virtually any story
  • Morning show stagers
  • Producer as talent guide
  • Producer's duties before, during and after the show
  • The first question to ask someone who is applying for the job of morning show producer
  • Other test questions for your final candidates
  • One key personality trait your producer must have
  • Required personal skills of a producer
  • A warning sign NOT to hire someone as producer
  • The danger of overproducing
  • How to get months of future material from remote location broadcasts
  • The annual Blue Sky Meeting
  • The best time of the year to try out new show content
  • Providing the air talent with set-up copy for prepared features
  • Being on the lookout for on-the-spot, on-air/website integration
  • What should be in your producer's Rolodex
  • Task lists for producers and show members
  • Why your producer MUST read the local daily newspaper (and not just the Internet)
  • How to do your own program's mini-focus group
  • 7 most common mistakes that producers make that weaken the morning show
  • The producer's job at a remote broadcast
  • Tips for call screening
  • The primary question your phone screener should ask before putting a caller through to the air talent
  • Positive & negative caller balance
  • Producer's role with in-studio guests
  • The secret to getting big name guests (regardless of your market size)
  • Tons of great tips for interviewing guests (in-studio or over the phone)
  • How to get the best of listener phone calls
  • The Quick Critique Pad Ross created for his PD to use for his show

Dan O'Day

Do the same names seem to appear in radio trade publications again & again? 

Can yours be one of them? 


Yes, you can get into "the trades"" regardless of your market size or reporting status.

Yes, you can get publicity in your local newspaper or on your local TV station, even if until now they've referred to you only as "a local radio station."

Your station should be appearing in other local, regional or national media on a regular basis. Is it?

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"So much great information! And a wonderful understanding of why it's important to promote yourself. I have a ton of ideas already. "

"This was a great session. As a PD who is no longer on-air, I haven't been looking for publicity. My perception has now changed. While listening to Dan, the ideas started to flow."

"Very easy steps that any air talent can take."

"I didn't realize how poorly I treat this valuable tool, and now I understand what other jocks/PDs in my market have been doing to get press. "

"Everything I wanted to know or had a question about, he touched on. One of those presentations that make you look at yourself and say, 'Man, I've been doing this all wrong.' "

Rockie Thomas (Interactive Media Guru)

World Premiere! We're not in the "radio" business, nor the "music" business" nor the "entertainment" business. We're all in the audio content business.

Your station should be marketing itself via every form of electronic media.

How you can get your audio content distributed across as many platforms as possible?

Rockie Thomas will show you how to market your station with cell phones, texting, the Internet, iPods, mobile applications, smart phones — an entire electronic world just waiting to help deliver your station's content.

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"I wrote so many notes my hand is sore. I will be implementing a ton of what Rockie shared."

"So ahead of the curve — Well organized, well presented, wealth of information, invaluable if we want to catch up, much less get ahead, of the technology and market. So helpful in learning ways to turn new media into a revenue stream. "

"Very hot & exciting info. Good take-home action work."

"Can't wait to get back to the hotel room tonight and work on my website. "

"A lot of information, great content. Made me consider a lot of the other opportunities available that can be combined to enhance our station."

You Will Learn:

  • Why it's a mistake to try to transform your station into an iPod
  • How to take your audio content beyond your transmitter
  • The mistake of embracing the New Media Radio Mistress Syndrome
  • Streaming Media
  • On Demand Media
  • Radio's Top 7 Biggest New Media Misconceptions
  • Whom you should allow to cannibalize your business
  • How to get the most from your in-house New Media person
  • The Four C's of your website content
  • The 5 M's of your website content
  • Why your home page needs a banana
  • The danger of relying on third-party feeds
  • Using social media
  • How to use MySpace to research and build your local brand
  • User Generated Content
  • YouTube Best Practices
  • Social networking sites your station SHOULD be offering to your demographic
  • Blogging Best Practices
  • Listener Relationship Management (what it is, how to do it, how to manage it)
  • Numerous ways to advertise your station online...for free
  • Partnering with other websites
  • Value of your Web traffic analytics (and how to decipher them)
  • Traffic benchmarks your website should be hitting
  • Mobile distribution
  • Banner Advertising: Guess what? It's not dead!

Mike McVay (Renowned Programming Consultant)

World Premiere! Internationally renowned programming consultant Mike McVay draws upon his own experiences as well as those of many of his peers to present you with real-world scenarios that you might face one day. Challenging, entertaining, occasionally shocking — and it just might save your radio station.

Five Sample Attendee Reviews

"Riveting content."

"Great session — real life challenges!"

"Really neat approach that I've never seen or heard of before. Loved it!"

"A wake-up call! "

"Fantastic! Very relevant material!"

How would you handle these situations if they happened to your radio station?

  • Public Indecency
  • Air talent DUI
  • Air talent commits suicide
  • Getting beaten up on-the-air. (It happened to McVay! )
  • Is your radio station secure?
  • Listener dies while participating in station promotion
  • A private affair made public
  • Microphone or telephone left live on-air
  • Preparing for an unexpected crisis of "9/11" magnitude
  • Giveaways Gone Bad
  • Your top morning show talent crosses the street
  • The Sales Department pulls a bonehead move

PD GRAD SCHOOL attendees paid anywhere from $495 to $795 to attend. Add to that their travel and hotel expenses, and it cost them an average total of $2,000. (And they were happy to pay it, to experience it all in person.)

But now you can experience every moment and every piece of information for 1/10 of their costs.

Please order your Complete Audio Record of PD GRAD SCHOOL 2008 now, and soon you'll be listening to and learning from a world-class faculty dedicated to helping improve your station and further your career.

10 Compact Discs (11 hours!)

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